Your shop window and storefront is the first opportunity your business has to market itself.  To really show what you’re all about and visually give passers-by and potential customers an impression of your business. 

This impression counts – it can be the deciding factor as to whether or not people step into your shop. 

That’s why making sure you choose the right aluminium shop front is vital.  Of course, the design, look, style, colour, etc. will all depend on the type of business you’re in, the industry you work, and where your shop sits in the external environment. 

Why careful consideration needs to go into choosing the right shopfront design: 

  • It’s a reflection of your business. 
  • It’s a representation of your brand. 
  • It’s an opportunity to advertise your products and services. 
  • It adds security to your business, keeping everything safe and secure. 

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A shopfront designed just for you

Types of shopfronts 

There is a wide range of shopfront designs to choose from, and at Crucial Engineering, we work with your requirements and the space specifications and availability to come up with the best solution for you. 

The most popular shopfronts include: 

Glass fronts 

Glass shop fronts are great for retail units or car salesrooms, for example, where showcasing your products clearly is a big part of your marketing strategy.  

Glazing now is much tougher and more secure due to considerable advances in technology, allowing you to opt for a sleek design that provides a sense of sophistication, a modern feel, and an elegant image (if the window is dressed appropriately). 

Glass shop fronts can be very aesthetically pleasing, considered stylish, and elegant, allowing you to show people what you’re all about. 

Glass shop fronts are also easy to maintain and durable.  However, they must be installed with precision and craft for you to be provided with the extra perfect space to promote your goods and services. 

Different glass types are also available from frosted, tinted, laminated, fiberglass, toughened glass, and more. 

Aluminium shop fronts 

Aluminium is growing in popularity as the material of choice for shop fronts as it can be cut to any shape and fit any configuration out there.  Making it the perfect solution to even the most uneven shop front space. 

Aluminium is also incredibly versatile and flexible, seamlessly integrating into irregular spaces and shapes.  It brings with it strength, durability, and low maintenance (which is always a bonus); it can withstand any weather conditions and is corrosion resistant. 

Aluminium shopfronts can also be coated and sprayed in different colours so you can match your shop front perfectly with your brand. 

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and offers increased security to provide you with peace of mind. 

It is a great all-around solution for retail units, reception entrance ways, display windows, offices, schools’ entrances, etc. 

Wood shopfronts 

Vintage yet classy, timber, or wood shop fronts can provide a very different feel for a business.  It may also be appropriate to install a timber shop front, depending on your location and keeping with the local area. 

Providing a more traditional look, wood shopfronts are often found on cafes and bistros, boutique stores, small libraries, and smaller offices. 

Shopfront shutters 

No matter which style of shop front you opt for, it is always a good idea to consider security shutters to complement these. 

Choosing the right shutters for you not only helps increase the level of security, but it can also add to the overall look and feel of your shop front. 

Types of shopfront shutters include: 

Aluminium roller shutters – extremely lightweight, these flexible shutters offer great strength and perfect privacy for retail shops, commercial businesses, and even residential areas.  Aluminium shutters are competitively priced and can be painted to any colour you require, blending in with your shop front perfectly.  Rolling up above the shop window, aluminium shutters provide you with an unobscured view of outside and passers-by with a great look inside. 

Steel shutters – heavy-duty steel shutters offer the highest security level but not always the greatest level of flexibility.  This type of shutter is best suited to premises that have very valuable equipment and goods housed inside. 

See-through grilles – provide a reasonable level of security while still offering a glimpse through your windows. 

Perforated shutters – offer a classy look to any business; perforated shutters are unique in their design, with your display window/area always visible. 

Ultimately, you need to choose a shop front design that is best suited to you, your business, and your external environment.  Coinciding this with choosing the right shop front shutter will enhance your shopfronts look and increase its security. 

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