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Roller Shutter Doors

We provide the highest quality industrial and commercial roller shutter doors at the most competitive prices, by experienced fabricators and professionals. Call Crucial Engineering on 03451 930 420 to see how we can help you today.

Our highly customisable Roller Shutter Doors, can be made from Aluminium, Galvanised Steel, in standard weight or heavy duty for additional security. They can be insulated to reduce noise or draughts. We can supply them as fire shutters offering up to 4 hours of fire integrity.

We also supply airflow or vision shutters for shops in arcades or shopping malls. These high-security perforated or punched models are popular for retail units, where they offer enhanced security without detracting from the look of the shop front.

Every roller shutter doors is built to your required sizes and dimensions. Roller Shutter Doors are powder-coated in standard colours – but can be supplied in any colour to match your brand identity. Some models can also be perforated or punched, giving you maximum control over the design, specifications, and performance of your new shutters.

Robust, Reliable, Strong 

Roller Shutter Doors from the experts at Crucial Engineering 

Offering the highest quality commercial roller shutter doors at some of the most competitive prices around, manufactured and installed by professional and experienced fabricators, the Crucial Engineering team provides it all. 

With contemporary roller shutter doors on offer, your commercial premises can soon portray a look of quality, sophistication, and elegance. 

Helping businesses look unique, all while keeping them extremely secure (one of the main reasons why so many roller shutter doors are installed). 

We can customise all of our security roller shutter doors to suit your requirements, specifications, and even colour choice matching with your brand perfectly. 

Our team work with you to evaluate, design, and install roller shutter doors suitable for your business. 

Types of industrial roller shutter doors 

Fortunately, there is no one type that fits all with commercial roller shutters, so you have a choice on the style, type of material, and colour you would prefer. 

Some various types of shutter doors in the UK include: 

  • Aluminium 
  • Galvanised Steel 
  • Acoustic 
  • High Speed 
  • Wind Resistant/ Air Flow 
  • Vision Shutters 
  • Fire Resistant – extremely important, fire-rated shutters and curtains help improve a business’s fire strategy by reducing the spread of smoke and flames. 
  • And more. 

Designed to transform a building’s appearance, roller shutters can also be insulated to block out unwanted noise, protect from adverse weather, thieves, fire, accidents, and even with suitable insulation, offer greater energy efficiency. 

With shutters tailored to your business’s requirements, call the experts today and find out which type of roller shutter would be best suited to your business premises. 

High security, low maintenance 

Industrial roller shutter doors are typically manufactured using durable slats and galvanised to prevent unauthorised access into a building. 

Manufactured to provide protection against intrusion as well as minimise the volume of debris coming into the premises, those with insulated shutters also benefit from greater energy efficiencies, modifying the temperature accordingly. 

Providing you with the following qualities: 

  • Heavy duty. 
  • Fully galvanised. 
  • Can be punched or perforated (popular with retail units, as they don’t detract from the look of the shop front while maintaining a high level of security). 
  • They can be operated manually, automatically, or electronically. 
  • They have a high level of acoustics. 
  • High speed. 
  • High quality. 

With a long lifespan, you’ll find quality commercial roller shutter doors easy to maintain, especially if they’re also regularly serviced. 

Is your business front in need of an upgrade and additional security? 

Call our team on 03451 930 420; we’d be happy to provide you with a range of solutions. 

Electric roller shutter doors designed for you 

Electric and motion seal roller shutters offer you great smooth functioning. 

Plus, electric shutters are also strong, durable, and maximise security for your premises. 

Operated by an electric switch, you can open and close these rollers from any part of your building, making them both effective and extremely efficient. 

These particular security shutters can also offer you energy savings and sun protection and require much less maintenance – always a win-win! 

What’s more, you can customise them to any shape, size, or design that you and your storefront may require. 

Note: Professionals should always install electric roller shutter doors to guarantee their safety and smooth functionality. 

At Crucial Engineering, we have designed our range of industrial shutters with the focus on keeping your business operational and keeping your business safe. 

Delivering you clean barriers, wind protection, thermal breaks, fire protection, and of course, heightened security – we offer it all. 

So, whether you’re looking for additional security, you would like to improve efficiencies, or you require a little further protection for your premises, industrial roller shutter doors by Crucial Engineering deliver quality shutters time and time again. 

Who are roller shutter doors suitable for? 

Roller shutter doors have always been a popular choice for commercial businesses; however, many residential homes are now looking at roller shutters to replace garage doors, etc. because of the benefits this type of door offers. 

For business, however, roller shutter doors can be found in: 

  • Warehouses – using specialist grilles, popular due to the flexible installation. 
  • Factories – suitable for large workshops and industrial plants. 
  • Retail units – protecting shop fronts and displays from vandalism or theft. 
  • Public buildings – such as libraries, museums, art galleries. 
  • Fire and ambulance stations – great for space-saving and quick opening. 

If you’re thinking about installing commercial roller shutter doors for your premises, you will need to consider: 

  • Budget 
  • Security level 
  • Frequency of use 
  • Insulation requirement 
  • Width and height of the opening 
  • Headroom requirement 
  • Fire protection 
  • Features, i.e., manual, or automatic, for example 
  • Wind load 
  • Finish 
  • Aesthetics 
  • And more! 

With a range of high wind doors, heavy-duty security roller shutter doors, compact sectional overhead doors, retail rollers for shops, commercial shutters for shopping centres, etc., we’re confident there is a roller shutter door for every type of business and every style and shape of business premise. 

Call our team on 03451 930 420 and let us help you find the right roller shutter door for you. 

It’s our business to protect your premises

Helping you protect your livelihood, we provide robust and secure industrial roller shutters to keep unauthorised people out.

We work with you, your requirements, and your specifications to find the ideal shutter system for your business.

Engineered for space-saving, ease of use, heightened security, and reliability, all of our products are fully compliant and suitable for factories, industrial units, manufacturing facilities, fire and ambulance stations, public buildings, and more.

Whether you’re looking for table and link, stainless steel, or transparent, we’re the commercial roller shutter door specialists that offer flexible design, manufacturing, and installation, all at the most competitive prices.

Enquire now.

A repair service you can rely on 

Our manufacturing, repair, installation, and maintenance experience helps us continue producing high-quality, robust industrial roller shutter doors designed to meet our customer’s exact requirements. 

With a great repair service available, we’re on hand when you need us most; helping to keep your business open, functioning, and safe is always our top priority. 

Call a member of our team today on 03451 930 420, and we’ll be happy to talk to you further. 

Crucial Engineering maintenance agreement. Here for you 24/7 365 days a year.


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