Industrial Automatic Barriers

Crucial are experts in automatic solutions for several industries. In many business premises, automatic barriers make up an essential part of controlling safety and the incoming and outgoing traffic to their sites. Here at Crucial, we help create improved security for our clients, making sure that we select the best solution for their business site and needs.

We take pride in maintaining exceptionally high standards, backed by an award-winning team of engineers. For the supply, installation and maintenance of automatic barriers, Crucial have got your back.

Automatic Barriers – keeping people, places and goods safe

Installing automatic barriers within a business is usually a significant investment. Ensuring you pick the right solution means considering your requirements carefully and researching your supplier well. An automatic barrier can provide varying levels of security, depending on the solution chosen.

Some businesses may only require low key, easy to maintain barrier systems and others may need much more complex access control. Automatic barriers are used widely across public and private sites. Some sites operate with numerous access control points in a variety of places, for several factors such as the level of security required, height restrictions, video footage, traffic control and vehicle tracking.

An automatic barrier creates safety without the requirement for security personnel and aids the day-to-day flow of a business.

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Crucial Commercial automatic barriers

They are strong and durable

Crucial supply automatic barriers that are built to last. We use materials that are time tested and that we trust. Once installed, our automatic barriers require little to no maintenance and are incredibly durable. Their innate strength prevents vehicles from accessing restricted areas, creating long lasting security for any site.

High level security

For starters, automatic barriers create a visible, physical restriction – an instant deterrent for potential criminal activity. Barrier systems can be customised to meet the individual needs of a business with additions such as magnetic locking systems, LED’s, tip support rests and safety sensing edges, amongst others. It is common for barriers to be equipped with security code access, remote control entry and voice intercoms. Automatic barriers provide 24hr security, even if there is no one working on site.

Aid in controlling traffic

For many businesses, controlling the vehicles and products entering or leaving the premises is an essential part of their logistics. For example, automatic barriers provide the ability to track when a goods vehicle has arrived or departed. For some companies, this allows them to notify and update customers of deliveries and product availability. Another scenario is where there are high volumes of vehicles entering and departing a premises, such as a town centre car park, and controlling the flow is essential to the safety of patrons

Documenting and reporting

Keeping a record of all personnel and vehicles that enter and leave premises is made easier with the installation of automatic barriers. With the addition of code or card access control, video capture and/or an intercom, a barrier arm can help businesses keep accurate reports where required.

Common places to find automatic barriers

Public Car Parks

Car parks are one of the most common places where you’ll find automatic barriers. Some will operate a ticketing system; others will have coin tokens. In a pay and display car park, you might find an automatic barrier that can be programmed to close at a set time, once the car park is shut. Automatic barriers control the flow of traffic within the car park, with entry access remaining closed when the car park becomes full.

Construction Sites

Often with a frequent flow of heavy-duty vehicles coming and going and stringent safety regulations to adhere to, the utilisation of automatic barriers on construction sites, provide a level of security for both workers and the business to ensure that everyone who enters is authorised and compliant. Barriers can be used at various checkpoints throughout a site to work in sync to ensure a super high level of security.

Educational Settings

With differing security requirements, educational settings will operate automatic barriers to ensure that any vehicles entering the premises have permission to be there or park. This prevents car parks being used by people who are just looking for spaces, leaving no room for staff or visitors to the setting.

Business parks and Industrial Estates

Usually, there are multiple businesses all operating in one place, on these types of sites and it’s common for there to be a landowner. Implementing an automatic barrier system protects parking spaces intended for staff of each business. Having access cards that operate the barriers means that no personnel are required for the smooth running of the car park and businesses are more secure.

Why choose Crucial?

At Crucial, we understand that your business’s needs are unique, and we will work closely with you to make those important decisions about the safety of your premises, goods and staff. With expert presales advice, you can feel confident when investing in your automatic barrier systems with us, which are then installed and maintained by our specialist team who ensure total compliance with safety laws and regulations. And with a host of happy customers under our belts, you don’t need to just take our word for it!

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