Why is aluminium the material of choice in the commercial sector

Why is aluminium the material of choice in the commercial sector

Aluminium is now widely used throughout the building industry due to a series of natural properties and commercial benefits. It has become the dominant material in many aspects of building construction because of its flexibility and ability to meet highly custom requirements.

Many new building developments including office space, public buildings and shopfronts will now feature aluminium throughout the structure including aluminium windows and doors, roofs and walls. It could also be the dominant material in stairs, railings, shelves and gates - plus many other applications.

This is due to the benefits that aluminium offers in building construction:

Aluminium is lightweight and strong

Aluminium has an excellent weight to strength ratio so it’s ideal for many purposes. Aluminium window frames are thin but also incredibly strong so they can comfortably and securely hold large windows in place. This makes aluminium ideal for modern building design including curtain walling and entrance doors.

Due to the strength of aluminium doors and windows, frames can be made much thinner than more traditional materials such as timber or PVC. This allows more space for glazing which brings further benefits such as increased natural light and eye-catching aesthetics.

Create a modern and eye catching building design

The fact that aluminium looks fantastic makes it an extremely popular material with architects and building designers. Adding aluminium window frames and doors instantly creates the look of an incredibly modern building with clean lines and flexible finishes.

This gives building designers much more freedom to create original structures that can include imaginative curves and angles. Aluminium is flexible enough to bring any idea to life and can be coloured matched to perfectly fit with a company’s branding.

Aluminium is naturally resistant to outside elements

Aluminium naturally has weather resistant properties which makes it highly durable compared to other materials. Timber and other materials are likely to warp or change shape when exposed to long periods for direct sunlight or moisture from rain.

Changes in shape such as warping or damage from corrosion can firstly make doors and windows hard to open, but can also lead to expensive repairs and maintenance. Once manufactured and installed Aluminium will look great and not lose quality with only minimal checks.

Aluminium can be recycled without losing quality

If a commercial building development is conscious about its impact on the environment then aluminium should be the material of choice. Not many people know that aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be re-used for any application many times without losing quality.

Using sustainable materials is important in today’s society and the use of aluminium is a guaranteed way to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Aluminium increases energy efficiency

Aluminium is not only fantastic at keeping elements out, it is also a fantastic insulator so will keep heat in, and make indoor temperature regulation much easier. So in addition to low maintenance, this makes it highly cost effective through further cost savings from reduced energy costs.

The team at Crucial Engineering are national commercial aluminium fabricators. We manufacture, install and maintain commercial aluminium products to create high quality and secure access solutions. When you work with us you can be sure of a fantastic long term relationship including expert aluminium fabrication services alongside the very best customer service.

Why you should use automatic car park barriers

Why you should use automatic car park barriers

By 2020, 68% of the UK’s working population commuted by car which is perhaps a surprising fact given the push in recent years towards having more accountability for our carbon footprints. And in the last 20 years, the number of cars on the road in the UK has increased by 5.5 million.. Understandably, the growth in the number of vehicles on the road has had the knock-on effect of a demand for more parking spaces.


The pursuit for appropriate parking exists for a variety of reasons. Be it a shopping trip in a City Centre, a visit to the hospital, a day at work or meeting a friend for lunch. Whatever the reason, most drivers will be all too familiar with the frustration of searching for a parking space which can be time consuming and in extremely busy locations, lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Here we examine a variety of car parking scenarios and the benefits of automatic car park barriers for both business and consumer.

The company car park

For most employees, having an allocated or private car park is a huge perk. It provides a safe and secure environment for their vehicle, removes stress and can offer time back in their day. As long as the entry and exit from it is easy.

For many companies, these car parks are controlled by a member of staff which then relies on them turning up to work, being on time, staying alert and being available. It also relies on them being able to check that the person trying to park has the correct ID and then if not, acquiring the appropriate permissions to allow them to enter. This can cause queues, a reduction in the turnover of parking spaces and huge frustration for workers. In this instance, the installation of an automatic barrier would be the perfect car parking solution.

Barrier systems are sturdy, safe and can be fitted with access controls to allow staff to enter and exit the car park with ease by scanning an ID card. Moreover, the longer term saving on investing in an automatic car park barrier vs staffing a car park is a of huge benefit to the business.

