Does your business need more space? Are you thinking about an extension or even moving premises? Are you sure that either of these are the most effective option? Moving or building extensions can bring a host of pressures to your business from costs to widespread disruption. If you need more space then curtain walling is a great alternative and can immediately save you money on top of a host of long-term benefits.

Create a cost effective and clean finish

Curtain walling is ideal for any contemporary building design as it introduces a far more clean and modern finish over traditional walling. It’s important to note that curtain walling is non structural so it can be used in a variety of ways and any modern building design can accommodate their style.

It’s perfect for commercial buildings where an attractive image is important such as in retail projects with large open spaces.

Curtain wall installation is generally less expensive than more traditional building methods, and in particular with building extensions, can introduce significant cost savings. When you combine these elements with the reduced distribution to your business of not starting a major building project, you can see how a curtain wall is highly cost effective.

Further cost savings can also be introduced with a reduction in energy bills due to their insulation properties and ability to allow large amounts of natural light to pass through.

Complex building work brings big disruption.

Any building projects bring mess and disruption to your business. The impact of this is especially felt on business premises that need to stay open to survive, such as retailers. Although the installation of a curtain wall will also bring some disruption, in comparison a curtain wall project brings less mess and generally takes less time. This could significantly impact a businesses bottom line as well as provide a better environment for both employees and customers.

Curtain walls are versatile and non-invasive

Due to their versatility curtain walls can be used in many different ways and for a variety of purposes. Making more space by building a traditional brick extension would significantly change the way a building looks, as well as adding lots of invasive building work and demolition.

Curtain walls aren’t as imposing and can perfectly blend with the original building. Elegant curtain walling makes an impression by creating a polished and contemporary look.