Curtain walling systems have been around since Medieval times, where they were installed primarily as a form of security. Nowadays, they are still incredibly popular, although material choices and designs have developed significantly since that time. There are many benefits for developers of buildings and property owners who have curtain walling, which is why they continue to grow in popularity to this day. Crucial Engineering offers curtain walling systems, and thanks to their team of experienced professionals, they will provide you with the top aluminium curtain walling systems in the area. Today, we will look further into why curtain walling systems are so popular in the UK and the benefits you can experience from them.

The increased popularity of curtain walling in the UK

Curtain Walling UK – An Eco-Friendly Solution 

Thanks to the abundance of natural light curtain walling provide within buildings, this can reduce the dependence on electrical lighting systems. Over time, this can help to decrease electricity bills, and with the costs of electricity rising year after year, this is a benefit you will enjoy for years to come. With property developers and homeowners looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, this solution is being considered more than ever before. Curtain walls are light and use modern glass within their construction. This can help keep heat in your building during the winter months and keep it out during the warmer summer season. Increasing energy efficiency is one of the top reasons for curtain walling systems being added to modern buildings, but it is not the only benefit you will experience.

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A Unique and Modern Appearance 

Curtain walling has improved greatly since its introduction and can now offer a modern look to any building. Whether you are building a new property or looking to upgrade and refresh a current building, you can create a unique look for your property. Some of the world’s most popular skyscrapers and tourist attractions use curtain walling, which helps them to stand out in crowded cities. For anyone looking to attract attention to their business, it’s a great way for your building to catch the eye of anyone passing by. 

The UK is known for its older buildings and monuments; however, they still need to be maintained to function to this day. Curtain walling systems UK can help to give an older building a much-needed upgrade without destroying the original features and construction of the property. Thanks to the combination of glass and aluminium, you’ll create a welcoming and attractive front to any building. 


Curtain walling was originally used as a security measure during Medieval times, and it can still offer various protective benefits to users today. It helps to protect your home or workplace from unpleasant weather conditions, such as storms, rain, and wind. However, it also offers great protection from dirt and pollutants that are experienced in so many cities nowadays. It can also be used to protect the paint on the outside of a building and work to secure older buildings from further damage while still allowing the original structure to remain. 

Available for a Wide Variety of Buildings

While you may associate curtain walling systems with skyscrapers and unique monuments, they can be incorporated into almost any type of building. With UK property owners looking to upgrade older buildings, curtain walling offers the perfect combination of modern and classic design. You can opt to upgrade the entire building and completely revamp its look or remain true to its original design. Curtain walling is incredibly versatile and is suitable for massive skyscrapers and apartment blocks, and smaller residential properties. It can be used on commercial and residential properties and creates a unique aesthetic that will stand the test of time. 

A More Pleasant Living Experience

For anyone living or working inside a building with curtain walling, it offers a much more people-friendly experience. You’ll feel more connected to the outside world, thanks to the glass and ability to clearly see outside. When new residential properties are built, it can help new residents connect with the local community. Workers appreciate the increase in natural light, which can help to boost their mood and productivity. There’s nothing worse than sitting inside a dark and artificially lit space all day long, so it’s a fantastic choice for companies looking to improve their employee’s quality of life. 

Curtain walling systems are only continuing to increase in popularity in the UK, thanks to all of these advantages and benefits to users. Both as a property owner or as someone who works and lives inside a building with curtain walls, you’ll experience many great improvements to your quality of life thanks to the increase in natural light. Curtain walling can be added to new buildings or can revive older properties and is a versatile solution that’s used to create unique and modern buildings throughout the UK. 

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