The pay and display car park

Everyone has been to a pay and display car park and driven around it for what seems like hours on end, only to find that there are no spaces and have to leave. Moreover, if you do find a parking space, there is the additional annoyance of then finding the pay machine, having the correct change, waiting for a slow contactless or credit card machine or having to download an app in order pay for your parking. Of which you have to estimate a time for. If you end up going over the allotted time, you are then required to either run back to pay for more parking or incur a fine.

The benefits of implementing automatic car park barriers here are huge for the consumer. The addition of traffic controls in this situation can provide the user with valuable information about space availability and whether it is worth waiting for a space. For people whom time is of an essence, such as those visiting a hospital or health centre, the use of an automatic barrier can provide more instantaneous information about whether they can or can’t park for a given amount of time or whether there are any available spaces. In addition, if their appointment runs over or they are in a waiting room for longer than expected, a ticket system which calculates the fee for parking upon exiting removes any stress about getting back for an allocated time.

The shopping centre car park

Many shopping centres or stores have complementary car parks for their customers. Some provide parking that is on a pay and display basis, sometimes with the addition of a traffic control warden or security cameras, recording the coming and going of every vehicle that enters and exits the car park. For the latter, many land owners are searching for more suitable car parking solutions in order to protect the profit from car park users.

Many drivers use these car parks without paying and displaying, particularly in car parks that don’t operate a security camera alongside them. An automatic car park barrier here would be a simple installation that would provide more safe and secure entry and exit to the designated parking areas. The initial investment of this type of parking system is worth it for the longer-term revenues from guaranteed customer payments.

Crucial Engineering

If you own a business and are looking for car parking solutions, get in touch with Crucial Engineering. Whatever industry your business belongs to, Crucial will be able to provide expert and sound advice. With a wealth of experience, and exceptional client recommendations behind them, they are an excellent choice. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in confidence.

The advantages of using aluminium in construction

The advantages of using aluminium in construction

Aluminium is quickly becoming the dominant metal used in exterior building design. Due to its lightweight properties and durability it’s now the ideal material for doors and window frames, along with modern exterior structures such as curtain walling. If you’re not familiar with its use then it’s now likely you regularly see examples of aluminium in a host of large or commercial building structures.


Aluminium is a natural occurring material that is readily available - it’s the third most common element in the Earth’s crust (after Oxygen and Silicon), and the most common metal on the planet. It's non flammable and resistant to corrosion.


These and other benefits of aluminium make it the number one choice in modern and efficient building design - and here’s why:

Highly versatile and flexible

Aluminium can be used in a wide variety of ways and can be efficiently engineered to meet specific requirements such as tight curves or colour choices. Working with aluminium will create fantastic aesthetics and gives architects and designers the freedom to create beautiful structures.

Aluminium introduces virtually limitless design potential and is flexible enough to bring any idea to life.

Lightweight and strong

Aluminium is a third of the weight of steel which makes it easier to both work with and transport. It’s also incredibly strong so is ideal for a host of purposes including features such as window frames as it will securely hold very large panes of glass. Due to the it’s strength, door and window frames can also be made thinner which can further boost the look of a building.

Long lasting and resistant to corrosion

Aluminium is a natural material and therefore has inbuilt resistance to inclement weather and corrosion that other materials lack. Other commonly used construction materials such as timber and steel can change shape when exposed to varying temperatures, or degrade from moisture or just have more limited lifespans – especially when not regularly maintained.

Once an aluminium solution has been engineered and installed it’ll not only look fantastic but  it’ll also only need limited checks to maintain the same quality.

The environmentally friendly choice

The commercial construction trade is increasingly becoming more conscious of a project’s impact on the environment. Creating buildings that are “green” that both reduce waste and boost energy efficiency are vital – and using sustainable materials is a key part of this.

It’s not widely known that aluminium is 100% recyclable, and can be re-used for any purpose without losing much of the original quality.

Aluminium is also a fantastic insulator and will both withstand outside elements and keep heat inside, making indoor temperature regulation much easier and efficient.

