Firstly, let us be clear when we use the word “now.” Depending on when you read our post, `now` could be any time – so, we’ll try to be a little more specific. 

The colder months make it the ideal time to start planning your new shop front. 

Many of our customers often contact us asking, “when is the perfect time to install shopfronts” and for the team at Crucial Engineering, we believe planning should start as soon as possible and ideally in the winter! 

Yes, the weather is a little colder and more unpredictable during the winter months; however, it’s not all about installing and fitting during this time. 

We advise all our customers to take this time to: 

Is now the perfect time to install a shop front

Choose the right shop front design for you

Considering the design and construction of your shop front is vitally important.  From choosing the right style and type of shopfront to taking measurements, checking sizes, external environment requirements, etc., your final decision on your shop front can take up to six months to plan, organise, and schedule works.  Providing you with valuable time to speak with the professionals at Crucial Engineering to help manufacture the best solution for you – making sure that all areas have been considered and all features incorporated. 

To help, you can speak with your installation and design team to see if blueprints can be created to give you an idea and a feel of what the potential finished design would look like. 


Due to the size and scale of replacing and installing new shop fronts, planning and maintenance cannot be left until the last minute. 

In most instances, for new shop fronts, planning permission will be required, making now the best time to get the ball rolling. 

Planning permission, alongside building regulations and financial and legal matters all takes time to process, be granted, and the approval paperwork to come through.  This makes planning in the winter ideal, so you have enough time for work to begin in the spring/summer. 

Plan your budget

Choosing the right shop front for you should be your ultimate aim; however, this choice must also be cost-effective for your business. 

Budget must be set aside for such projects, and all costs must be accounted for and have plans in place for a contingency budget. 

Plan for the effect changing shop fronts could have on your business

Preparing in advance allows you to put measures in place to mitigate any risks and unexpected situations from arising and minimise any negative effects changing your shop front may have on your business, i.e., the focus here is on minimising disruption for you, your staff, and your customers. 

Speak to your neighbours

It is often said that clear and open communication is key, and if you’re looking to install a new shop front, now might be a good time to speak to local businesses in your area and beside you that this might affect.  This can allow them to feel informed about what is happening but also reassured that there would be minimal disruption to their business. 

You need to be clear on what measures you will be putting in place, how your shop front will be keeping with the neighbourhood and surrounding environment, etc. 

Professional installation teams will be required to carry out the installation of your new shop front.  Working to all health and safety regulations and guidelines and operating most effectively and efficiently. 

Installing a new shopfront is a big job with many factors to consider, however with the right design, manufacturing, and installation team, you can soon have the shop front you’ve always wanted. 

Improving your business’s external appearance, targeting and attracting more customers, and providing them with a great impression. 

To achieve all of this and more, you need an experienced, qualified, and professional team. 

You need Crucial Engineering. 

From the start of your project until full completion, our team handles everything with care and attention.  Offering you first-class service and an exceptionally high-quality shop front. 

To find out more about why now is the perfect time to install a shopfront, call us on 03451 930 420, and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

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