The Evolution of Curtain Walling Systems Then and Now

The Evolution of Curtain Walling Systems: Then and Now

Curtain walling systems are used throughout properties nowadays, but you may not know that they first appeared in a different form back in Medieval times. Of course, curtain walling systems have come on leaps and bounds since that time, with more modern techniques and designs used to create the most effective option for consumers.  

Today we are going to take a look at the evolution of curtain walling systems in the UK throughout the years. Find out more about this solution for your property, which can offer cost-saving and health benefits to users.

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The Evolution of Curtain Walling Systems Then and Now

Medieval Times

Dating back to Medieval times, curtain walls were originally introduced to castles. They surrounded the inside of a castle and were mainly considered to be a form of protection for the residents and goods stored within the walls. For a robust defence solution, the curtain walls connected to the towers.

At this time, different materials were used than we see today, such as wood and earth mounds. The material choices then progressed to include steel, bricks and stone, which offered a stronger and more rigid option for curtain walling UK. Nowadays, we mainly see aluminium curtain walling systems, but this development didn’t occur until well past their initial introduction and use.

Moving into the 20th Century

By the middle of the 20th century, curtain walling became much lighter by using glass. With the completion of buildings such as the Empire State Building, new construction methods were being tested and used around the world. More lightweight materials offered stylish construction methods, which led to aluminium being introduced into curtain walling systems. In the 1930s, this material was easier to access and far less expensive than before, so it became a realistic solution for curtain walling systems. Steel and brick were on their way out at this point, to be replaced with the aluminium material that is still used by a curtain walling contractor today. 

Modern Day Curtain Walling Systems UK 

As with many industries, curtain walling systems have continued to develop over time, to keep up with modern expectations for these systems. Aluminium is easy to access, and other alloys are appearing on the market and changing the way in which vehicles and buildings are constructed. These new options offer many benefits and are strong and versatile for use within building work. The design of curtain walls has become more efficient over the years, with an improved appearance to suit any building’s décor. More attention has also been given to their environmental benefits, and with new materials constantly being researched and tested, this should only improve as time goes on. 

Benefits of Curtain Walling Systems 

Curtain walling systems offer many benefits, which is why they are still incredibly popular today. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to enjoy natural light as much as possible, offering property owners reduced electricity bills in the long run. The natural light spreads much further into your property, offering a more pleasant living and working space. There is also an aesthetic appeal of curtain walling systems, which can offer a unique look and feel to any building from the inside and out. Users will enjoy complete protection from the weather outside without obstructing the look and feel of their property. It’s almost as if the inside and outside environments merge into one, with no wind or rain entering indoors. 

Property developers often consider how their new development will fit into the already existing environment, and curtain walling systems can help with this. Larger buildings were often considered to be eyesores when first built, but curtain walling systems can completely transform the look of a new building for those on the inside and outside. They allow a new property to fit into the local area much more easily and connect the new residents with the outside area. With more people living in smaller apartments and flats nowadays, they can still enjoy plenty of natural light even without a garden or balcony of their own. As well as being added to new projects, curtain walling systems are also often added to older buildings for protection while still keeping their original features intact. 

If you are considering curtain walling systems in the UK, Crucial Engineering can offer you aluminium curtain walling to create your desired aesthetic for any new property. Whether you are designing a new building or modernising a current one, Crucial Engineering and their team of professional curtain walling contractors are here to help.  With many years of experience, they understand the benefits curtain walling systems offer to users and the modern look and feel they can create. With so many developments to curtain walling systems since Medieval times, it’s no surprise this design solution has remained one of the most popular options with property developers to this day. 

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Things to consider when choosing aluminium doors for your home

Things to consider when choosing aluminium doors for your home

If you’re looking to upgrade your current doors, or maybe add new sliding or patio doors to your property, it can be overwhelming when it comes to the choice and variety of different doors and frames available. 

Aluminium is now a choice which is coming to the forefront much more after advances in technology and precision fabrication processes has allowed the development of aluminium and the benefits the metal has to offer, really shine through. Gone are the days where aluminium is only chosen for function instead of style. 

Aluminium has come a long way over the years, now standing as one of the strongest, most stylish and well-insulated metals to choose when it comes to windows and doors in your home. In this blog we look at some of the key things to consider when choosing aluminium doors for your home.

Things to consider when choosing aluminium doors for your home

If you’re looking to upgrade your current doors, or maybe add new sliding or patio doors to your property, it can be overwhelming when it comes to the choice and variety of different doors and frames available. 

Aluminium is now a choice which is coming to the forefront much more after advances in technology and precision fabrication processes has allowed the development of aluminium and the benefits the metal has to offer, really shine through.  Gone are the days where aluminium is only chosen for function instead of style. 

Aluminium has come a long way over the years, now standing as one of the strongest, most stylish and well-insulated metals to choose when it comes to windows and doors in your home. 

