If you are the owner or a building manager of a warehouse then the installation of industrial roller shutters will likely be of the utmost importance to you. Even if you are aware of their value in the security and safety of your building and its contents, there may be benefits to having them that you don’t know about. This handy guide to roller shutter will arm you with some helpful knowledge to enable you to make informed decisions when making some decisions.

Does my warehouse really need roller shutters?

We will answer this question with another question back: do you want to provide your building, its contents, the surrounding buildings and potentially, staff with a high level security solution?

If the answer here is yes, then the installation of industrial roller shutters is a no brainer. With a variety of styles and sizes of security roller shutters available on the market today, you will certainly find one suitable for your business.

Not only can they provide an extra high level of security, they can also look modern and polished, depending on the style sought

Busy warehouses need space and high levels of safety

If you have a busy warehouse then you will be all too familiar with the requirement to utilise every inch of space for your product. The beauty of industrial roller shutters is that they open vertically instead of into the unit space, unlike traditional garage or warehouse doors. This means that a vehicle can be parked right up to the doors and be loaded where necessary or stock and product can be stored right into the space next to the shutter without being concerned about access.

An additional, and perhaps hidden benefit of roller shutters is that they can prevent or slow a fire from spreading. This may be of particular interest to anyone who has multiple warehouses within one single building. Fast action fire shutters between warehouses can be deployed quickly, in the event of a fire to help protect staff, contents and even surrounding buildings by delaying the spread of a fire whilst waiting for fire fighters to arrive on the scene.

Protection from weather, crime and intruders

One of the most obvious ways industrial roller shutters can protect your warehouse is by preventing the entry of unwanted visitors. There may be occasions during the lifecycle of your business that one or more of your warehouses will be vacant for long periods. During these times, an industrial roller shutter will keep your warehouse safe from being broken into, vandalised or even inhabited. Surprisingly, squatters have been known to take up residence within unused warehouses where they have been able to gain access because of traditional warehouse doors that haven’t been substantially secure.

Keeping your warehouse and its contents and staff protected from the elements is also possible with the installation of roller shutters. Insulated, fast action roller doors can not only provide excellent weather protection, they can also help control the temperature of a warehouse in both warm and cold conditions.

Safe and easy to use

It’s easy to think that an industrial roller shutter could have the potential to cause injury if not operated correctly but modern systems can be fitted with additional safety measures such as safety brakes, safety edges, audible warning signals and traffic light systems. In areas of high usage, it’s essential to have these safety measures in place as well as a high speed door to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Industrial roller shutters are super easy to use.

Once trained, almost anyone can operate them and they require little to no physical effort compared with traditional warehouse doors which can be incredibly heavy, require multiple locking systems and a host of keys to keep safe.

Once installed, industrial roller shutters are the best, strongest, most secure way to keep your warehouse safe and deter criminal activity. Providing they are maintained properly and looked after, roller shutters will endure and operate brilliantly for years.

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