Traffic barriers are a highly effective way to control the flow of traffic on any large industrial site such as factories or construction sites. They provide complete control for all types of vehicles and provide safety and security within any restricted areas. Traffic barriers not only provide highly secure entrances to any premises, they’re also great for use at security checkpoints should they be required once a vehicle has already gained access to the main site.Here we’ve put together the main benefits and uses of automatic barriers:

Benefits of automatic traffic barriers

1. Cost effective

Once installed, automatic barriers usually cost little to maintain and are long lasting. Plus, more cost savings can be made by reducing the need to pay personnel to constantly be present at site entrances. In many instances an effective barrier can literally replace the need to hire staff.

2. High level of security

A really common use of automatic barriers is to provide round the clock security. They’re essentially a physical barrier that prevents any unauthorised vehicles entering your premises. Alongside the barrier it’s also increasingly common to introduce other security measures such as voice intercom and remote control operating. It’s also possible to have a keypad so anyone with a code can easily open the barrier without the need to speak to anyone.

3. Very reliable

Most automatic barriers have very few moving parts which makes them very reliable as there’s little to go wrong. This reduces any burden you might think exists around maintenance or repairs.

Common uses for automatic traffic barriers

When people think of automatic barriers they tend to just think about their use in car parks, but they’re actually very versatile and can be used to meet different needs. So aside from controlling car parks, here’s some uses you may not have considered:

1. Control the flow of traffic

There are many reasons why the flow of traffic will need to be controlled through any business premises or construction site. You might need to simply have control of who enters, or perhaps restrict the number of vehicles that are on site at any time. Plus, if you expect large numbers of vehicles to leave at the same time they can control the flow to avoid accidents.

If you operate multiple traffic barriers within the same premises then they can also be programmed to work in sync to ensure the highest level of safety.

2. Keep a record of who’s entered

Any vehicle passing through your barriers will need to stop for a few moments which is more than enough time for an additional security system to scan the registration or take a picture. There could be many reasons why you specifically need to know who’s entered your site and when they left.

3. Prevent unwanted access

Automatic barriers are fantastic for preventing any unwanted vehicles entering your premises or site. Plus, if there’s a period where you’re not expecting anyone to arrive you can simply set the barrier to be permanently closed. This is great security both in and out of business hours.