Security Window Grilles

The perfect solution for security that does not compromise visibility. Window grilles are the answer, not only do they enhance security and safety on you premises, but they also require minimal maintenance and keep your surrounding indoor area full of light. We supply our expert window grilles across Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford and everywhere in between.

About Window Grilles

By providing a powerful visual theft deterrent and strong solid barrier, window grilles are a highly recommend security solution for any windows on your property. Typically light is blocked out and aesthetics do not match up with solid shutters, grilles allow the flow of light to continue from outside in. Whether you choose retractable grilles or fixed this security solution is flexible to fit your needs.

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The advantages and benefits to installing window grilles


The top benefit of these window grilles is security, they not only function as a physical theft deterrent but also a visual one too. Windows are the second most common target for thieves so why not add a barrier between to protect your premises. The chances of being caught whilst attempting to gain access by using tools on these metal grilles outweighs the rewards of getting inside.


By using a physical barrier at the windows of your property it is possible you can lower your insurance premium, the more security you have around your premises typically the lower your insurance premium is. By adding our window grilles you have the potential to do so.


Since these grilles do not include any electrical components there is little to no maintenance required other than simply cleaning. Not only are they effective the no added maintenance makes these grilles the perfect security solution.


The window grilles have a sleek and modern design, making them a good-looking security solution. Whilst you can’t completely customise these grilles, there is a broad range of colours and custom sizes to match the aesthetics of your premises without being an eye sore. By having the option to make them retractable they can even easily be tucked away behind curtains during the day.

Light and air flow

Window grilles are perfect for allowing light into the building whilst still being secure, light can flood in through the spaces on the grilles and still allow plenty of fresh air to circulate.

Where you can install them

Safeguard security window grilles are predominantly installed in a large range of commercial properties, some of these include retail stores/centres, care homes, educational facilities, and office blocks.Due to the sun and fresh air being able to shine through they can provide a better working environment for students and staff and a light and airy environment for shoppers.Keeping your premises safe and secure is a priority for most people. Having the flexibility you get with our window grilles, whether you choose retractable or fixed, means you get the best of both worlds out of one product.

Why choose Crucial?

We have an award winning team of engineers and pride ourselves on providing a high quality, timely and importantly, friendly service with every single project and installation. With a multitude of excellent reviews from happy customers behind us, you don’t just need to take our word for it.

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