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Aluminium shop fronts specialists

With years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium shop fronts, we have the knowledge, the skills and the experience to make sure our customers continually receive a high-quality product matched with first class customer service.

At Crucial Engineering, we: 

  • Work with contractors and foreman 
  • Design and install glass storefronts 
  • Work across a range of commercial properties and sites. 

We understand that commercial projects need to be well planned, with suppliers delivering on time, every time.  At Crucial Engineering, we never let our customers down, and we always stick to our agreed timescales.  

Specialists when it comes to installing and fabricating commercial-grade aluminium window framing, hardware, glass, and commercial entrance ways, we’re confident that we can help support you across all your commercial projects, offering the best solutions at the most competitive prices when it comes to shop and business fronts. 

Get a FREE no-obligation quote today, 

Make your first impression count

Your storefront, door or window, is your opportunity to show your customers who you are, display your products and services, and to promote your business.  

You want this first impression to be a good one, so it’s essential that when it comes to your shop front, the materials used, and the workmanship of the final installation is of the highest quality. 

Now might be the time to think about adding glass to your storefront, or maybe you’re a foreman/contractor working on a new construction site and you’re looking for shop front specialists?  

Whatever the instance, you need a company you can trust, a team you can rely on.  A commercial glass contractor who has the experience and the skill to put your mind at rest that this part of the project is in good hands. 

You need, Crucial Engineering. 

Call our team today on 03451 930 420 and see how others are saving money and reaping the quality rewards. 

Why Crucial Engineering? 

Good question, and one that we’re only too happy to answer. 

Our portfolio of clients and the independent ratings we receive are of course, our biggest testament to our teams.  We have worked hard to achieve this reputation over the years by placing a big emphasis on the service our customers receive and some of the unique approaches we take when carrying out a job. 

For example, we aim to make the whole process, from design to installation, to maintenance of your doors and shop fronts as discreet as possible.  Causing less disruption for you and your business. 

We also ensure that our door front designs are produced to your specifications as well as requirements, ensuring these are both welcoming and stylish. 

For our contractors and foreman working to scheduling timetables, at Crucial Engineering we have an excellent reputation for delivering projects on time, every time and most importantly, within budget! 

What makes us different from others is that we invest in our staff.  Making sure our teams are not only equipped with the latest tools of the trade but that they are qualified and trained to make the best use of them!  This is what enables us to offer you 100% quality assurance as well as full guarantees. 

At Crucial Engineering we understand that not every project is the same; that’s why we’re on hand to provide and offer a range of solutions in selecting the right aluminium and glazing systems for you.  Following this advice through by providing a complete design package, with all shop drawings included, manufacturing of the fronts by our qualified team in our warehouses, and our engineers completing projects by installing the finished shop front. 

You could say we’re your one-stop shop for Aluminium shop fronts! 

We want to build long-lasting relationships with you, so call our team today on  03451 930 420 for free, impartial advice to support your next project. 

Shop fronts designed your way


Aluminium is the material of choice for shop fronts.  Popular due to their durability, contemporary style, flexible in that they can be moulded into different shapes as well as renowned for being robust – aluminium is also rustproof and recyclable! 

If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution, which can be moulded and shaped to any size or space storefront, aluminium will be the most cost-effective solution for you. 


Glass fronts allow you to showcase and advertise just who you are and what you have to offer. They’re also easy to clean and shows a sign of honesty and trust between you and your customers – you have nothing to hide and everything to see. 

Taking into consideration your requirements, project budgets, your aims, etc are all factors which will play a role in the type of shop front you choose. 

At Crucial Engineering, we work with you to help you make the most informed decisions and the best choices for your project.  This may include using more than one material and element, for example pairing glass with aluminium, creating a shop front which is durable and offers complete transparency, (as well as those great advertising opportunities). 

The team at Crucial Engineering is available to talk you through your options.

Call 03451 930 420 we’d be happy to help.

Aluminium Fabrication

When fitting out a shop front, onsite fabrication can play a crucial role in making sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

The design of any shop front needs to take into consideration the part of the process where it then goes to fabrication.

With onsite fabrication we make sure that after the initial design has been agreed and manufactured, it is then created and fitted on site, this is opposed to it being a made to measure order carried out in a factory.

Benefits of onsite fabrication:

  • Your shop/business can be up and running much quicker (as the job is completed there and then)
  • More cost-effective (as factory charges don’t have to be accounted for)
  • You will receive a better-quality job (the installation team can make any modifications, adaptations there and then, rather than everything being taken back to the factory to be re-measured and rescaled).

With Crucial Engineering, we’re confident we can provide a shop front to meet everyone’s requirements. Put us to the test.

Crucial Engineering maintenance agreement. Here for you 24/7 365 days a year.


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York, UK
Selby YO8, UK
Goole, UK
Doncaster, UK
Hull, UK
Lancaster, UK
Harrogate, UK
Blackpool, UK
Preston, UK
Blackburn, UK
Burnley, UK
Halifax, UK
Leeds, UK
Southport, UK
Chorley, UK
Huddersfield, UK
Rochdale, UK
Bolton, UK
Wigan, UK
St Helens
St Helens, Saint Helens, UK
Liverpool, UK
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Manchester, UK
Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, UK
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Ellesmere Port, UK
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Coventry, UK
Worcester, UK


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