Most homeowners will consider, ‘why you should replace windows and doors with aluminium,’ at some point in their lifetime. Whether you want to upgrade your home, make it more energy-efficient, change the look and style of your windows and doors, or replace a broken window, replacing doors and windows with new can offer it all. 

With aluminium window replacements and aluminium door replacements growing in popularity, this is fast becoming the most favourable option for many new styles and frames. 

Providing homeowners with an array of choice, aluminium is also strong and durable, and because of its long life span, replacing windows and doors does only have to happen once. 

Why you should replace windows and doors with aluminium.

Cost of Aluminium window replacement 

The cost of aluminium windows and doors does vary. However, over recent years the price of this metal has decreased. This makes it much more affordable and on par with its UPVC counterpart, hence also the spiked increase in popularity. 

Usually, included in the price of aluminium door and window installation will be the product itself, i.e., the glass, the frame, all flashings, and trims, well as the labour charges to install the window/door. 

However, what won’t be included in the price, is the cost to create the opening itself (if there isn’t already a window or door there), any interior moulding required after installation, or any curtains or blinds, etc. 

Due to the wide selection of different types of aluminium doors and windows available, this means, for homeowners’ prices will vary depending on choice and situation. It’s worth speaking with a professional supplier and installer for exact prices and costs before you begin. 


We’ve mentioned throughout this post that opting for aluminium window replacements or indeed an aluminium door replacement can provide you with a wide range of benefits and indeed choices. 

These can include things such as: 

  • Aluminium clad windows. These specific windows are made from wood, with the frames then covered in a thin aluminium sheet.  This type of window frame is extremely popular, as homeowners can create a beautiful wood finish on the inside, with a weather-resistant, and more durable finish on the outside. 
  • Opening style. You can also choose different ways you would like your window to open i.e., single hung, aluminium casement, sliding, double-hung, fixed, and much more. 
  • Customised windows to suit. Aluminium can be bent and moulded by aluminium fabrication Leeds specialists, to create a truly customisable window, suitable for any space. 
  • Available in any colour and finish, such as tough anodized or bakedon, for example. 
  • Aluminium windows and doors also provide exceptional thermal efficiency. 

Replacing older style windows 

Replacing older looking and style windows with more modern and fresh aluminium windows and doors can instantly transform the look of your property. 

For example, if your home has original steel windows, but they aren’t energy efficient, they left draughts in, and if you’re honest they aren’t entirely secure… 

Fear not… 

Aluminium doors and windows can be the perfect replacement. 

Available in innovative steel replacement designs, you can now choose aluminium frames that are much slimmer to help reflect the thin lines of the original windows better. 

They also offer increased security and better overall energy efficiency for your home. 

An excellent solution for older properties and even properties with planning restraints against them.  Where aluminium can be seen as in keeping with the look and style of the original building. 

Ultimately providing, traditional-looking windows with all the benefits of modern aluminium double glazing! 

Advantages and Disadvantages of replacement aluminium windows and doors 


  • Maintenancefree 
  • Can withstand harsh external elements 
  • Lightweight 
  • Clean and modern in look and style 
  • Restrict noise 
  • Slimline frames compared to UPVC 
  • Can be recycled 
  • Energy efficient 


  • Paint can chip 
  • Can pit, fade or create condensation over time 
  • Must be lubricated regularly 

Ultimately, if you’re looking to replace your aluminium windows and doors and upgrade to a higher quality, make sure to call the team at Crucial Engineering and see how we can help you today. 

As specialist aluminium fabricators in Leeds, we have many years’ experience working with and installing aluminium windows and doors.  We’re also extremely confident that we can provide you with the best and most cost-effective solutions for your home, always. 

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