Roller shutter doors can be used for a wide range of applications in a variety of businesses and organisations from warehouses through to storage facilities. They’re an excellent way of providing easy access to a premises whilst also offering excellent levels of security. They protect against inclement weather, vandalism and any attempts at burglary or break ins. But why does your business need industrial roller shutter doors? Here we take a look at all the key benefits and uses:

Heightened levels of security

Installing commercial roller shutters to external access points not only instantly lifts the security of your building but it also acts as a fantastic deterrent to would-be thieves. Security roller shutters dramatically increase the amount of time any criminal has to spend gaining access which makes them ideal in a host of commercial and industrial settings.


Plus, if you have extended periods where your business premises are empty, such as a commercial warehouse over Christmas, then roller shutters provide a greater degree of protection.

Muti-use access points

The beauty of roller doors is that they can be supplied and fitted in custom sizes to fit a specific space and purpose. If you operate a warehouse, commercial storage or distribution centre then it’s likely there’ll be a regular need for both people and vehicles to access the building.


Roller doors take just a few moments to open and can allow anything from forklifts to vans to drive straight in and out to quickly and efficiently deliver or load items. They can then be shut just as quickly to secure your business once the job is complete.

Modern safety triggers

Due to their nature it’s easy to think that roller shutters could become dangerous if operated incorrectly. However, modern roller shutter doors can be supplied with a range of fall back safety brakes and features such as safety edges, audible warning signals and traffic lights.

Weather protection and temperature control

Roller shutter doors provide more protection from natural elements than any standard doors. Plus, they’re great insulators in temperature-controlled buildings.


Whether you need increased protection from rain, wind, or unpredictable outdoor temperatures, then professionally installed and maintained insulated high speed doors are ideal. They’ll help keep the rain out but also make it easier to regulate the temperature indoors especially if it’s warm outdoors.

Enhanced fire protection

Industrial roller shutter doors can also be fire shutter doors which provide enhanced protection from the spread of smoke and fire than traditional doors. In the unlikely event of a fire, roller doors can contain a fire by stopping it from spreading internally or externally to other buildings or vehicles.

The level of fire protection does vary depending on the construction and maintenance of the door.

Better use of space

Traditional style doors open inwards or outwards, whereas high speed roller shutters open vertically which instantly increases the available space. This also makes loading and unloading much easier which saves time and money.

Unlike other entrance and exit points you’ll find there’s no need to ensure you’ve left clear spaces around the door. The beauty of roller shutters is that items and vehicles can be left much closer whether that’s inside the building or outdoors.

Easy to use

All modern roller shutters are quick and easy to operate. Regardless of whether they are power operated or use a manual chain system they’re easy to use and require little physical effort. Providing they are correctly maintained and serviced there’s no reason why any roller door shouldn’t continue to operate as new over a long period of time.

How Crucial can help

As automation specialists we have the expertise and infrastructure to supply, fit and maintain roller shutter doors in any industrial or commercial settings. We can customise any part of the door from size through to its operation to suit your needs.

Speak to our team about your requirements.