Industrial roller shutter doors can help increase the safety and security of your business premises. They can deter theft, help reduce fire risk, and preserve heat on your property. It’s important to remember that roller shutter doors are mechanical machinery. Like all machinery, roller shutter doors need to be monitored and looked after. Looking after your doors means taking the necessary action to look after your doors and reduce the chances of encountering roller shutter door problems.In this article, we have outlined potential roller shutter door problems you may encounter, and how to go about fixing your roller shutters.  

Roller Shutter Door Problems

Damage (Dents, Cracks, and Scratches)  

Dents, cracks, and scratches are some of the most common roller shutter door problems we see. These usually arise when other heavy-duty pieces of machinery are in contact with the doors. The impact of these pieces of machinery can cause minor and major problems for roller doors. Small dents and scratches can affect the appearance of your doors, whilst larger dents can affect alignment.    If your door has a large structural dent, you may have to have parts of your door replaced to fix its alignment.   

Sticking/Not Shutting  

If your door is sticking or not shutting properly, this could be because it needs oiling, or it may be a sensor problem. It’s important to regularly lubricate your roller shutter doors with oil. W940 will do the trick. Like all machinery, your doors are prone to get stuck and might even start making that discomforting screeching sound. To avoid this and to stop any further roller shutter door problems, regularly oil your doors.   Alternatively, this could be a sensor problem. The sensors on your doors might be failing due to dirt or damage. As well as oiling your doors, cleaning them regularly is essential. Regular maintenance of this kind is simple and can be done yourself. Cleaning and oiling your doors will prevent further, more serious problems.    If cleaning and oiling aren’t fixing your roller shutters, you will need to contact a professional engineer.  


If you’re keeping up with regular roller door maintenance and you’re still facing problems, you need to contact an engineer to go about fixing your roller shutters. This is because you may have an internal alignment issue. Issues of this nature require the experience and expertise of an engineer to resolve.   Incorrect alignment requires immediate repair to avoid security and safety issues.

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Doors Won’t Open  

If your roller doors aren’t opening, it could be due to a power issue. Firstly, you should inspect the fuses in the control panels. If the power is still running, but your doors aren’t, contact an  engineer for an inspection.   

Faulty Motor  

Your roller shutter door problems might be the result of a faulty motor. If your doors are regularly used, your motor can wear over time and become faulty. It’s also possible that you’re unlucky and have had a faulty motor from the offset. Either way, to avoid further complications, you should be having regular door inspections.   Regular inspections by a qualified engineer are essential if you have roller shutter doors on your property. These frequent inspections ensure essential maintenance takes place, and roller shutter repairs are done as soon as possible. As a result of this, you’ll face less, potentially more expensive, problems down the line.  


As is to be expected, regular use of your doors can result in overheating. If this occurs, it’s best to turn off your roller doors and let them cool off to avoid further problems.  

Regular Inspections  

To avoid serious problems with your roller shutter doors and to go about fixing your roller shutters as soon as possible, you need to have regular inspections. A trained engineer or mechanic must do these inspections.    Under the Health and Safety and Welfare Regulations of 1992  and the 1998​ PUWER, you legally must have your doors regularly inspected and maintained. As the property owner, you’re responsible for recording these inspections and obtaining a signature from the professional that inspected your doors. These inspections ensure your doors don’t pose any safety or security threats and help you identify problems before they develop.   Roller shutter doors can be an asset to the safety and security of your businessThey’re a worthwhile investment that helps increase the well-being and protection of your staff and property. To reap the full benefit of your doors, you must keep them well maintained. Regular door maintenance will ensure serious problems don’t arise with your doors and help resolve any minor issues as soon as possible.   As the owner of roller shutter doors, you’re responsible for oiling and cleaning your doors. In addition to these small maintenance tasks, you must schedule regular professional inspections. These inspections will identify any roller shutter door problems and fix them before they escalate. Remember to record these inspections and obtain a signature from the engineer or mechanic attending to your doors.    If you are concerned about a problem with your doors, immediately seek professional help and advice from real experts like Crucial Engineering to attend to your roller shutter repairs as swiftly and efficiently as possible.