…there are loads! 

Aluminium might be the new material around, but trust us, it certainly has a lot to offer! 

A material that not only provides shop owners with a whole host of security benefits but today aluminium is also now extremely aesthetically pleasing – if we’re honest, it’s manufactured to meet your exact requirements. 

As a business, we understand that price is everything.  Of course, you don’t want something looking cheap and unwelcoming, but then again, you don’t want to feel like you have to take a second mortgage out just for a new shopfront! 

The solution?  Aluminium! 

There arent many benefits to aluminium shopfronts

Don’t let the sleek look of aluminium shutters fool you; compared to some of their counterpart’s aluminium can be extremely cost-effective.  Meaning store owners can now get expensive-looking shopfronts all at much lower prices.
Image is everything, especially to your customers.  And your shopfront can either welcome people in with open arms or have them turning away and heading for your nearest competitor.
This is where an aluminium shopfront provides you with the advantage, the cutting edge.
Aluminium is very sleek, shiny, and offers a reflective look that adds a great finishing touch and is proven to attract more customers.

Another aluminium shopfront benefit is that aluminium is extremely strong, providing close to the same strength as steel.  However, it is much, much lighter – 25% lighter, to be exact!

Due to the material’s strength, aluminium shopfronts help keep premises safe and secure, providing you with peace of mind that your shop is continuously protected.  However, due to their lightweight nature, they’re also easy to operate and manoeuvre, making the roller shutters flexible and easy for owners and employees to use.
Due to their durability, shop owners can also save money in the long run.


Because shop owners with aluminium shopfront doors do experience less damage, hence fewer repairs, and maintenance costs.

This is supported further because aluminium is also non-corrosive.  Lasting you a considerable length of time, no longer do you have to worry about the expense of replacing your storefront on a regular basis.

For shopfitters, aluminium is also easy and pretty straightforward to install. Due to the lightweight material, aluminium is easy to handle and move into the perfect position.

This means having your shopfront fitted out doesn’t have to take a long time, disrupting your business and stopping you from trading.

For those eco-friendly among us (we hope this applies to everyone), it’s good to know that aluminium is 100% recyclable, making it extremely eco-friendly.

Also, just because it’s been recycled doesn’t mean you should underestimate its strength.  Aluminium will still provide the same high level of strength again and again – so you can keep the benefit of strength while also keeping your carbon footprint low.

Aluminium is also versatile enough to be customised to suit a variety of shopfronts in Leeds.   This means you can have your aluminium shopfront moulded to fit whatever shape and space you’re working with.
This benefit can lead to some amazing designs, helping to support your business’s image and brand.  Going through the fabrication process, your shopfront can have the modern look and appeal without any unsightly joints!

Aluminium storefronts can also help with energy savings, as their overall thermal performance is second to none – especially when coupled with high-quality glass.  Helping to lower heating bills (it’s reported that heat loss and heat gain is reduced by 60% with aluminium frames) so you can invest your money in other business areas.

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Quickfire benefits of aluminium shopfronts

As well as those mentioned above, aluminium shopfronts:

  • Can withstand even the most adverse of weather conditions.
  • Last, approximately 20 years if well maintained.
  • Can be resprayed overtime to any colour of your liking.

Don’t warp, swell, or crack like PVC or wood!
Flexible in design, with professional manufacturers and installers on hand, Crucial Engineering work with a range of retail units, commercial entrances, and shopping centres.

Our team of aluminium experts will visit your site, take all measurements, and cut and manufacture everything to size and specifications.
For us, aluminium is the perfect option if you’re looking for a standout, robust, feature material.

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