Of course, what you do and how you do it is a big part of your business. But how you present yourself through your website and your physical store front is crucial.  People will form an opinion, good or bad, on your business based on how the front of your shop looks, and then if they do make it through the entrance doors, the layout and ambiance of inside.  This all will impact whether people will choose to shop with you and buy your products and services, which ultimately affects your sales and, in turn, your business growth!  People understandably need to know who you are, and you as a business owner need to know how to draw your target audience into your shop and part with their money!  Approximately 40-70% of customers make their purchase decisions at a physical retail location. This makes it vital to have a shop front that is clean in design and fitting with your brand.

Make now the time to upgrade your shop front

Make it part of your strategy. 

A creative marketing strategy that includes your external appearance and maintenance is always a recipe for success!  This is because when thinking about your store’s appearance, there’s a lot more to it than landscaping and choosing colours; you must also consider shop design ideas that include: 

  • Lighting 
  • Noise 
  • Temperature 
  • Music 
  • Smell 
  • As well as architecture, colour, and materials (i.e., an aluminium shopfront, wood, glass, etc.) 

When broken down, appearance can go in many different directions, and business owners can soon become overwhelmed and put off. However, building your store’s appearance into your overall business strategy, highlighting only the areas that fit your vision, aim, and brand, will help it become part of everyday business. 

How you look visually is a big part of your brand. 

You only have seconds to impress prospective customers and entice them into your shop.  This means your shopfront must be clean, well maintained, and well presented at all times. All business owners want to create a lasting impression, and a good one at that. You want people to remember you for all the right reasons.    Creating the perfect customer experience can be everything to your success. 

Reasons to upgrade and revamp your shop front: 

  • Your sales could do with a boost. 
  • Your shop is starting to look a little outdated. 
  • You need to attract and target more customers. 
  • You have a special promotion coming up. 
  • Your business/brand is changing. 
  • You need to stand out from the crowd. 

Then, now might be the time to revamp your shop front.   

Shopfront designs 

Types of shop fronts: 

Aluminium shop front – aluminium is a force to be reckoned with when providing reliable, robust, low maintenance aluminium shop front doors. A 100% recyclable material that can be customised to any shape and size, can withstand varying weather conditions, and be coated in any colour to match your branding. There isn’t much that aluminium shop fronts can’t provide.  Glass – Glass provides a very stylish shopfront look. Allowing you to highlight your products and services, glass gives your customers a great view of your business. It’s always advisable to opt for toughened glass for glass shopfronts, securing your business and belongings further. This shopfront style is easy to maintain and clean and provides you with free advertising 365 days of the year!  Wood – suited to Victorian-style shop fronts and those in historic towns and settings, wood creates a warm, comfortable, more, low key feeling. Wood can also be painted to any colour to match your brand; however, wood store fronts need to be regularly maintained to avoid eroding.  To help with your decision-making process, you need to consider the building’s character and the surrounding area. For example, in an old, cobbled town, where all shop fronts are wooden in nature, a brightly lit, modern, aluminium, full glass window display probably won’t work.   The same can be said for modern high streets, where full glass fronts, big lights, and signage are the key to really standing out. 

Small changes can make a big difference – Revamping your store during a pandemic. 

Changing your shop in the midst of a pandemic is not as crazy as it first might seem, as now you have the time to really think about your store’s appearance.   How your customers see your shop, and how can you make their experience better without breaking the bank!  It’s often the little changes that can make the biggest difference and creating a business makeover could be just the ticket to help boost sales in the coming months.  

Top tips and shop front ideas 

Change your shop front with the seasons. 

Changing your window displays and interior with the seasons is a great way to grab and retain people’s attention and gain recognition for your brand. 

Get your layout on point. 

Most research shows that when people enter a store, they tend to turn right and move counterclockwise through the shop.  In this case, you need to ensure that whatever greets your customer is uncluttered, clean, and visually appealing. You want your customers to connect with your products and services, understanding their buying habits, their movements, where their eye is drawn, etc., and adjusting your visual merchandising to fit will all help to increase sales and profits! 

Unclutter your space 

If your window display and retail space inside is cluttered and messy in appearance, you will drive customers’ way.  Apply the white space principle to your retail unit, where too little space prevents your customer’s eye from focussing on things you want them to focus on, and too much space, and you might be missing a great opportunity. 

Create zones 

For example, outside your store, entrance ways, merchandising areas, window displays, etc. – each zone can hold different messages, visuals, and creativity. Use these zones to create your customer journey – leverage your opportunities, reinforce your messaging, and boost your sales and business growth. 

Keep your areas clean and clear. 

Cleanliness will impact your customer’s experience 100%. Over half of shoppers have avoided businesses because of how it looks from the outside. 

An organisation in retail shops is crucial.   

Designing creative displays, maintaining neat and tidy shelves helps people find things much easier, making their experience more pleasant and their chances of buying from your extremely high.  Updating your space and keeping it clean and clear from clutter helps you stay relevant and keep customers coming through your doors. 

Good lighting can make all the difference. 

A brightly lit shop front is not only welcoming, but it also feels safe, it promotes your products, and it allows customers to see your quality. Helping to set the tone, communicate your brand, and bring a sense of style and colour to your shopfront’s appearance, lighting can offer it all.  Simple changes to lighting, colour, and shelf displays can help update your space, bring in more customers, and boost your profits.  Light fixtures should be the same throughout the shop, offering a sense of continuity and familiarity.   It’s also worth noting that you should avoid painting ceilings dark colours and ensure your ceiling is clean! 

Paint tired-looking walls 

Changing décor regularly is proven to attract more customers, showcase popular items, and clear discontinued items to make room for new stock! 

Choose the right flooring. 

Mixing things up with your flooring can help create great point of sale displays and inviting sales space – great to entice your customers further and push them towards the sale. You want to design your shop in a way that creates a clear purchase path. 

Slow your customer’s movement down 

You don’t want your customers running around your shop, but rather taking their time to really explore what you have to offer.  Placing table displays and sales racks in certain places can grab people’s attention and encourage them to engage more with your brand and your products. 

How do you want your customers to feel? 

Sometimes it’s not always about how your shop looks; it’s also about how it makes your customers feel.  Sounds and smells have a big impact on people’s decision-making process, and if done well, it can encourage people to buy more.  It’s all about making customers as comfortable as possible. 

Upgrading your retail space 

Competition in the commercial space is fierce – you need to ensure your shop and retail space are on top of its game to keep you relevant and increase your sales.  You need to devise a plan, create a timeline, set a budget, and speak to a professional team.  Shopfront design and installation is no small task; however, with approximately 60% of businesses reporting a positive impact on their sales after changing or enhancing the design of their shop front exterior, now could be the perfect time for your business to make some great changes and see your sales soar. 

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