The team at Crucial Engineering are a national commercial aluminium fabricator. We manufacture, install and maintain commercial aluminium products to create high quality and secure access solutions. When you work with us you can be sure of a fantastic long term relationship including expert aluminium fabrication services alongside the very best customer service.

Crucial enginering aluminium shop fronts

A complete aluminium package for KFC

As specialists in aluminium engineering, Crucial were commissioned by the principle contractor for a KFC in 2022 to provide the supply and installation of a full aluminium package for their new restaurant.

Understanding the many benefits of using aluminium for a shop fit out, KFC appointed Crucial to undertake the project. With many years of expertise and a host of big named brands already under their belt, Crucial were a reliable and well-respected choice.

KFC electing aluminium for a variety of applications within the project was a calculated decision. With a stringent budget, there is much to be achieved with the use of aluminium. As a super strength, yet lightweight material, it is frequently chosen by property planners to form many parts of building projects. Compared with other materials, aluminium is hard wearing and durable, excellently withstanding weathering and high traffic usage.

Crucial enginering KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium windows KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium windows doors KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium doors KFC

Why your business needs industrial roller shutter doors

Why your business needs industrial roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors can be used for a wide range of applications in a variety of businesses and organisations from warehouses through to storage facilities. They’re an excellent way of providing easy access to a premises whilst also offering excellent levels of security. They protect against inclement weather, vandalism and any attempts at burglary or break ins.


But why does your business need industrial roller shutter doors? Here we take a look at all the key benefits and uses:

Heightened levels of security

Installing commercial roller shutters to external access points not only instantly lifts the security of your building but it also acts as a fantastic deterrent to would-be thieves. Security roller shutters dramatically increase the amount of time any criminal has to spend gaining access which makes them ideal in a host of commercial and industrial settings.


Plus, if you have extended periods where your business premises are empty, such as a commercial warehouse over Christmas, then roller shutters provide a greater degree of protection.

Muti-use access points

The beauty of roller doors is that they can be supplied and fitted in custom sizes to fit a specific space and purpose. If you operate a warehouse, commercial storage or distribution centre then it’s likely there’ll be a regular need for both people and vehicles to access the building.


Roller doors take just a few moments to open and can allow anything from forklifts to vans to drive straight in and out to quickly and efficiently deliver or load items. They can then be shut just as quickly to secure your business once the job is complete.

Modern safety triggers

Due to their nature it’s easy to think that roller shutters could become dangerous if operated incorrectly. However, modern roller shutter doors can be supplied with a range of fall back safety brakes and features such as safety edges, audible warning signals and traffic lights.

Weather protection and temperature control

Roller shutter doors provide more protection from natural elements than any standard doors. Plus, they’re great insulators in temperature-controlled buildings.


Whether you need increased protection from rain, wind, or unpredictable outdoor temperatures, then professionally installed and maintained insulated high speed doors are ideal. They’ll help keep the rain out but also make it easier to regulate the temperature indoors especially if it’s warm outdoors.

Enhanced fire protection

Industrial roller shutter doors can also be fire shutter doors which provide enhanced protection from the spread of smoke and fire than traditional doors. In the unlikely event of a fire, roller doors can contain a fire by stopping it from spreading internally or externally to other buildings or vehicles.

The level of fire protection does vary depending on the construction and maintenance of the door.

Better use of space

Traditional style doors open inwards or outwards, whereas high speed roller shutters open vertically which instantly increases the available space. This also makes loading and unloading much easier which saves time and money.

Unlike other entrance and exit points you’ll find there’s no need to ensure you’ve left clear spaces around the door. The beauty of roller shutters is that items and vehicles can be left much closer whether that’s inside the building or outdoors.

Easy to use

All modern roller shutters are quick and easy to operate. Regardless of whether they are power operated or use a manual chain system they’re easy to use and require little physical effort. Providing they are correctly maintained and serviced there’s no reason why any roller door shouldn’t continue to operate as new over a long period of time.

How Crucial can help

As automation specialists we have the expertise and infrastructure to supply, fit and maintain roller shutter doors in any industrial or commercial settings. We can customise any part of the door from size through to its operation to suit your needs.

