The concept of aluminium curtain walling installation may be something unknown to you but it’s likely you see examples of this type of structure every day. A curtain wall can give any commercial building or modern architecture an eye-catching appearance whilst also bringing a series of practical advantages. Previously many curtain walls were made from steel but are now made from aluminium because it’s lightweight. The curtain wall is then completed with glass or other materials to create a great looking building. We’ve taken a look at a series of practical benefits of aluminium curtain walling:

Protect building structures from the elements

A curtain wall is non-structural so separate from the building itself and whilst any building should keep out the wind and rain, a curtain wall adds a layer of protection. It should insulate as well as block out the elements, and due to their cost effective maintenance they are ideal for locations with heavier rainfall.

Add attractive design to any building

Obviously the extra protection is more important but the fact that an aluminium curtain wall adds fantastic looks make them extremely popular with architects and building designers.

Adding a curtain wall will instantly create the look of an incredibly modern building with clean lines and flexible finishes. This along with the fact it’s lightweight means building designers have freedom to create imaginative structures. No matter if you’re designing a curved building, one with interesting angles or need classic straight lines, aluminium curtain walling is flexible enough to bring it to life.

In addition, if you’re wanting to create a totally unique look you can look to use a range of materials and shapes within your curtain walling. For example, you may choose to use coloured or shaped glass, or use triangles rather than the usual square or rectangles.

Allow large amounts of natural light to pass through

Natural light is always an important consideration in any building design. It doesn’t matter what the building’s purpose is, any building from office blocks to retail spaces, strive for natural light to create uplifting environments.

Plus, large amounts of natural light will also save on energy costs from artificial lighting. Large bright and airy spaces will also increase the value of the building as the space will instantly become more attractive to buyers or tenants.

In environments where large amounts of bright sunshine can be expected, a curtain wall can be fitted with glass with UV filters to protect the contents inside. This is ideal for buildings containing items of historical importance such as museums.

Depending on the design of the building structure, introducing opportunities to allow large amounts of natural light can be complex. This is where aluminium curtain walls are so useful as it’s relatively simple to add a lot of glazing for light to pass through.

Add insulating properties

We’ve already discussed how curtain walling is great at keeping the elements out, but they’re also amazing insulators which makes it easier to regulate inside temperatures. This further adds long term cost savings through reduced energy compared to more traditional building methods.

Prevent quick spread of fire

In the unlikely event of a disaster such as a fire a curtain wall will help prevent the spread, especially in taller buildings. Fires often spread from floor to floor on the outside surface and a curtain wall made from aluminium, complete with large amounts of glass, will at a minimum reduce the rate at which the fire is spreading.