Industrial High Speed Doors

Crucial specialise in automatic solutions for industrial environments. At Crucial, we understand the critical importance of high speed doors for many industries. We work closely with our clients to establish the best solution possible for their industry, product and environment. With an award-winning team of engineers, Crucial are dedicated to bringing high standards, superb efficiency and excellent service to West Yorkshire and beyond.

For the supply, installation and maintenance of high speed industrial doors, choose Crucial.

High speed doors for Industrial and Commercial Sectors

For many businesses, high speed doors are an absolutely essential part of their operation. Used mainly within warehouses, factories and commercial premises, these fast action doors provide numerous advantages when compared to other, standard industrial doors. Moving with an average speed of around one metre per second, they offer a superior level of productivity for environments in which the doors are required to be opened and closed with high frequency. Controlling temperatures, managing high traffic areas and improving working conditions all become possibilities with the addition of high speed doors.

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The attributes and advantages of high speed doors:

Temperature control

This can work for environments where either hot or cold climates need to be maintained. The tight seals of the specialised design and the fast action of opening and closing dramatically minimises heat or cold escaping.

Keeping heat in and the cold out will reduce your companies overall carbon footprint and create instant savings on energy costs. In many cases these savings will result in the door paying for itself over a period of time.

Increased safety

Because high speed doors are fitted with a safety edge or sensors, they immediately stop and reverse upon any contact with an obstacle.


A speed door eliminates any need for waiting which improves productivity and provides a huge cost saving for any business with a requirement for a high frequency of goods leaving and entering their building on a daily basis.

Businesses that benefit from high speed doors:

Crucial High speed doors for pharmaceuticals chemical plants

Pharmaceutical or Chemical plants

Strict environmental constraints often require pharmaceutical or chemical manufacturing businesses to utilise fast action industrial doors. Minimising the risk of airborne contamination can be essential and often high speed doors are used in pairs in order to create an airlock and reduce airflow even further.

Crucial High speed doors for food and drink manufacturing

Food and Beverage manufacturers

Many arms of the food and beverage industry use warehousing with high speed doors. Whether part of a logistics chain supply, manufacturing, or a refrigeration facility, there are tight legislations to comply with. One of the main benefits of fast doors in this setting is the temperature and contamination control they provide since maintaining a consistent climate for many food storage and production companies is essential.

Crucial High speed doors for the automotive industry


For car manufacturing companies, high speed doors are a regularly used commodity. Large numbers of cars are produced in relatively short periods of time. High productivity for distribution is imperative – here, fast action doors become a key part of the logistics process.

Crucial High speed doors for retail

Retail outlets

Clothing manufacturers, department stores, shopping centres – all these types of businesses benefit from the installation of fast action doors. There are often high volumes of product being handled, plus members of staff who are responsible for receiving deliveries or controlling distribution. Improving the overall working conditions plus an improvement of productivity.

Crucial High speed doors for logistics

Logistical depots

Companies that specialise in logistics can have many warehouses with a huge variety of stock. With high levels of deliveries and distribution, the use of high-speed doors allows for excellent productivity with increased levels of safety and security for personnel.

Why choose Crucial?

Quite simply, we know high speed doors inside out. We have helped businesses just like yours to improve productivity, security and safety. Our doors are time tested, our team is award winning and we promise high standards with every installation. No specification is too complex and on top of our efficient design and installation process, we will maintain your access systems to ensure continued security and compliance. With a host of happy customers under our belts, you don’t need to just take our word for it!

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