Speak to our team about your requirements.

Why should you upgrade to an aluminium shop front

Why should you upgrade to an aluminium shop front

Any retail business only gets one chance to make a strong impression so make sure any potential customer is enticed by your shopfront. Aluminium shopfronts come with a host of benefits over just looking great, they’re eco-friendly, secure and highly versatile.


Compared to many other solutions, aluminium is cost effective and long-lasting. Below we’ve highlighted the essential advantages of aluminium shop fronts to give you an insight into how they can impact your business.

So what is an aluminium shop front?

An aluminium shopfront is the ideal solution for modern and secure retail premises. Aluminium offers a great balance of high level security and aesthetics, whilst also requiring relatively little maintenance. They come with a host of significant benefits including cost and durability, so are quickly becoming the go to solution. 

Aluminium doors are made from lightweight but very strong metal and are often coupled with toughened glazing which provides a high level of natural light. Aluminium is also weather resistant and won’t change shape or corrode when exposed to natural elements. 

Top benefits of Aluminium Shopfronts

Aluminium commercial products are becoming an increasingly popular option across the UK for a host of solutions including retail store fronts. We’ve put together some reasons why by looking at their main advantages:

1. Aluminium is a highly versatile material

The beauty of aluminium is that it can be manufactured to meet almost any bespoke requirement. It can be shaped to fit most spaces leaving any retail business free to concentrate on the design of the building. As an aluminium fabrication specialist, Crucial can bend or curve the material to fit almost any shape. Aluminium is sleek and smooth and can be customised to virtually any colour to add a whole new level of design. 

2. Aluminium is the eco-friendly option

Just by choosing aluminium means you’re positively benefiting the environment compared to other materials as it’s completely renewable. Plus, it’s abundantly available so it’s straightforward to get hold of. 

Aluminium isn’t just 100% recyclable, it can also be reshaped to meet a new requirement without losing much of its original quality. You can always be sure you’re getting robust and quality materials whilst also reducing your businesses impact on the environment.

3. Aluminium brings long term cost savings

As mentioned aluminium is readily available therefore the base costs and manufacturing process can be kept highly affordable. Plus there’s the added benefit that aluminium brings excellent thermal performance and when combined with glazing offers high insulation properties. Not only will you save on energy costs but you’ll also be able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your retail shop whatever the weather conditions outside.

4. Aluminium can withstand outside elements

Even though aluminium is lightweight and relatively cheap it is extremely durable. It’s comfortable being exposed to and withstanding high temperatures in direct sunlight, and moisture from heavy rainfall. Other materials such as timber can change shape and encounter damage from changes in weather so will need regular checks and maintenance. Aluminium does not need constant maintenance as it’s resistant to corrosion and won’t warp or swell under constant changes in temperature.

5. Aluminium shopfronts can be designed to meet your branding

The use of aluminium ensures your shopfront design can meet your branding colours and general theme of your business. Aluminium is completely customisable and can be supplied with a host of glazing options. No matter the shape or size of your shopfront, aluminium can be manufactured to almost any colour and design to create a stylish appearance. 

An aluminium shopfront can also be easily updated should it start to show signs of age or if your requirements change. Your shopfront can move with the times and demands of any busy retail business without becoming a financial burden.

Crucial are expert manufacturers of aluminium access and building solutions, our team can design, manufacture and install a bespoke aluminium shopfront befitting your business.

A shopfront designed just for you

A shopfront designed just for you

Your shop window and storefront is the first opportunity your business has to market itself.  To really show what you’re all about and visually give passers-by and potential customers an impression of your business. 

This impression counts – it can be the deciding factor as to whether or not people step into your shop. 

That’s why making sure you choose the right aluminium shop front is vital.  Of course, the design, look, style, colour, etc. will all depend on the type of business you’re in, the industry you work, and where your shop sits in the external environment. 

Why careful consideration needs to go into choosing the right shopfront design: 

  • It’s a reflection of your business. 
  • It’s a representation of your brand. 
  • It’s an opportunity to advertise your products and services. 
  • It adds security to your business, keeping everything safe and secure. 

Find out more here!

