Any retail business only gets one chance to make a strong impression so make sure any potential customer is enticed by your shopfront. Aluminium shopfronts come with a host of benefits over just looking great, they’re eco-friendly, secure and highly versatile. Compared to many other solutions, aluminium is cost effective and long-lasting. Below we’ve highlighted the essential advantages of aluminium shop fronts to give you an insight into how they can impact your business.

So what is an aluminium shop front?

An aluminium shopfront is the ideal solution for modern and secure retail premises. Aluminium offers a great balance of high level security and aesthetics, whilst also requiring relatively little maintenance. They come with a host of significant benefits including cost and durability, so are quickly becoming the go to solution. 

Aluminium doors are made from lightweight but very strong metal and are often coupled with toughened glazing which provides a high level of natural light. Aluminium is also weather resistant and won’t change shape or corrode when exposed to natural elements. 

Top benefits of Aluminium Shopfronts

Aluminium commercial products are becoming an increasingly popular option across the UK for a host of solutions including retail store fronts. We’ve put together some reasons why by looking at their main advantages:

1. Aluminium is a highly versatile material

The beauty of aluminium is that it can be manufactured to meet almost any bespoke requirement. It can be shaped to fit most spaces leaving any retail business free to concentrate on the design of the building. As an aluminium fabrication specialist, Crucial can bend or curve the material to fit almost any shape. Aluminium is sleek and smooth and can be customised to virtually any colour to add a whole new level of design. 

2. Aluminium is the eco-friendly option

Just by choosing aluminium means you’re positively benefiting the environment compared to other materials as it’s completely renewable. Plus, it’s abundantly available so it’s straightforward to get hold of. 

Aluminium isn’t just 100% recyclable, it can also be reshaped to meet a new requirement without losing much of its original quality. You can always be sure you’re getting robust and quality materials whilst also reducing your businesses impact on the environment.

3. Aluminium brings long term cost savings

As mentioned aluminium is readily available therefore the base costs and manufacturing process can be kept highly affordable. Plus there’s the added benefit that aluminium brings excellent thermal performance and when combined with glazing offers high insulation properties. Not only will you save on energy costs but you’ll also be able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your retail shop whatever the weather conditions outside.

4. Aluminium can withstand outside elements

Even though aluminium is lightweight and relatively cheap it is extremely durable. It’s comfortable being exposed to and withstanding high temperatures in direct sunlight, and moisture from heavy rainfall. Other materials such as timber can change shape and encounter damage from changes in weather so will need regular checks and maintenance. Aluminium does not need constant maintenance as it’s resistant to corrosion and won’t warp or swell under constant changes in temperature.

5. Aluminium shopfronts can be designed to meet your branding

The use of aluminium ensures your shopfront design can meet your branding colours and general theme of your business. Aluminium is completely customisable and can be supplied with a host of glazing options. No matter the shape or size of your shopfront, aluminium can be manufactured to almost any colour and design to create a stylish appearance. 

An aluminium shopfront can also be easily updated should it start to show signs of age or if your requirements change. Your shopfront can move with the times and demands of any busy retail business without becoming a financial burden.

Crucial are expert manufacturers of aluminium access and building solutions, our team can design, manufacture and install a bespoke aluminium shopfront befitting your business.