Aluminium and just what this material has to offer in terms of style, class, security, and more, has most certainly come to the market with full force. 

Taking on UPVC windows and doors, aluminium entrance doors in the UK, are now seen as uber-stylish, completely modern in look and feel and 100% versatile and durable. 

If you’re thinking of upgrading your entrance door to a smarter looking and more secure solution, read on to find out Crucial Engineering’s reasons to upgrade. 

Reasons to upgrade your entrance doors to Aluminium

Why should you upgrade your entrance doors? 

Some of the general reasons why you should look to upgrade the front door to your home include: 

  1. It can give your home a facelift. Installing a new entrance door can create a whole new look for the front of your house. Providing it with a fresh new look, a buzz and energy can be created all from upgrading to a new style front door. 
  2. Helps to keep the cold out. You may find with older doors that they start to let in draughts or indeed have “cold spots” around the door. With the installation of a new aluminium front door, howling wind spots and draughts coming into your home are no longer a problem. 
  3. Increased security. With a new entrance door, you can have peace of mind that this also comes with the latest multipoint locking systems, stronger panelling, fitted with more robust structures and double or even triple glazing installed. 
  4. Allows you toput your mark on your home. With a choice of styles and colours in aluminium doors, let your personality come to the forefront and make your entrance the focal point of your home. It can also be a positive talking point amongst neighbours and passers-by, making a great first impression. 
  5. It’s a good investment. When looking to upgrade your entrance doors, it’s important not to make any rash decisions.  Weigh all your options carefully, as you want a door that’s ultimate, built to last! Fitted correctly, and by professionals, your new entrance door should keep your home comfortable and well insulated for many years.
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Why you should upgrade to aluminium entrance doors 

  1. They’re strong, solid structures. A little unknown fact is that Aluminium is actually two and a half times stronger than UPVC. It is corrosion-resistant, it doesn’t discolour, and it’s not affected by rotting (like wood), and warping or twisting (like UPVC). Due to its robust structure, aluminium doors are well suited to hold both double and triple glazing helping to deter potential intruders further and providing you with complete peace of mind. 
  2. They’re sustainable. Due to its recyclable properties, aluminium is now vast becoming the metal of choice across many sectors. Completely flexible, the U-Values that aluminium offers today helps homeowners not only reduce their energy bills but also reduce their carbon footprint too! Aluminium also has excellent soundproofing qualities too, making its use for front doors impeccable. 
  3. Offers a more modern look and style. Aluminium front doors come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, styles, and colours, meaning you are a lot less restricted with aluminium in terms of the choices you have available.  
  4. Can help with selling your home. Did you know that upgrading your entrance door can add up to 10% onto your homes overall value? It’s all about appearance and first impressions, even on property! Even if you’re not considering selling, it’s good to know! 
  5. Aluminium doors are cost-effective. Working with professional aluminium door suppliers and installers, you’ll find aluminium to be a cost-effective solution, with a door to suit most budgets. No longer is aluminium priced out of the market, competing with UPVC aluminium is most certainly worth considering. 

At Crucial Engineering, we can help to provide an aluminium door for any style or type of house. What’s more, the team at Crucial Engineering offer a first-class service from the moment you pick up the phone and call us. 

With years of experience, knowledge of a range of different styles and expert fitters on hand, what are you waiting for? 

Upgrade the look of your home today with Crucial Engineering. 

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