Aluminium doors are perfect for homeowners because: 

  • They’re powder coated to any colour you require as well as finished in any style, matching them precisely to your existing décor 
  • They’re unbelievably strong, allowing you to have slimline frames while still holding a maximum weight 
  • They’re deceptively lightweight.  Making them easy to transport and move to different places 
  • Compared to their wood and UPVC counterparts, they’re so much more durable and require a lot less maintenance 

Choosing the right style of door for your home is important; choosing the right aluminium doors and windows is vital. 

Speaking to the team at Crucial Engineering (specialist aluminium fabricators) we can help make sure we find you your perfect door and window solution. 

Things to note when thinking about aluminium 


It can sometimes be a harsh life lesson, but it is one that everyone is aware of, in that when it comes to quality, sometimes “you get what you pay for.”  This same statement can be applied to aluminium! When looking for aluminium entrance doors, for example, you need to look for a reliable and trustworthy company, a company who not only deals with aluminium but who offers the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.  You want a product that is going to last, not something that needs replacing every couple of years, so it’s important to make sure you do your research. 

Aluminium fabrication is very specialised when it comes to moulding, cutting, drilling, and shaping, etc, to meet exact requirements.  This is of course, where the quality of the final product lies. Working with a professional fabrication team will put your mind at ease that quality is built into their processes. 


As we’ve mentioned, aluminium has come a long way over the years and can now be customised so that it can be made to meet just about any specification.  Of course, one of the biggest advantages to come out of using aluminium for doors and windows is the fact that the frame itself can be a lot thinner than a standard wood option.  So, if taking full advantage of your beautiful views and letting as much light into your home as possible is high on your agenda, aluminium is the choice for you! 

When it comes to design aluminium can also be finished in several different ways too.  What we mean by this is that you have the option to choose from striking colours, high gloss finishes, or even something that actually looks like wood grain.  Whatever you decide what’s important is that you have the choice. 


We know that it is essential to protect your home and your belongings, and the strength and durability of aluminium doors and windows can offer this heightened level of security.  You can also look to add additional security features and locking systems onto doors too during the aluminium fabrication process. 


Aluminium is extremely energy efficient and can save you money on your household energy bills.  How? Because aluminium creates a very tight fit for the glass and even edged all around. Plus, aluminium can also hold both double and triple-glazing if required.  Newer models of aluminium frames are also much better insulated offering you a much more energy-efficient home (they also provide some soundproofing from the outside world too). 


Aluminium for doors and windows in your home is a cost-effective product, and because it is hard-wearing and long-lasting, savings are made throughout its life too.  Speaking to Crucial Engineering should be your first port of call when thinking about aluminium entrance doors or windows so that we can provide you with the answers to your questions as well as a detailed quote. 

We can also help with the design and installation parts too, making sure that everything is just how you want it. 

Great quality aluminium doors and windows are made to last, and with low maintenance and energy savings made, why opt for anything else? 

Look at your home as an investment.  Installing the perfect aluminium doors and windows will only add to your investment pot while also help to keep security high and the look of your home extremely modern. 

Call Crucial Engineering today to find out more about our aluminium fabrication process.

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Aluminium doors and windows - the facts

Aluminium doors and windows – The Facts

Aluminium windows and doors are rapidly growing in popularity in commercial and residential properties up and down the country. 

Allowing you to receive maximum light due to the slimline frames, upgrading the look and feel of your home making it stylish and modern in appearance, as well as aluminium now being available in any colour you require, what’s not to like! 

Aluminium doors and windows also require less maintenance than wood for example, which needs repainting and touching up for it to remain looking good and to avoid rotting. Aluminium is free from all of this, resistant from corrosion, choosing aluminium means unlike wood and even steel windows and doors, aluminium doesn’t need repainting or protected in any way. 

In this post, Aluminium doors and windows – The Facts, we look at the features of aluminium doors and what makes them stand out, as well as some facts you should know before making your decision.

Aluminium doors and windows - the facts

Aluminium Fabrication 

Aluminium fabrication is the process of bending, shaping, cutting, drilling, etc. the aluminium which has been extracted to make it exactly how it is required. 

In this sense, your windows and doors can certainly be made to measure. This first point is also an important one. As aluminium entrance doors and windows are made to measure, and because of the robustness of the metal, the frames fit tightly within their position as well as hold the glass in place securely, meaning there is less chance of air escaping or wind whistling through the gaps! 

Aluminium can also be customised during the fabrication process too. Not only to suit any shape or size but also to suit any colour theme or style you require. Aluminium is painted with RAL colours (the colour matching system) which come in all variances of hues. Unlike wood, you don’t need to keep painting aluminium to stay on top of them, and you have a wide variety of colours to choose from, unlike UPVC which is only available in limited, already pre-selected, colours. 

Aluminium doors and windows can also save you energy making you more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. With windows that are designed to promote a minimal production of carbon dioxide in gas heated homes, you can save on your energy costs by at least 30% — promoting a cleaner and healthier environment all around. 

Aluminium fabrications like windows and doors are also renowned for offering the best insulation to homes and businesses, so you will often find an increase in thermal performance too. 

When choosing UPVC windows, it’s important to note that this type of material does expand and contract due to changes in temperature and this does ultimately impact on the overall fit of the window and door in question. It can make opening and closing windows and doors difficult and it can also lead to problems with broken seals around the frames themselves. 

