For some businesses, controlling and protecting the premises environment is not solely about security but can be critical to what the premises is actually being used for as well. For example, controlling the ambience of the environment is essential for some manufacturing processes, particularly in food and chemical processing. However, this is just one example in a sea of many. High-speed doors are designed to provide rapid and efficient access while maintaining environmental control and safety for various types of businesses. Sometimes called fast acting doors or rapid roll doors, here we have a look at some different types of these high-speed doors and some of the features and advantages they offer.

Folding High-Speed Doors

  • Folding doors consist of multiple, interconnected panels that fold and unfold in a concertina, fan like motion during operation. They can either be single stack (slide to one side) or bi-folding (split in two, open in the centre and fold outwards).
  • Requiring minimal space, folding doors are ideal for areas with limited headroom or side space.
  • They are usually fabricated out of steel or aluminium, and can come with the option of windows in them, which mean they provide natural light for environments that require it.
  • Whilst not the very fastest on the market, these doors are ideal in some settings and offer rapid cycle times, allowing for efficient traffic flow.
  • The flexible panels of folding doors absorb sound, reducing noise transfer between different areas of a warehouse or business. This can be particularly important for premises that have a front and back of house type operation.
  • These type of fast acting doors often incorporate safety sensors and emergency stop mechanisms to enhance safety.

Sectional High-Speed Doors

  • Sectional doors are composed of multiple horizontal panels that move upwards vertically on tracks. They are usually made from galvanised steel or aluminium and can also be fitted with windows to allow in natural light.
  • Because sectional doors move vertically, they allow for better use of available space compared to traditional swing-out or folding doors. This is essential for some business where utilising every inch of space is key such as storage facilities and where vehicles are required to reverse in for deliveries and collections.
  • Sectional high-speed doors offer superior insulation properties, contributing to temperature control and energy efficiency. On top of this, they can be excellent for fire rated options to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke.
  • These doors are designed to withstand strong winds, making them ideal for exterior applications or for locations where frequent adverse weather conditions are a concern.
  • Sectional overhead doors can be tailored to specific requirements, such as size, colour, and window options. These types of high speed doors offer a wider range of aesthetic finishes than roller shutters, despite similar space saving profiles.

Roll-Up High-Speed Doors

  • Rapid roll doors consist of a flexible curtain panels or slats that roll up and down around themselves. They are most commonly used in industrial settings and warehouses.
  • As their name suggests, rapid roll doors can open and close super-fast which allows for high-speed traffic flow and keeps a tight control over both temperature and security.
  • As mentioned above, the fast operation of rapid roll doors minimises air exchange between different areas within a business premises which in turn reduces energy loss and maintains temperature control.
  • Dust and debris can be a huge concern for some types of manufacturing. The speed of a rapid roll door can help reduce the risk of contamination where opening and closing is required multiple times throughout a working day.
  • These doors are manufactured to withstand frequent use and harsh environments which helps ensure long-term reliability and value for money.
  • Businesses have the option of including safety sensors and auto-reversing mechanisms with their installation of rapid roll doors which helps to prevent accidents and damage.

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