If you have a commercial or industrial property, you may be concerned about security when leaving your building unattended at night-time. During the past year, more have been left empty for weeks or months at a time, due to the lockdowns and the effect this has had on many industries. When looking for security options to minimise the chance of theft, security roller shutter doors from Crucial Engineering are an excellent option. By adding roller shutter doors to your property, you’ll feel safe and confident leaving yourbuilding unattended during periods of inactivity.

Securing Your Property with Roller Shutter Doors

Options for Roller Shutter Doors UK

When choosing industrial roller shutter doors, you’ll find they can be constructed from a few different materials, including galvanised steel and aluminium. If you are looking to add extra security to your property, consider upgrading from the standard weight to heavy-duty commercial roller shutter doors. Your new roller shutter doors can also be insulated, which will reduce noise and drafts, and if the fire is a huge concern to your company, there are options that offer fire integrity for up to four hours.

When considering the security of roller shutter doors, there are a few things you’ll want to discuss. The material and type of shutters you opt for can dictate how secure they are, as well as the location you choose to install these on your building. Maintenance and the installation process are critical to this product’s success, and you’ll want to ensure electric roller shutter doors are regularly checked to avoid malfunction. Steel is a highly durable material that is ideal for use on a high street store or area where crime is a big concern. To avoid crime, it’s essential to check that there are no gaps in your security roller shutter doors, which provide weak spots for criminals to take advantage of.

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Benefits of Roller Shutter Doors

Shutters should be used as part of your current security system to minimise the chance of damage to your property and the items stored within your building. It’s recommended that businesses use CCTV or another form of security to monitor the building, but roller shutter doors can be a huge deterrent for criminals in the first place. Roller shutter doors are a safer option than hinged doors and won’t slam shut in the same way during high wind, which could damage a hinged door or injure someone. These doors help keep rain or wind out of your building, which can minimise the chance of damage to your workplace.

One benefit of security roller shutter doors that is often overlooked is the minimal space they take up. In comparison to traditional hingeddoors, they don’t need to open inwards or outwards or need clearance space. Instead, they go straight up to the top of the wall and don’t use any of your indoor space. This is great for high street stores or small businesses who lack space but still want to secure their building at night. As well as security, you’ll> also enjoy more privacy for your building, which will minimise the chance of nosy neighbours or passers-by seeing what you are doing or storing inside your space.

Roller shutter doors are incredibly easy to use, particularly if you opt for electric roller shutter doors. Manual options are available, and they use an easy to operate chain system. As long as your shutter doors are maintained regularly, you shouldn’t experience any issues with opening and closing them each day. Electric roller shutter doors have advanced in recent years, and they also have the option of a transmitter instead of the usual wall or key switch.

Maintaining Roller Shutter Doors

It’s important to ensure your industrial roller shutter doors are served twice a year. This is something that is often overlooked but is critical to ensure they remain in working condition and are safe and secure for daily use. If the doors have any gaps or weak spots, you are opening yourself up to burglars, and they will also make a poor first impression for your store or business. When doors are half up or down, due to them not working, it makes your business a target for criminals. Commercial roller shutter doors may be a costly investment initially, but with good maintenance, they can be an excellent value for money security option in the long term.

Roller shutter doors are the perfect addition to industrial or commercial properties and can add another layer of security to unattended businesses. With so many properties remaining empty for weeks at a time at the moment or every weekend during usual operations, it’s an important consideration for anyone concerned about theft and crime in their area. Crucial Engineering offers high-quality industrial and commercial roller shutters at competitive prices. With their team of professionals, you will be guaranteed an effective security solution for your commercial or industrial property.

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