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The Best in Automatic Car Parking Barriers

Highly effective : 100% visible : Easy to operate 

Automatic car park barriers from Crucial Engineering Ltd offer you nothing but highly effective, 100% safe, security systems. 

  • Are you looking to provide safe and secure pedestrian access? 
  • Are you looking to keep restricted areas restricted? 
  • Do you want to ensure that you comply 100% with all safety laws and regulations? 

Crucial Engineering can help! 

Providing you with complete control, and suitable for a variety of different vehicles and sites, Crucial Engineering provide traffic and car park barrier systems to meet your precise specifications and requirements. 

All of which are guaranteed to comply with health and safety legislation and law.  And all of which are extremely cost-effective. 

Automatic Car Parking Barrier Use 

Automatic traffic barriers are ideal for: 

  • Construction/building site access 
  • Factory entrances 
  • Car parking barriers 
  • Secure commercial premises 
  • Shopping centres 
  • And much more! 

How to Choose the Best Car Park Barrier for You 

When choosing the right car park security barrier for your site, there are several factors to take into consideration. 

For example, what type of vehicles and traffic currently pass through? Does the volume of traffic vary throughout the day? What are the busy, quiet periods? What types of vehicles pass through i.e., cars or motorcycles, or lorries and vans, etc.? 

You also need to consider the type of premises you’re working on. Is it public or private land, a residential or commercial area, or a new construction site, etc.? 

Taking into account all aspects and knowing your site allows us to provide you with the perfect traffic barrier for you. 

Why use an automated car park barrier? 

Do you need to control traffic flow safely, prevent unauthorized vehicles from accessing the site, stop unauthorized personnel from accessing restricted areas, etc.? 

Assessing your site and understanding what you need to keep people and property safe and secure is vital in deciding on the best and most suitable traffic barrier for you. 

The team at Crucial Engineering Ltd would recommend that on all automatic barriers used for entrance ways, a raised stop sign is also fitted. This allows drivers to see the boom from their cab with ease when it is in the down (closed) position. This can be critical as the cabs in heavy vehicles such as trucks, and delivery vehicles can often be higher than the barriers boom. 

Car park barriers are also referred to as: 

  • Barrier gates 
  • Rising arm barrier 
  • Rising barrier 
  • Barrier arm 
  • Automatic barriers 

Automatic Barriers from Crucial Engineering Ltd

 If you have an entrance that is currently unmanned and you want to increase security and meet the health and safety requirements necessary for site access, let us help. 

We can supply and install dual height posts with card readers, suitable for both car and lorry heights. Allowing authorized vehicles easy access and offering you much more automatic traffic management control providing you with peace of mind that once a vehicle has entered or left the site, the barrier will safely close behind them. 

Rising arm barriers from Crucial Engineering are not only cost-effective, but they’re easy to install and easy to maintain. They’re also held in place using reliable and robust materials, minimizing maintenance and service charges, and providing an aesthetic appeal that is resistant to many corrosive environments. 

Most popular barriers 

The most prevalent barrier within our range is that of the Digital Brushless Motor. 

Offering the best in innovative technology. This particular barrier doesn’t have traditional relays and has built into its MOSFET quadrant system and control technology, a DSP microcontroller. This microcontroller represents a new generation of electronic cards that have been innovatively designed to safely handle every type of card and automatic movement through the barrier. 

Brushless digital technology has allowed for speed and acceleration; all carried out with perfectly elegant movements. 

Providing a constant force and torque at all points with the option of varying the speed depending on your requirements, you can manage these barriers while maintaining a high level of safety at all times. 

With a motor that operates at low voltage, brushless barriers are extremely low on energy consumption and work well in environments with extremely demanding weather conditions and absorption levels.  

The creation of the brushless motor has one main goal: To operate efficiently and effectively, regardless of how many operations the engine performs in a day. Due to its unique design, and because of this primary goal, the motor itself is always designed to stay cold or when it is working at its maximum capacity; it would at most reach the outside ambient temperature. 

With automated barriers by Crucial Engineering, you don’t need to worry about power failures as with both internal and external batteries and the associated battery charging card used; your automated barrier systems will continue to work for a considerable time during power cuts. 

Crucial Engineering offers the best automatic barrier solutions to suit all requirements, all at the most competitive prices. 

Crucial Engineering maintenance agreement. Here for you 24/7 365 days a year.


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York, UK
Selby YO8, UK
Goole, UK
Doncaster, UK
Hull, UK
Lancaster, UK
Harrogate, UK
Blackpool, UK
Preston, UK
Blackburn, UK
Burnley, UK
Halifax, UK
Leeds, UK
Southport, UK
Chorley, UK
Huddersfield, UK
Rochdale, UK
Bolton, UK
Wigan, UK
St Helens
St Helens, Saint Helens, UK
Liverpool, UK
Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, UK
Widnes, UK
Runcorn, UK
Sheffield, UK
Rotherham, UK
Manchester, UK
Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, UK
Warrington, UK
Ellesmere Port
Ellesmere Port, UK
Northwich, UK
Macclesfield, UK
Chesterfield, UK
Deeside CH5, UK
Crewe, UK
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Telford, UK
Wolverhampton, UK
Walsall, UK
Tamworth, UK
Birmingham, UK
Solihull, UK
Coventry, UK
Worcester, UK


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