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At Crucial we are expert suppliers and contractors of aluminium curtain walling systems. We work closely with commercial clients to bring building designs to life. With an award-winning team, we are dedicated to high standards, bringing more choice, the best quality and excellent service to West Yorkshire and beyond. For extensive, commercial building projects that require windows and doors that go beyond the capabilities of standard sizes, our curtain walling systems provide the perfect solution.

Aluminium Curtain Walling – An Overview

Aluminium curtain walling has changed the face of commercial building design. Due to its transformative abilities, and its enormous capacity for flexibility and size, curtain walling can be used in the design of a building where a modern, sleek finish is required. With its adaptability to be used in a variety of ways, curtain walling can provide windows and doors on a grand scale – even entire building façades. Curtain walling has the ability to help create impressive, beautiful structures and has been used in some of the most iconic architecture in the world.

For many commercial building projects, ordinary sized windows and doors just don’t measure up in terms of size, strength, flexibility or durability. Because of the nature of its structure, curtain walling has a superior strength quality. This makes it ideal for commercial use since it complies with building regulations but also allows architects to have a huge amount of creative freedom.

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Aluminium curtain walling

Examples of how aluminium curtain walling can be used -

Crucial Commercial Aluminium Curtain Walling shop fronts

Shop fronts and doors

Perfect for delivering high strength, thermal, weatherproof shop fronts and doors, curtain glazing can be used to create a modern, minimalistic aesthetic. Curtain wall systems can also be customised in terms of both size and colour specifications, with the ability to match exact branding colour palettes, where needed.

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Public buildings

In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and schools. Understanding the importance of exposure to daylight as part of this, many institutional heads are investing in creating more light within their buildings. Aluminium curtain walling provides an ideal solution in this instance since it can be used to create vast facades or even the entire face or side of a building, allowing a huge amount of natural light into the building. It is seen regularly within hospitals, schools, train stations and museums.

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Crucial Commercial Aluminium Curtain Walling public buildings
Crucial Commercial Aluminium Curtain Walling atriums walkways

Atriums and walkways

Because of its infinite flexibility, aluminium curtain walling is excellent for creating entire atriums or walkways and even the ceiling or roof within a structure. Curtain glazing provides a beautiful, seamless finish where huge expanses of glass are required within the design of a building.

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Hotels and private clubs

Where finesse, luxury and opulence are architectural requirements, curtain glazing fits the bill. With the capacity for being manufactured and installed into a variety of shapes and sizes, including curved contours, a curtain wall system can implement unique, distinctive design features. Many privately owned, premium businesses want to reflect the exclusivity of their establishment in the façade of their buildings, which often makes curtain glazing the ideal choice.

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Crucial Commercial Aluminium Curtain Walling hotels gyms and private clubs

Attributes and Advantages of Aluminium Curtain Walling

  • It provides amazing thermal protection. With its inherent ability to self-regulate in any climate, it can provide temperature stability within a building, perfectly.
  • Because of its thermal and weather protective qualities, it provides a long-term energy saving benefit.
  • Design flexibility - Curtain glazing can be manufactured into small or large units, making it suitable for any size project.
  • It is suitable for multiple floors and can scale entire buildings where needed.
  • Super strong – high performance aluminium and glass profiles make it substantially stronger than ordinary windows but offering similar or slimmer density.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Aluminium is entirely renewable and can be sourced easily. As well as it being 100% recyclable, it can be readily reshaped, with minimal impact to its quality.
  • Because it is lightweight, it doesn’t need deep foundations for any extra loads. This makes it economical from the outset of a building design.
  • Perfect for building renovations and makeovers – curtain glazing can be manufactured off-site and installed quickly, compared to other options, reducing the impact to commercial business.

Always competitive

“We use Crucial for all our commercial aluminium projects. We recently completed a project for Leeds College and Crucial did a fantastic job on the curtain walling screens. Always competitive and deliver completion within the times scheduled. Thanks guys.”

– Ben Clarkson, Senior QS. Sigma Leeds

Why choose Crucial?

We are leaders in aluminium and glazing. We started with a small team and have grown extensively in a relatively short amount of time, without ever compromising on quality. Dedicated to delivering high standard curtain wall systems to every customer, our commitment to excellence is award winning and we are partnered with some of the biggest names in the global market. At Crucial, we manufacture all our aluminium products in-house, to meet your exact requirements. We also have our own glazing unit, and provide installation and maintenance too, granting you a seamless, stress-free end-to-end service. With a host of happy customers under our belts, you don’t need to just take our word for it!

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