Curtain walling systems are used throughout properties nowadays, but you may not know that they first appeared in a different form back in Medieval times. Of course, curtain walling systems have come on leaps and bounds since that time, with more modern techniques and designs used to create the most effective option for consumers.  

Today we are going to take a look at the evolution of curtain walling systems in the UK throughout the years. Find out more about this solution for your property, which can offer cost-saving and health benefits to users.

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The Evolution of Curtain Walling Systems Then and Now

Medieval Times

Dating back to Medieval times, curtain walls were originally introduced to castles. They surrounded the inside of a castle and were mainly considered to be a form of protection for the residents and goods stored within the walls. For a robust defence solution, the curtain walls connected to the towers.

At this time, different materials were used than we see today, such as wood and earth mounds. The material choices then progressed to include steel, bricks and stone, which offered a stronger and more rigid option for curtain walling UK. Nowadays, we mainly see aluminium curtain walling systems, but this development didn’t occur until well past their initial introduction and use.

Moving into the 20th Century

By the middle of the 20th century, curtain walling became much lighter by using glass. With the completion of buildings such as the Empire State Building, new construction methods were being tested and used around the world. More lightweight materials offered stylish construction methods, which led to aluminium being introduced into curtain walling systems. In the 1930s, this material was easier to access and far less expensive than before, so it became a realistic solution for curtain walling systems. Steel and brick were on their way out at this point, to be replaced with the aluminium material that is still used by a curtain walling contractor today. 

Modern Day Curtain Walling Systems UK 

As with many industries, curtain walling systems have continued to develop over time, to keep up with modern expectations for these systems. Aluminium is easy to access, and other alloys are appearing on the market and changing the way in which vehicles and buildings are constructed. These new options offer many benefits and are strong and versatile for use within building work. The design of curtain walls has become more efficient over the years, with an improved appearance to suit any building’s décor. More attention has also been given to their environmental benefits, and with new materials constantly being researched and tested, this should only improve as time goes on. 

Benefits of Curtain Walling Systems 

Curtain walling systems offer many benefits, which is why they are still incredibly popular today. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to enjoy natural light as much as possible, offering property owners reduced electricity bills in the long run. The natural light spreads much further into your property, offering a more pleasant living and working space. There is also an aesthetic appeal of curtain walling systems, which can offer a unique look and feel to any building from the inside and out. Users will enjoy complete protection from the weather outside without obstructing the look and feel of their property. It’s almost as if the inside and outside environments merge into one, with no wind or rain entering indoors. 

Property developers often consider how their new development will fit into the already existing environment, and curtain walling systems can help with this. Larger buildings were often considered to be eyesores when first built, but curtain walling systems can completely transform the look of a new building for those on the inside and outside. They allow a new property to fit into the local area much more easily and connect the new residents with the outside area. With more people living in smaller apartments and flats nowadays, they can still enjoy plenty of natural light even without a garden or balcony of their own. As well as being added to new projects, curtain walling systems are also often added to older buildings for protection while still keeping their original features intact. 

If you are considering curtain walling systems in the UK, Crucial Engineering can offer you aluminium curtain walling to create your desired aesthetic for any new property. Whether you are designing a new building or modernising a current one, Crucial Engineering and their team of professional curtain walling contractors are here to help.  With many years of experience, they understand the benefits curtain walling systems offer to users and the modern look and feel they can create. With so many developments to curtain walling systems since Medieval times, it’s no surprise this design solution has remained one of the most popular options with property developers to this day. 

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