With aluminium this problem is obsolete. Obsolete as aluminium is not prone to expanding or contracting due to temperature changes, making it extremely stable and robust, putting your mind at rest that once fitted, no further problems or maintenance issues should arise. 

Aluminium is also 100% recyclable and uses less energy to manufacture, all without taking anything away from its quality and numerous benefits.

Versatile and flexible Aluminium is the metal of choice for many architectural designs. Soft but strong this metal is perfect to work with and incorporate into everyday products found in the home. Plus added to this the range of colours aluminium can now be powder coated in, aluminium windows and entrance doors for businesses can be designed to suit any shape or form! 

If you’re looking for traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, stylish or something completely unique – check out aluminium fabricated doors and windows, available to meet all specifications. 

Safety and security in the home is everyone’s top priority, and when it comes to choosing suitable windows and doors, it is also of high consideration. With aluminium frames, you have several options to help upgrade your security. Things such as internally glazing your windows to make it difficult for break-ins to occur, hinge protectors and even shoot bolt locks can be added. Speak with the aluminium fabricators at the time of manufacturing to make sure your requirements can be met. 

Last but certainly by no means least, aluminium doors and windows are durable. As we’ve mentioned, they’re rust and corrosion free, and they won’t swell, crack or rot like UPVC or wood over time.

Long last and hard-wearing, aluminium is also much more cost-effective in the long run. 

For affordable, cost-effective solutions, perfectly fitted aluminium fabricated windows and doors, look no further than Crucial Engineering, the premier fabricator in Leeds. 

Check out our aluminium windows and doors and see how we can help you today. 

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Why commercial builders choose aluminium

Why commercial builders choose Aluminium

Aluminium fabrication has come a long way since the 1980s. So much so, that the material itself is now used for several different products across different sectors. However, most notably it is now the material of choice and most popular with commercial building projects. 

At Crucial Engineering, we boast about how good aluminium windows and doors are, and below we want to highlight some of the main benefits, helping to provide you with a clearer picture is to why commercial builders choose aluminium, and about just how good aluminium is! 

Why commercial builders choose aluminium

Aluminium fabricated doors and windows – The Benefits 

Aluminium is known for being a solid material, yet ultra-light to manoeuvre.  Being extremely strong is the first benefit of this material because due to its strength more glass can be placed inside the frames without the need to increase the thickness or bulkiness of the casement.  Aluminium is strong and sturdy enough to hold everything within its lightweight frame, letting in more light, making living spaces seem brighter, more natural-looking, and it can also help to conserve energy due to the increase in natural light coming through. 

Aluminium for commercial builders offers minimal movement.  All products, especially windows and doors are known to expand and contract due to fluctuations in temperature.  However, aluminium does not have this level of movement, as it is not as easily affected by temperature changes, making it much more stable than UPVC or wood, which tend to twist and warp.  Making aluminium the perfect solution for lift and slide doors.

Aluminium fabricated doors and windows have a choice of colour finishes.  With most aluminium fabricators being able to powder coat the aluminium frame to any colour you like.  Matching with your home, business coloursetc in an instant, the hard-wearing finish that this process provides means less maintenance over time, as unlike wood it will never need repainting! 

Increase in thermal performance!  That’s right; aluminium is no longer the cold, condensation building, material it once was.  With advances in technology, aluminium is now one of the best sources of insulated windows and doors, allowing homeowners and business to reduce their energy consumption over the years. 

Aluminium is environmentally friendly.  Aluminium is 100% recyclable, and due to its increased insulation properties, it is also much more energy efficient.  Recycling aluminium also requires just 5% of the initial energy used to create it! 

Slimline frames are available with aluminium.  No longer do we want big bulky frames to hold our windows and doors in place, especially on sliding and bi-folding doors.  With aluminium fabrication, frames are much sleeker and more contemporary in style, and currently, are the most modern window material on the market.  Making aluminium an excellent choice for commercial builders working on modern living developments, helping to add a smart finish with a modern edge. 

Aluminium lasts longer.  Aluminium can offer your windows and doors a better lifespan, as they’re known for avoiding rust, they don’t rot or bend and they’re incredibly stable.  The life expectancy of aluminium windows and doors is around 45 years, offering exceptional style and performance for years to come! 

Most aluminium fabricators in the UK can mould and shape aluminium to suit any window style.  From straightforward casements to tilt and turns or sliding sashes, at Crucial Engineering, we offer it all. 

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Increased levels of security.  The robustness of aluminium means it can offer a much more superior strength when compared to other materials.  The latest and most appropriate, top quality, multi-point locking mechanisms can also be fitted to all windows and doors installed. 

With precise manufacturing, making products made to order, check out Crucial Engineering’s full range of high-quality aluminium products and services.  As one of the top aluminium fabricators in the UK, Crucial Engineering has worked with many commercial builders over the years, offering the full package when it comes to design, manufacturing, and installation. 

No matter the size, scale of style you’re looking for, choose to work with the aluminium specialists, Crucial Engineering. 

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