Aluminium windows and doors are rapidly growing in popularity in commercial and residential properties up and down the country. 

Allowing you to receive maximum light due to the slimline frames, upgrading the look and feel of your home making it stylish and modern in appearance, as well as aluminium now being available in any colour you require, what’s not to like! 

Aluminium doors and windows also require less maintenance than wood for example, which needs repainting and touching up for it to remain looking good and to avoid rotting. Aluminium is free from all of this, resistant from corrosion, choosing aluminium means unlike wood and even steel windows and doors, aluminium doesn’t need repainting or protected in any way. 

In this post, Aluminium doors and windows – The Facts, we look at the features of aluminium doors and what makes them stand out, as well as some facts you should know before making your decision.

Aluminium doors and windows - the facts

Aluminium Fabrication 

Aluminium fabrication is the process of bending, shaping, cutting, drilling, etc. the aluminium which has been extracted to make it exactly how it is required. 

In this sense, your windows and doors can certainly be made to measure. This first point is also an important one. As aluminium entrance doors and windows are made to measure, and because of the robustness of the metal, the frames fit tightly within their position as well as hold the glass in place securely, meaning there is less chance of air escaping or wind whistling through the gaps! 

Aluminium can also be customised during the fabrication process too. Not only to suit any shape or size but also to suit any colour theme or style you require. Aluminium is painted with RAL colours (the colour matching system) which come in all variances of hues. Unlike wood, you don’t need to keep painting aluminium to stay on top of them, and you have a wide variety of colours to choose from, unlike UPVC which is only available in limited, already pre-selected, colours. 

Aluminium doors and windows can also save you energy making you more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. With windows that are designed to promote a minimal production of carbon dioxide in gas heated homes, you can save on your energy costs by at least 30% — promoting a cleaner and healthier environment all around. 

Aluminium fabrications like windows and doors are also renowned for offering the best insulation to homes and businesses, so you will often find an increase in thermal performance too. 

When choosing UPVC windows, it’s important to note that this type of material does expand and contract due to changes in temperature and this does ultimately impact on the overall fit of the window and door in question. It can make opening and closing windows and doors difficult and it can also lead to problems with broken seals around the frames themselves. 

With aluminium this problem is obsolete. Obsolete as aluminium is not prone to expanding or contracting due to temperature changes, making it extremely stable and robust, putting your mind at rest that once fitted, no further problems or maintenance issues should arise. 

Aluminium is also 100% recyclable and uses less energy to manufacture, all without taking anything away from its quality and numerous benefits.

Versatile and flexible Aluminium is the metal of choice for many architectural designs. Soft but strong this metal is perfect to work with and incorporate into everyday products found in the home. Plus added to this the range of colours aluminium can now be powder coated in, aluminium windows and entrance doors for businesses can be designed to suit any shape or form! 

If you’re looking for traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, stylish or something completely unique – check out aluminium fabricated doors and windows, available to meet all specifications. 

Safety and security in the home is everyone’s top priority, and when it comes to choosing suitable windows and doors, it is also of high consideration. With aluminium frames, you have several options to help upgrade your security. Things such as internally glazing your windows to make it difficult for break-ins to occur, hinge protectors and even shoot bolt locks can be added. Speak with the aluminium fabricators at the time of manufacturing to make sure your requirements can be met. 

Last but certainly by no means least, aluminium doors and windows are durable. As we’ve mentioned, they’re rust and corrosion free, and they won’t swell, crack or rot like UPVC or wood over time.

Long last and hard-wearing, aluminium is also much more cost-effective in the long run. 

For affordable, cost-effective solutions, perfectly fitted aluminium fabricated windows and doors, look no further than Crucial Engineering, the premier fabricator in Leeds. 

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