There are many ways to secure a property, and the most obvious one is a door with a lock and key. But what is a roller shutter door and is it suited for your property? Let’s put the shutters up and find out! 

A roller shutter door is a vertical rolling door usually constructed from aluminium or steel slats. The horizontal slats, which function as a steel curtain, form the main body of the door whilst the side guides assist in rolling the slats around a barrel for easy winding up and down. 

What is a roller shutter door. The complete guide on selecting the perfect roller shutter door for your property

Operating a roller shutter door 

If you select a more advanced door (albeit a bit pricy), it can be operated by remote control – making the process of opening up and shutting down fully automatic! The most common type of roller shutters works with an electric key, making the entire process super-easy and secure. Of course, opening and closing manually are possible in case there is a power failure. 

To understand whether a roller shutter door is the right type of door for your property, it is worth looking at why roller doors stand out from conventional doors.  

What are the advantages of a roller shutter door? 

Due to how roller shutters are constructed and operate, they are far more secure and have multiple benefits when compared with conventional doors in many aspects. To name a few: 

  • Security: roller shutters have earned a reputation for providing stringent safety and protection from vandalism and theft. The fully sealed doors also act as a deterrent as potential intruders cannot see what’s inside. Therefore, it minimises the risk of a break-in to your property. Also, roller shutters enhance the privacy of the occupants and contents, making it ideal for commercial and residential properties. 
  • Longevity: compared to most conventional doors, roller shutters are far more durable, which makes it a worthwhile investment to any property. The galvanised steel construction makes these doors capable of giving protection against even the most serve forced entries. Generally, the robust built provides unparalleled protection from the elements like hail, sleet, wind and rain. 
  • Modern look: Having a roller shutter door enhances the property value and appearance without disturbing the existing outer décor. If you are installing as part of a shop front, the horizontal slats of the door can be punched or perforated so that your customers can see the products inside whilst at the same time making everything completely secure. You may have different door types available if your property has curtain walling as part of its external structure. 
  • Manufacturers construct roller shutter doors to custom sizes giving you ample flexibility to plan the property space and appearance. More importantly, you can select any colour of your choice to match with your existing branding and decoration theme. 
  • Protection from fire: Most commonly manufactured roller shutter doors are certified to protect from the fire up to four hours. This feature makes making fire safety plans a whole lot easier and provides better protection from the spread of fire. 

Would a roller shutter door be suitable for my property? 

A relatively straightforward question, yet sadly has no simple answer. In short –it depends. Let’s break it down and see what property types can benefit from roller doors so that you can make the right decision. 

A roller shutter door can provide enhanced protection for three main property types, namely –domestic, commercial, and industrial. 

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Domestic use of roller shutter doors 

In a domestic setting, a roller door functions as an insulator and noise-cancelling unit in addition to its primary purpose of securing the property. During the summer, the insulated door helps keep the heat at bay whilst in winter the insulation works in reverse by stopping the interior heat from escaping. Depending on the model of the door, you can reduce your home’s CO2 emissions by significantly reducing the which heat escape. In return, you could benefit from reduced energy bills, too!  

With its thermal and noise-cancelling options, homes can benefit from roller doors by having them installed as: 

  • Garage doors 
  • Window shutters and  
  • Exterior doors 

Commercial application 

You may have seen many high street shops with a steel roller door at their entrance. The reason is simple: enhanced security. 

Most commercial properties choose a quality roller door to keep unwelcomed intruders at bay. At the same time, it gives the shop front (or back) a nice, neat finish without disturbing the existing décor. Also, if using as a heightened security measure, it is reassuring to know that the installation of roller doors is possible even after the construction of the property. Of course, they can be installed during the construction, too. These doors are attractive for commercial properties given the increased protection from fire, which is a bonus considering the initial investment. 

The most common type of commercial properties with roller doors are: 

  • High street shops 
  • Offices 
  • Cafes and restaurants 
  • Banks 
  • Schools 
  • Receptions 
  • Bars and clubs 

Roller doors in industrial settings 

Installation can vary depending on the type of industrial setting you have. Therefore, it is highly recommended you consult a professional before purchasing a new door for your site. 

In practice, factories and warehouses use hand chain operated roller doors. Where there are heavier uses, three-phase electric roller doors will apply. For example, loading bays and distribution centres can benefit from fully electric roller shutter doors as the usage is relatively high. 

Some industrial sites that can benefit from roller doors include: 

  • Factories 
  • Car parks 
  • Aircraft hangers 
  • Warehouses 
  • Agricultural processing plants 
  • Distribution centres 
  • Loading bays 

Always remember to prioritise the needs of your property and the measurements when selecting a roller shutter door. The cost largely depends on the type of application and the size of the unit, so you must get this right at the very beginning. No one wants to have a door where it is not suited for the intended purpose or type of property. There are expert suppliers and skilful installers across the UK who can guide you in selecting the perfect roller door for your specific needs. Just reach out to them! 

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