Aluminium doors vs. composite doors – The ultimate door debate

Aluminium Entrance Doors vs. Composite Doors Which is the best for Winter Changing or upgrading your entrance doors can help to improve the look and feel of your home instantly.  It can also help you to upgrade your security as well as look, opting for different styles and types of doors available. 

Entrance doors are often the first part of your home that visitors or passers-by will see as well as come into contact with. So, you want to make a good impression, something that stands out, screams style, sophistication, traditional or modern; overall something that sits well with the rest of your house and provides a high level of security. 

In this sense, choosing the right door is essential, and with the popularity of aluminium entrance doors and composite doors increasing over recent years (it helps that both are great at retaining heat and offer fantastic strengthening qualities), the debate as to which one is best is most certainly on! 

But which material offers you the most benefits when it comes to keeping the warmth in and unwanted visitors out?  We’ve provided a few points below to take into consideration. 

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 Aluminium windows and doors 

Kick-starting the debate is thermal efficiency.  Advances in aluminium fabrication have allowed for thermal breaks or thermal barriers to now be incorporated into the construction of aluminium bifold doors or sliding doors for example, during the manufacturing process. 

These breaks and barriers combined have enabled aluminium windows and doors to become much more proactive in stopping conductive thermal energy loss as a non-conductive barrier is placed between the inner and outer aluminium panels. 

For all composite also offers high energy efficiency with these elements built into aluminium there is no question that aluminium doors and windows can save you money on your future energy bills. 

Aluminium is also lightweight, and frames are slimline in style.  The metal is renowned for being incredibly strong, but in comparison, it is also lightweight and easy to transport.  Aluminium is strong enough to hold a considerable amount of weight, allowing for both double or triple glazing to be used within the design, without compromising on security or the thickness of the unit. 

This ultimately makes aluminium frames much lighter and slimmer than composite doors, AND aluminium is also much less likely to warp and twist over time – a factor which needs to be taken into consideration if using other metals. 

A big selling feature of aluminium bifold and sliding doors is that compared to composite doors, aluminium can last up to 10-15 years longer!  Lasting around 45 years, aluminium windows and doors are also low maintenance and offer you a stress-free door life! 

Aluminium is also versatile and flexible.  Manufactured 30% bigger than composite doors, aluminium can provide endless possibilities when it comes to manufacturing and designing creative and unique entrance door designs and styles. 

Contemporary and modern in design, traditional looks can also be created, all by using the process of aluminium fabrication, meeting intricate designs, shapes and styles all with ease. 

When it comes to the environment, it’s important to note that not all composite doors can be recycled, unlike aluminium which is 100% recyclable 

It’s time to make a statement with aluminium 

Aluminium has a lot to offer customers, a lot.  It’s not always peoples first thought as aluminium back 20, 30 years ago was seen as a cold, very functional metal, that didn’t offer the stylish elements that composite doors could. 

But not anymore. 

Now, aluminium is considered: 

  • Strong and stable, able to resist force for entry much better than UPVC, wood or composite! 
  • Customisable, as any look and style can now be created.  Using computer-controlled machinery, much more can be manufactured from aluminium, from curves to squares, complex shapes and more. 
  • Hard wearing and long lasting!  A big bonus if you’re looking for doors and windows that require very little maintenance. 
  • Flexible.  With aluminium, you now have a range of colour preferences, with a door that will look good for over 20 years.  Compared to composite doors which shouldn’t be produced in dark colours as they tend to distort badly. 
  • Slimline, holding double and even triple glazing without bulking out the frame.  Aluminium can be manufactured 30% bigger than composite. 
  • Environmentally friendly.  Aluminium can be reused many times over, for example, what was once a front door could one day be part of an aircraft or even a laptop computer.

Aluminium fabrication specialists, Crucial Engineering 

At Crucial Engineering we know aluminium.  We know the benefits that this metal can provide, and we know when it comes to aluminium sliding doors, bi-fold doors and windows throughout your home, there is no better choice than aluminium. 

If you would like further information or find out more about our products and services call us on 03451 930 420, we’re happy to help. 



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