When we think of shop front designs, our minds will often drift to very plain, typically grey, robust looking, security, roller shutters. 

These shop front rollers are a necessity to help protect businesses out of hours; however, what more and more business owners are finding is that they’re also a great and additional opportunity to promote your business. 

To let everyone know you’re there and to use a range of different shop front colours to really stand out. 

Aluminium shopfronts are great – and we’re not just saying that because we design and manufacture some of the best storefronts in Leeds – but because it’s true! 

Not only is aluminium extremely strong, helping to keep properties secure, flexible, so it can be fabricated to suit any size, but today, it can also be powder coated to any colour of your choice, matching with your business and your brand perfectly. Your shop, your brand, and your colour choice!

Your shop, your brand, and your colour choice!

Why opt for a colourful shop front? 

It enhances your brand’s presence 

Think about what you want your shop to look like to your customers.  Do they recognise your branding?  Will they know it’s you?  How can you reinforce your message?  How will you stand out, stay in your customer’s minds, and keep them coming back for more? 

It tidies up your storefront 

If your storefront has some scuffs and marks appearing, a fresh lick of paint (so to speak) can work wonders, helping to hide any imperfections.  It also instantly provides your business with a fresh new look and appeal. 

It’s all about the finish 

The finish to any coating can be vital and add the piece of resistance you’re looking for. 

For example, if you want a super shiny styling, we’d recommend you opt for a high gloss coating.  If you want to reduce the overall reflection, then a satin finish or a semi-gloss would work great.  For an industrial finish, a matte option will work best, and if you do opt for a semi-gloss, you can expect a very sleek, glossy appearance, making storefronts look uber-modern. 

Ultimately, you need to understand what you want to achieve with your aluminium shop front design. 

With a range of different shop front colours to choose from, what is your overarching aim? 

Powder coating offers great visual appeal 

But it is also environmentally friendly.  Renowned for being long-lasting, powder coating your shop front helps keep it protected for many years. 

Powder coating works when it is applied to shutters as a dry powder and then baked onto the shutters using heat to bond it to the surface. 

This process provides an extra layer of protection, preventing rust and corrosion from occurring. 

Compared to paint sprays, powder coating uses no volatile organic compounds, and there is less waste, as it can last much longer than standard paint. 

All organisations providing a powder coating service must abide by several health and safety, and environmental guidelines – putting your mind at ease that you are getting the highest quality product and service. 

Powder coating is reliable, safe, and, as we’ve mentioned, long-lasting.  Saving you money and time – the two things we know every business wants more of! 

Whether you’re looking to powder coat your shop front, bi-fold doors, roller shutters, and more, our team will always be happy to help. 

Choosing the right colour for you 

Shopfronts today can be anything but ordinary.  Used to target and attract customers, luring them in and generating more business. 

Things to consider when choosing the right colour for your shop front: 

  • What colours are you currently using, and will they match? 
  • What message or vibe do you want to convey to your customers and potential customers?  This can impact your choice of overall finish, too, so it’s important to note. 
  • Plan your look and think ahead.  Do you have any rebrands planned?  Are you going to change your company colours soon?  What are your plans for the future? 
  • As the saying goes, `only the best is good enough, ` and it’s true.  Your brand and your image are everything, and you most certainly don’t want the look of your shop front, letting you down.  Make sure to check out reviews related to the company you plan to use and ensure quality and excellence come as standard. 

The team at Crucial Engineering are professionals in the design, manufacture, and installation of aluminium shop fronts. 

Our process is all environmentally friendly too – check us out and call us on 03451 930 420 for further information.