A shopfront designed just for you

Types of shopfronts 

There is a wide range of shopfront designs to choose from, and at Crucial Engineering, we work with your requirements and the space specifications and availability to come up with the best solution for you. 

The most popular shopfronts include: 

Glass fronts 

Glass shop fronts are great for retail units or car salesrooms, for example, where showcasing your products clearly is a big part of your marketing strategy.  

Glazing now is much tougher and more secure due to considerable advances in technology, allowing you to opt for a sleek design that provides a sense of sophistication, a modern feel, and an elegant image (if the window is dressed appropriately). 

Glass shop fronts can be very aesthetically pleasing, considered stylish, and elegant, allowing you to show people what you’re all about. 

Glass shop fronts are also easy to maintain and durable.  However, they must be installed with precision and craft for you to be provided with the extra perfect space to promote your goods and services. 

Different glass types are also available from frosted, tinted, laminated, fiberglass, toughened glass, and more. 

Aluminium shop fronts 

Aluminium is growing in popularity as the material of choice for shop fronts as it can be cut to any shape and fit any configuration out there.  Making it the perfect solution to even the most uneven shop front space. 

Aluminium is also incredibly versatile and flexible, seamlessly integrating into irregular spaces and shapes.  It brings with it strength, durability, and low maintenance (which is always a bonus); it can withstand any weather conditions and is corrosion resistant. 

Aluminium shopfronts can also be coated and sprayed in different colours so you can match your shop front perfectly with your brand. 

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and offers increased security to provide you with peace of mind. 

It is a great all-around solution for retail units, reception entrance ways, display windows, offices, schools’ entrances, etc. 

Wood shopfronts 

Vintage yet classy, timber, or wood shop fronts can provide a very different feel for a business.  It may also be appropriate to install a timber shop front, depending on your location and keeping with the local area. 

Providing a more traditional look, wood shopfronts are often found on cafes and bistros, boutique stores, small libraries, and smaller offices. 

Shopfront shutters 

No matter which style of shop front you opt for, it is always a good idea to consider security shutters to complement these. 

Choosing the right shutters for you not only helps increase the level of security, but it can also add to the overall look and feel of your shop front. 

Types of shopfront shutters include: 

Aluminium roller shutters – extremely lightweight, these flexible shutters offer great strength and perfect privacy for retail shops, commercial businesses, and even residential areas.  Aluminium shutters are competitively priced and can be painted to any colour you require, blending in with your shop front perfectly.  Rolling up above the shop window, aluminium shutters provide you with an unobscured view of outside and passers-by with a great look inside. 

Steel shutters – heavy-duty steel shutters offer the highest security level but not always the greatest level of flexibility.  This type of shutter is best suited to premises that have very valuable equipment and goods housed inside. 

See-through grilles – provide a reasonable level of security while still offering a glimpse through your windows. 

Perforated shutters – offer a classy look to any business; perforated shutters are unique in their design, with your display window/area always visible. 

Ultimately, you need to choose a shop front design that is best suited to you, your business, and your external environment.  Coinciding this with choosing the right shop front shutter will enhance your shopfronts look and increase its security. 

To find out more about our aluminium shop front options, call our experienced team on 03451 930 420 or you can visit our page. 

Reference video: MassIdea TV

Make now the time to upgrade your shop front

Make now the time to upgrade your shop front

Of course, what you do and how you do it is a big part of your business. But how you present yourself through your website and your physical store front is crucial.  People will form an opinion, good or bad, on your business based on how the front of your shop looks, and then if they do make it through the entrance doors, the layout and ambiance of inside.  This all will impact whether people will choose to shop with you and buy your products and services, which ultimately affects your sales and, in turn, your business growth!  People understandably need to know who you are, and you as a business owner need to know how to draw your target audience into your shop and part with their money!  Approximately 40-70% of customers make their purchase decisions at a physical retail location. This makes it vital to have a shop front that is clean in design and fitting with your brand.

Make now the time to upgrade your shop front

Make it part of your strategy. 

