Improve Your Facades With A Curtain Walling System 

Replacing standard walls? our curtain walling is a fantastic way to transform the appearance of your building almost effortlessly! Perfect for forming a sleek, modernized aesthetic, the smooth transition between the interior and exterior of a building created by a curtain walling system allows for significant amounts of natural light and wide vistas in any building. 

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How Curtain Walls Improve Your Building 

As one of the leading curtain walling contractors in the UK, we are well experienced in the many benefits and advantages that the architectural system can add to a building. While the most apparent benefit is an impressive visual upgrade, there are also many technical improvements that come with a fresh curtain wall installation: 

Stunning Modern Design 

Of course, it is hard to deny the visual impact that curtain walls add to a building. Whatever the industry, a sleek and contemporary exterior can entice clients, impress investors and add an unparalleled sense of professionalism.

The glass-focused design creates a beautiful and open atmosphere on both the interior and exterior of the building. From the outside, a curtain wall facade invokes sophistication and reflects the surrounding skyline.

From the inside, the viewing options are greatly increased compared to standard architectural designs. Ideal for a luxurious office feel, the abundance of natural light and windows allows for a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. 

Efficient Central Heating 

Curtain walls can stabilize a building’s temperature when treated for maximum efficiency. With an extra exterior layer, the protective nature of curtain walls results in easier control of a building’s heating system and reduces bills overall. 

Sealed Tight From Water & Pollutants 

Buildings that find themselves at the mercy of the elements can improve their impenetrability to rain and air polluted with carbon dioxide. Not only do curtain walls prevent elements from entering a building, but they also help insulate the interior, keeping the building warm and dry no matter the weather. 

Increased Fire Safety 

By creating a buffer between sections of the building, curtain walls also help to greatly improve the safety of your building. Reducing the spread of fire is incredibly important, especially in taller highrises. Luckily, curtain walls help to prevent fire movement in buildings that would otherwise see speedy fire spread. 

Greater Wind Resistance 

While curtain walls are not purpose-built to reduce building sway, they do offer the added benefit of greater structural protection from wind, which is ideal for taller constructions. With a wide surface area, a curtain wall system can more equally distribute stress and force across the building’s structure. This means that the building sees greater resistance against wind overall. 

Flexibility for Different Building Types 

One of the greatest aspects of choosing a curtain wall for your building is the flexibility in design and construction. This allows for truly bespoke wall solutions that are totally personalized to each building’s exact dimensions.

As curtain walls are built from highly durable and highly flexible materials such as aluminium, designers can incorporate a facade that reflects the building’s pre-existing architecture and even highlight the company’s personality and branding. 

If you are looking for curtain walls in the UK, then enquire today for expert advice and totally personalised building solutions. 

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