When looking at new doors and windows for your home, different types of aluminium doors might never have been considered. Not because aluminium isn’t as good compared to wood or UPVC (quite the contrary in fact) but because customers often feel limited when it comes to styles and types of aluminium doors available. 

The good news is, things have changed. Today, you will find a much wider selection and choice of aluminium doors and windows, including a range of colours. 

Trust us – there is a window and door style and design suited to everyone, and in this post, we take you through some of the most popular styles and trends in aluminium doors right now. 

Different types of aluminium doors

Aluminium door types trending now! 

Slide and Fold 

These are great doors for home renovations, providing you with the feeling of being outside without actually stepping out. 

Available in a range of configurations, this style of door offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to be creative with where they are placed. 

Providing a feeling of open space, these doors can also let in an abundance of natural light. 

Slide and fold doors are stackable folding doors with multiple panels. Folding doors work by opening the doors and folding them back by their sections/panels. (This is similar to stack away doors, which are ideal for large openings, letting you open up the space to let the great outdoors in. The doors operate by using an overhead sliding track, where the partial opening or closing of the doors can be easily achieved). 

This type of door can help to reinvent your interior living space, as they don’t take up too much room, they open up the space available, and can be head-turning in their design. 

Aluminium Sliding Doors 

Mainly found leading out onto a patio or decked area, where doors can be left open, providing an unobstructed view of the outside, aluminium sliding doors can be incredibly modern. The doors are easily opened by sliding the door to the desired side and can offer ease, convenience, and act as a great space-saving option. 

They also offer a degree of flexibility when it comes to being able to fix blinds and curtains. 

Sliding doors are seamless, yet fully controlled when it comes to the opening and closing functionality. They consist of one fixed panel and a sliding panel, which, when moved back and forth on the rollers on the track, the door can be opened and closed. 

This style of door can also be automated for workplaces and manual for the home, again providing you with choice and flexibility in design. 

Some sliding doors can also offer a tilting window where you can let the fresh air in without sliding the door fully open. 

Casement Doors 

A stunning feature to entrance doors, casement doors generally comes with large glass panels that are attached to the mainframe. Grand in their appearance, they offer the perfect view to the outside world. 

Trending currently is a modern style casement door with a traditional twist. 

Note: Top hung casement designs allow for windows/doors to be open, even when it’s raining outside. 

Tilt and Slide 

These doors are ideal when space is limited. Typically found in many modern style homes, these doors come with a high-quality mechanism that makes the door extremely easy to operate. 

There are no hinged or folding mechanisms to these doors; however, they do offer a high level of security for homeowners. 

Benefits of Aluminium Doors 

  • Can come with advanced hardware and mechanisms for easy handling 
  • Easy to operate doors once they are installed 
  • Offer high levels of security 
  • Durable and robust against the elements 
  • Aluminium doors offer strength, maximising your safety and security 
  • Resistant to corrosion 
  • Environmentally friendly as they’re also recyclable. 

If you’re thinking about renovating or upgrading your homes windows and doors and you think aluminium could be for you, contact the team at Crucial Engineering, we’re on hand to help you with your window and door investment. 

Our range of windows and doors are crafted to the highest quality, using only the best on the market. We also measure, order, supply, and install all aluminium windows and doors. 

One design does not fit, nor suit all, and that’s why you’ll now find a wide range of window and door choices.