A creative marketing strategy that includes your external appearance and maintenance is always a recipe for success!  This is because when thinking about your store’s appearance, there’s a lot more to it than landscaping and choosing colours; you must also consider shop design ideas that include: 

  • Lighting 
  • Noise 
  • Temperature 
  • Music 
  • Smell 
  • As well as architecture, colour, and materials (i.e., an aluminium shopfront, wood, glass, etc.) 

When broken down, appearance can go in many different directions, and business owners can soon become overwhelmed and put off. However, building your store’s appearance into your overall business strategy, highlighting only the areas that fit your vision, aim, and brand, will help it become part of everyday business. 

How you look visually is a big part of your brand. 

You only have seconds to impress prospective customers and entice them into your shop.  This means your shopfront must be clean, well maintained, and well presented at all times. All business owners want to create a lasting impression, and a good one at that. You want people to remember you for all the right reasons.    Creating the perfect customer experience can be everything to your success. 

Reasons to upgrade and revamp your shop front: 

  • Your sales could do with a boost. 
  • Your shop is starting to look a little outdated. 
  • You need to attract and target more customers. 
  • You have a special promotion coming up. 
  • Your business/brand is changing. 
  • You need to stand out from the crowd. 

Then, now might be the time to revamp your shop front.   

Shopfront designs 

Types of shop fronts: 

Aluminium shop front – aluminium is a force to be reckoned with when providing reliable, robust, low maintenance aluminium shop front doors. A 100% recyclable material that can be customised to any shape and size, can withstand varying weather conditions, and be coated in any colour to match your branding. There isn’t much that aluminium shop fronts can’t provide.  Glass – Glass provides a very stylish shopfront look. Allowing you to highlight your products and services, glass gives your customers a great view of your business. It’s always advisable to opt for toughened glass for glass shopfronts, securing your business and belongings further. This shopfront style is easy to maintain and clean and provides you with free advertising 365 days of the year!  Wood – suited to Victorian-style shop fronts and those in historic towns and settings, wood creates a warm, comfortable, more, low key feeling. Wood can also be painted to any colour to match your brand; however, wood store fronts need to be regularly maintained to avoid eroding.  To help with your decision-making process, you need to consider the building’s character and the surrounding area. For example, in an old, cobbled town, where all shop fronts are wooden in nature, a brightly lit, modern, aluminium, full glass window display probably won’t work.   The same can be said for modern high streets, where full glass fronts, big lights, and signage are the key to really standing out. 

Small changes can make a big difference – Revamping your store during a pandemic. 

Changing your shop in the midst of a pandemic is not as crazy as it first might seem, as now you have the time to really think about your store’s appearance.   How your customers see your shop, and how can you make their experience better without breaking the bank!  It’s often the little changes that can make the biggest difference and creating a business makeover could be just the ticket to help boost sales in the coming months.  

Top tips and shop front ideas 

Change your shop front with the seasons. 

Changing your window displays and interior with the seasons is a great way to grab and retain people’s attention and gain recognition for your brand. 

Get your layout on point. 

Most research shows that when people enter a store, they tend to turn right and move counterclockwise through the shop.  In this case, you need to ensure that whatever greets your customer is uncluttered, clean, and visually appealing. You want your customers to connect with your products and services, understanding their buying habits, their movements, where their eye is drawn, etc., and adjusting your visual merchandising to fit will all help to increase sales and profits! 

Unclutter your space 

If your window display and retail space inside is cluttered and messy in appearance, you will drive customers’ way.  Apply the white space principle to your retail unit, where too little space prevents your customer’s eye from focussing on things you want them to focus on, and too much space, and you might be missing a great opportunity. 

Create zones 

For example, outside your store, entrance ways, merchandising areas, window displays, etc. – each zone can hold different messages, visuals, and creativity. Use these zones to create your customer journey – leverage your opportunities, reinforce your messaging, and boost your sales and business growth. 

Keep your areas clean and clear. 

Cleanliness will impact your customer’s experience 100%. Over half of shoppers have avoided businesses because of how it looks from the outside. 

An organisation in retail shops is crucial.   

Designing creative displays, maintaining neat and tidy shelves helps people find things much easier, making their experience more pleasant and their chances of buying from your extremely high.  Updating your space and keeping it clean and clear from clutter helps you stay relevant and keep customers coming through your doors. 

