Perfection in aluminium fabrication

The Perfection in Aluminium FabricationThe process of aluminium fabrication is one which is used worldwide.  Continually developing these processes is what drives aluminium fabricators as we look for perfection because achieving the best process means getting the maximum results from this precious metal. 

Precious because of the number of benefits it can provide to a variety of different industries, hence a range of different products becoming more widely available. 

The actual process of aluminium fabrication involves laser cutting, bending, shaping, grinding, anodising, stud welding, fastener insertion, powder coating and more.  It is about using the flexibility and versatility of the metal to ensure that exact specifications and requirements can be met. 

However, there are some factors which must be taken into consideration when it comes to aluminium fabrication with some taking priority over others depending on the process and the requirement. 

Aspects to consider 

  • Like anything, things change, and this can also be said for the mechanical properties of aluminium.  Nothing is constant when extracting metal and running it through processes such as extrusion or smelting, and with aluminium, this is something to bear in mind.  If the mechanical properties of aluminium change this may affect the outcome, not delivering the same results or indeed the results expected. An example of this is when specific types of alloys are joined with aluminium to make it feasible in the process. 
  • During the fabrication process of bending, it’s important to note that special tools and equipment must be used to avoid any bending marks appearing on the finished product. 
  • Consideration and complete precision need to be taken when laser cutting aluminium, because due to the extremely high energy level it can affect the surface of the metal which will result in a look of deterioration on the overall metal.  Precision engineering, splashfree areas and burr-free edges should be paid particular attention to during the entire process. 
  • During grinding, an unnecessary build-up of metal can be found (as aluminium has a very low melting point, which is completely exposed when grinding) affecting the overall quality of the finished product.  Wax or paste can be used to add a layer around the wheels to help avoid the build-up of residual aluminium developing. 
  • For all aluminium is strong and durable, it is still susceptible to a breakthrough during the welding process.  This can occur if due care and attention are not paid when voltage is applied and instead is potentially applied to the wrong spot.  Appropriate planning and following specific guidelines will help ensure breakthroughs are kept to a minimum if they happen at all. 
  • Consider what power sources, manufacturing methods and site setup you have available to support all aluminium fabrication processes.  Not everyone’s requirements and specifications are the same so a different fabrication process will be required at different times and across various projects.  What guidance and procedures are in place to make sure things run smoothly? 
  • Keeping the finished product free from scratches and marks will often mean providing a liner.  Liners such as nylon or Teflon are perfect as part of the aluminium fabrication process, lowering the chances of friction on the metal surface (compared to steel which through experience creates damage and leaves a finished product with marks on it), ultimately keeping the finished product in perfect looking condition. 

Aluminium fabrication is no small feat and should only be handled by professionals in the field; those that can offer precision engineering throughout the entire process. 

With appropriate planning and the most up-to-date technology and equipment in place, Crucial Engineering is experts in aluminium fabrication. 

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You want a perfect finished product, and we take on board all of the considerations and points mentioned above to ensure that our process of Aluminium fabrication offers you just that – perfection. 

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