Is black the new front door colour of choice?

black aluminium front doorOver the past year to 18months, there has been an increase in the number of customers now requesting black front doors. Black seems to be most certainly back, but is it right for your home? 

With a large selection of front door styles and colours to choose from, opting for the right aluminium front door for you can be a minefield. 

You need to make sure you’ve made the right decision because it’s a door that you’ve got to look at for the rest of your life, or at least until you move, so it’s essential to get it right! 

When it comes to the colour of your front door, the decision will be based on many different factors i.e., choice of door material, the current style of your property, current colours, property features, etc. 

It’s also good to understand that some colours will look better or indeed different on different materials, i.e., you will find a difference in colour between a black composite door and a black aluminium door for example. 

As expert aluminium fabricators, Crucial Engineering works with you to match the colour of your front door perfectly. 

As black is the most popular colour due to the look of sophistication and modern-day edge it offers, in this post, we look at black doors further and why this might also be the right choice for you. 

Popular demand 

Recent research has shown that black front doors are currently the 4th most popular colour choice; however, from Crucial Engineering’s customer base, we believe black doors might still be ranked higher! 

Popular on Georgian townhouses, black doors are seen to offer a very traditional yet timeless look. An almost “goes with everything” feel comes with fitting and installing a black entrance door. 

However, for more practical reasons black is primarily used on listed buildings or those with strict codes placed upon them, as brightly coloured entrance doors can sometimes be seen to detract from the aesthetics of a building, not fit with the style of the house in question, or take away from the character of the property and building entirely. 

If you are replacing the door like for like, then permissions aren’t often required. However, it is always worth checking with landlords or professional fabricators beforehand. 

You will also have to take into consideration the type of entrance door you choose too. For example, on a listed building it will be more common to find a wooden front door rather than a UPVC or aluminium, which offers a much more modern feel, hence would change the aesthetics of the property, which could go against set regulations and codes. 

Following infamous door knocks 

Black doors are also famous! 

It’s true. Take 10 Downing Street, for example. The black front door situated within black bricks is a front-page image that has been seen by billions of people. But, interesting to note, number 10, hasn’t always been black. At one point the famous door actually sported a green colour when Herbert Henry Asquith had his time at number 10! Helping to keep the doors shiny black look of today is aided by the high-gloss paint that it is coated in. 

The fictional home of Sherlock Holmes (221B Baker Street), now home to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, also boasts a black front door which stands out beautifully in Baker Street and against the green exterior of the museum. 

Dating back to 1050 in Westminster Abbey’s black doors. Associated with elegance and power, black helps to portray a feeling of strength and authority, certainly fitting with the history of the Abbey. 

Reasons to choose black front doors 

Apart from being spotted on famous front doors, there are also many other reasons as to why black aluminium front doors, in particular, are growing in popularity. 

  • Add a contemporary look and feel to properties 
  • Can complement home other features, blending in perfectly 
  • work perfectly with grey windows and a black front door, making your home look super stylish and thoroughly modern 
  • Work well with glass windows which let in natural light 
  • Are the perfect fit for all contemporary properties 
  • Easy to maintain. 

Working with the best aluminium fabricators in Yorkshire, Crucial Engineering can provide you with several different styles and finishes for your aluminium front door, all depending on what you require. 

So, if black has you inspired, give us a call on 03451 930 420 and see how we can help you today. 

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