Good lighting can make all the difference. 

A brightly lit shop front is not only welcoming, but it also feels safe, it promotes your products, and it allows customers to see your quality. Helping to set the tone, communicate your brand, and bring a sense of style and colour to your shopfront’s appearance, lighting can offer it all.  Simple changes to lighting, colour, and shelf displays can help update your space, bring in more customers, and boost your profits.  Light fixtures should be the same throughout the shop, offering a sense of continuity and familiarity.   It’s also worth noting that you should avoid painting ceilings dark colours and ensure your ceiling is clean! 

Paint tired-looking walls 

Changing décor regularly is proven to attract more customers, showcase popular items, and clear discontinued items to make room for new stock! 

Choose the right flooring. 

Mixing things up with your flooring can help create great point of sale displays and inviting sales space – great to entice your customers further and push them towards the sale. You want to design your shop in a way that creates a clear purchase path. 

Slow your customer’s movement down 

You don’t want your customers running around your shop, but rather taking their time to really explore what you have to offer.  Placing table displays and sales racks in certain places can grab people’s attention and encourage them to engage more with your brand and your products. 

How do you want your customers to feel? 

Sometimes it’s not always about how your shop looks; it’s also about how it makes your customers feel.  Sounds and smells have a big impact on people’s decision-making process, and if done well, it can encourage people to buy more.  It’s all about making customers as comfortable as possible. 

Upgrading your retail space 

Competition in the commercial space is fierce – you need to ensure your shop and retail space are on top of its game to keep you relevant and increase your sales.  You need to devise a plan, create a timeline, set a budget, and speak to a professional team.  Shopfront design and installation is no small task; however, with approximately 60% of businesses reporting a positive impact on their sales after changing or enhancing the design of their shop front exterior, now could be the perfect time for your business to make some great changes and see your sales soar. 

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An aluminium shopfront that creates an ever lasting impression

An aluminium shopfront that creates an ever-lasting impression

Your shop front is the very first impression of you as a business that your customers and potential customers are greeted with in person. 

This means you need to plan your look and style perfectly, making it stand out from your competitors but at the same time, fit in with your local environment. 

You should not underestimate the importance of a shopfront.  It is a visual representation of your business and how you can best represent your brand. 

Which means your shopfront must aim to: 

  • Create a consistent look and style that fits with your current brand. 
  • Encourage people to come into our store. 
  • Keep your shop and your goods and services inside, safe, and secure. 

You want a commercial shop front that not only looks good but that is also going to last! 

An aluminium shopfront that creates an ever lasting impression

Ways to make your entranceway more welcoming 

We understand that as business owners, you might not have a great deal of time to think about what the outside of your shop looks like, but trust us, a welcoming business entrance can be make or break, as first impressions do indeed count! 

To help, you should: 

Keep areas clean and clear. People can form an opinion about your business before they’ve even stepped inside. That’s why it’s essential to keep your entranceway clear from mess and litter; you want your shopfront to be as enticing as possible. 

Make use of both indoor and outdoor signage.  Can people spot your business from a distance?  Do you need them too?  Help customers and potential customers know they’re in the right place by placing consistent signage both inside and outside your premises, utilising all the space you have. 

Replace or install a new entrance door.  If your shopfront could do with an upgrade, installing a new entranceway could be the perfect solution.  Complimenting your style, business vision, and providing increased security, a new entrance can offer it all. 

Find out more here!

Choosing the right shop front for you 

Every type and style of door has a different purpose, and all aspects should be considered, including material and functionality, i.e., do you want sliding or folding doors?  Doors with automatic sensors, or maybe anti-finger trapping safety doors? 

It’s important to think of your shop front as part of your marketing strategy, just like your website, i.e., how do you need to present yourself to encourage those that see your business to step inside and become a customer.  Marketing your products and services in such a way that, ideally, your shopfront does the hard work for you. 

Types of shop fronts to choose from 

One of the most popular shopfronts in Leeds to choose from is Aluminium. 

Robust, durable, secure, low maintenance, long-lasting, and competitively priced, there isn’t anything an aluminium shopfront can’t provide! 

