Aluminium fabrication has come a long way since the 1980s. So much so, that the material itself is now used for several different products across different sectors. However, most notably it is now the material of choice and most popular with commercial building projects. 

At Crucial Engineering, we boast about how good aluminium windows and doors are, and below we want to highlight some of the main benefits, helping to provide you with a clearer picture is to why commercial builders choose aluminium, and about just how good aluminium is! 

Why commercial builders choose aluminium

Aluminium fabricated doors and windows – The Benefits 

Aluminium is known for being a solid material, yet ultra-light to manoeuvre.  Being extremely strong is the first benefit of this material because due to its strength more glass can be placed inside the frames without the need to increase the thickness or bulkiness of the casement.  Aluminium is strong and sturdy enough to hold everything within its lightweight frame, letting in more light, making living spaces seem brighter, more natural-looking, and it can also help to conserve energy due to the increase in natural light coming through. 

Aluminium for commercial builders offers minimal movement.  All products, especially windows and doors are known to expand and contract due to fluctuations in temperature.  However, aluminium does not have this level of movement, as it is not as easily affected by temperature changes, making it much more stable than UPVC or wood, which tend to twist and warp.  Making aluminium the perfect solution for lift and slide doors.

Aluminium fabricated doors and windows have a choice of colour finishes.  With most aluminium fabricators being able to powder coat the aluminium frame to any colour you like.  Matching with your home, business coloursetc in an instant, the hard-wearing finish that this process provides means less maintenance over time, as unlike wood it will never need repainting! 

Increase in thermal performance!  That’s right; aluminium is no longer the cold, condensation building, material it once was.  With advances in technology, aluminium is now one of the best sources of insulated windows and doors, allowing homeowners and business to reduce their energy consumption over the years. 

Aluminium is environmentally friendly.  Aluminium is 100% recyclable, and due to its increased insulation properties, it is also much more energy efficient.  Recycling aluminium also requires just 5% of the initial energy used to create it! 

Slimline frames are available with aluminium.  No longer do we want big bulky frames to hold our windows and doors in place, especially on sliding and bi-folding doors.  With aluminium fabrication, frames are much sleeker and more contemporary in style, and currently, are the most modern window material on the market.  Making aluminium an excellent choice for commercial builders working on modern living developments, helping to add a smart finish with a modern edge. 

Aluminium lasts longer.  Aluminium can offer your windows and doors a better lifespan, as they’re known for avoiding rust, they don’t rot or bend and they’re incredibly stable.  The life expectancy of aluminium windows and doors is around 45 years, offering exceptional style and performance for years to come! 

Most aluminium fabricators in the UK can mould and shape aluminium to suit any window style.  From straightforward casements to tilt and turns or sliding sashes, at Crucial Engineering, we offer it all. 

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Increased levels of security.  The robustness of aluminium means it can offer a much more superior strength when compared to other materials.  The latest and most appropriate, top quality, multi-point locking mechanisms can also be fitted to all windows and doors installed. 

With precise manufacturing, making products made to order, check out Crucial Engineering’s full range of high-quality aluminium products and services.  As one of the top aluminium fabricators in the UK, Crucial Engineering has worked with many commercial builders over the years, offering the full package when it comes to design, manufacturing, and installation. 

No matter the size, scale of style you’re looking for, choose to work with the aluminium specialists, Crucial Engineering. 

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