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Curtain walling provided to the highest quality, at the most competitive prices, by experienced professionals. Crucial Engineering can provide you with the best aluminium curtain walling service in town when it comes to achieving the results you’re looking for. Don’t opt for second best when designing or modernising buildings. Call Crucial Engineering on 03451 930 420 to see how we can help you today. Call Crucial Engineering on 03451 930 420 to see how we can help you today.

Is Curtain Walling Systems for you?

  • Are you looking to modernise your property where outer walls aren’t required to be structural?
  • Are you looking for a fabrications company who are experts in the field and who can fabricate specifically to your requirements?
  • Would you like more info on single glass panels and double glass units to make the most informed decision for you?

Look no further, with Crucial Engineering.

Our teams are experts and highly trained curtain walling system installers and fabricators, and there isn’t a question we don’t know the answer to or a problem we can’t find a solution for or a problem we can’t find a solution for.

Working in the aluminium fabrication industry for many years, we manufacture, supply and install aluminium curtain wall systems for commercial industries (construction of new builds and refurbishments, etc.), schools, shops, stores, offices and more.  Offering customers increased security and safety with a modern look and feel.

What’s more Crucial Engineering are reliable, effective and our all our systems are rigorously tested, AND a UKAS certified body tests all of our structures and systems for thermal and weather performance.

Specifics of Curtain Walling System

To answer the question “what is curtain walling,” we’d summarise it as: a system or structure which is used to protect your property from external elements.

Primarily made from thin, lightweight aluminium (sometimes glass), curtain walling isn’t structural, and we must stress it can’t be used to carry any weight apart from that of its own.

Curtain walling is a great system which helps to make the inside of buildings airtight, with their unique resistance to air and water, curtain walling comes in the three main systems:

  • Water managed systems.  Preventing water from seeping into buildings, these systems include moisture drains within their structures.
  • Face-sealed systems.  These systems won’t provide an airtight barrier but will create the perfect sealing between the wall and frame.
  • Pressure equalised systems.  This particular system is by far the most widely used.  Why? Because a pressure equalised system can offer it all, blocking all external elements out, keeping the inside of buildings airtight and the outside frame designed to wash away water and prevent penetration.

If you’d like to learn more about curtain walling and how it could benefit you and your business call the experts at Crucial Engineering on 03451 930 420

We can also provide you with a FREE quote and breakdown for any work.  Book a visit with us today and have your questions answered.

Aluminium Curtain Walling Contractors in the know

At Crucial Engineering, we tailor solutions to meet your exact requirements.  No property or premises are the same, and we understand this, as well as the fact that there are also several other factors to take into consideration when choosing the right curtain walling system for you.

That’s why we work with you — using our years of knowledge and experience in the industry to be able to offer you a tailored service that is specific to your needs.

Installing curtain walling with single glass panels or double glass units is our forte, and we’re fully equipped to help you enhance the living and working environment of any building.

Working across many sectors for a range of business of all shapes and sizes, we consider the different styles of curtain walling available, exposure to external elements, such as local wind pressure, as well as what you would like and need within the property.

From here we can design, manufacture and install your curtain walling system to perfection.

Designing styles such as horizontal or vertical lining, which is often used to create a minimalistic look, structural glazing, the different colours and finishes you can have for both inside and out (things like gloss, matt or an anodised finish.  As well as if you are you looking for low maintenance and even scratch resistant systems.)

At Crucial Engineering, we’re proud to offer it all.  Providing you with choice and flexibility when it comes to your curtain walling system.

Curtain Walling – The Benefits

The advances in the materials used and the equipment now available when it comes to aluminium curtain walling has helped to increase their popularity over the years, with the benefits far outweighing their counterparts.

The benefits of curtain walling are that these systems are:

  • Cost effective – due to the lightweight materials used
  • Energy efficient – due to their airtight seals and resistance to water and air getting inside buildings
  • Long term – in that over the long term they can help save on heating, cooling and lighting costs
  • Modern – due to their versatility and flex
  • Flexible in design – allowing them to be supplied and installed in large or small units
  • Thermal efficient – considering the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, and sway and movement.

The panel and frame designs of aluminium curtain walling systems also offer multiple functions, such as:

  • Strong and robust enough to stop panels falling out of frames
  • Providing thermal insulation
  • Allowing for opening windows
  • Offering a barrier to water and air penetration
  • Account for fire, smoke and acoustic separation
  • Accommodate movement and deflection
  • Help to prevent the build-up of dirt.

With curtain walling, you have the choice when it comes to the aesthetics of your building.  

Let the experts at Crucial Engineering help you make the right choice and the most informed decisions.

Why Crucial Engineering?

We offer the full package!

From the design stage, through to manufacturing the systems and structures, to installing these perfectly, our team are experts and professionals across all levels and through all stages of the process.

With you every step of the way.

All our systems are tried and tested too, providing you with the quality assurance you deserve – we don’t do short cuts, and we don’t do second best.

We also operate a fair and open pricing policy.  Extremely competitive, we won’t be beat on price, and there are no hidden extras at the end.

Our curtain walling systems are also compatible with aluminium doors and windows as well as roof systems and more.  Providing peace of mind that the structure of your building is not required to change, as we can make changes to suit your overall structure.

We also provide you with:

  • Complete design freedom – allowing us to tailor a solution for your exact requirements
  • A full guarantee on all work
  • A glazing solution to suit all window and door systems, curtain walling, façade systems, entrance doors, sliding and folding doors and more!

Call our team on 03451 930 420; we’d be happy to help!

Choosing the right system

There are two systems to consider when thinking about your curtain walling unit; a stick system, and a unitised system.

The stick system is where the structure is installed piece by piece, with the glazing being inserted into the frame.

The unitised system is where the structure is pre-fabricated in modules.

From a quality control perspective, the unitised system is slightly better. Mainly because it can be checked at each stage of the process starting with the manufacturing, so any quality issues can be ironed out here, before it is ready to be supplied and fitted.

Because the unitised system also comes as a complete unit, it is also quicker to install, causing the least disruption for you.

Are you looking for a change?

Maybe you would like to increase your security or protect the inside of your building from the harsh external elements?

Curtain walling could be for you.

Tailored and bespoke, curtain walling can be designed specifically to your requirements.

Made up of a lightweight aluminium frame, you can choose whether to have glazed or opaque infill panels fixed helping to clearly distinguish between internal and external walls.

If you would like any advice or information when it comes to curtain walling, contact our team of aluminium specialists at Crucial Engineering, we’d be happy to help!

Crucial Engineering maintenance agreement. Here for you 24/7 365 days a year.


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