Aluminium is 100% recyclable making it environmentally friendly, and it is a material that can withstand varying weather conditions.  It’s also incredibly versatile, so it can be customised to any shape and size store front, meeting all of your requirements and business specifications. 

Aluminium today can also come in various colours so you can match your company colours perfectly, creating brand recognition in an instant.  

Due to the strength aluminium provides, this is often the material of choice for shop fronts for security reasons. 


Glass provides a very elegant and stylish shopfront look.  Allowing you to showcase your products and services, glass gives your customers a great view of your business. It’s always advisable to opt for toughened glass for glass shopfronts, securing your business and belongings further.  (Note: there is also the option to install roller shutters for added security, too, if required). 

Frameless glass

Frameless glass is primarily found in office blocks and commercial shop fronts such as car salesrooms, where the glass used is treated to make it fully secure in these instances. 

This shopfront style is easy to maintain and clean and provides you with free advertising 365 days of the year! 

The type of shopfront you choose can change your business’s overall look and help make that great first impression.  Remember, it’s about standing out against your competitors while fitting in with your local environment. 

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Is now the perfect time to install a shop front

Is now the perfect time to install a shop front?

Firstly, let us be clear when we use the word “now.” Depending on when you read our post, `now` could be any time – so, we’ll try to be a little more specific. 

The colder months make it the ideal time to start planning your new shop front. 

Many of our customers often contact us asking, “when is the perfect time to install shopfronts” and for the team at Crucial Engineering, we believe planning should start as soon as possible and ideally in the winter! 

Yes, the weather is a little colder and more unpredictable during the winter months; however, it’s not all about installing and fitting during this time. 

We advise all our customers to take this time to: 

Is now the perfect time to install a shop front

Choose the right shop front design for you

Considering the design and construction of your shop front is vitally important.  From choosing the right style and type of shopfront to taking measurements, checking sizes, external environment requirements, etc., your final decision on your shop front can take up to six months to plan, organise, and schedule works.  Providing you with valuable time to speak with the professionals at Crucial Engineering to help manufacture the best solution for you – making sure that all areas have been considered and all features incorporated. 

To help, you can speak with your installation and design team to see if blueprints can be created to give you an idea and a feel of what the potential finished design would look like. 


Due to the size and scale of replacing and installing new shop fronts, planning and maintenance cannot be left until the last minute. 

In most instances, for new shop fronts, planning permission will be required, making now the best time to get the ball rolling. 

Planning permission, alongside building regulations and financial and legal matters all takes time to process, be granted, and the approval paperwork to come through.  This makes planning in the winter ideal, so you have enough time for work to begin in the spring/summer. 

Plan your budget

Choosing the right shop front for you should be your ultimate aim; however, this choice must also be cost-effective for your business. 

Budget must be set aside for such projects, and all costs must be accounted for and have plans in place for a contingency budget. 

Plan for the effect changing shop fronts could have on your business

Preparing in advance allows you to put measures in place to mitigate any risks and unexpected situations from arising and minimise any negative effects changing your shop front may have on your business, i.e., the focus here is on minimising disruption for you, your staff, and your customers. 

Speak to your neighbours

It is often said that clear and open communication is key, and if you’re looking to install a new shop front, now might be a good time to speak to local businesses in your area and beside you that this might affect.  This can allow them to feel informed about what is happening but also reassured that there would be minimal disruption to their business. 

You need to be clear on what measures you will be putting in place, how your shop front will be keeping with the neighbourhood and surrounding environment, etc. 

Professional installation teams will be required to carry out the installation of your new shop front.  Working to all health and safety regulations and guidelines and operating most effectively and efficiently. 

Installing a new shopfront is a big job with many factors to consider, however with the right design, manufacturing, and installation team, you can soon have the shop front you’ve always wanted. 

Improving your business’s external appearance, targeting and attracting more customers, and providing them with a great impression. 

To achieve all of this and more, you need an experienced, qualified, and professional team. 

You need Crucial Engineering. 

From the start of your project until full completion, our team handles everything with care and attention.  Offering you first-class service and an exceptionally high-quality shop front. 

To find out more about why now is the perfect time to install a shopfront, call us on 03451 930 420, and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

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