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Are you wanting to improve the accessibility of your premises and make it easier for your customers, residents, staff, or visitors to enter and leave. Designed with safety in mind, all our automatic doors comply with British Standard BS7036 and EN16005, helping to make sure you comply with the Equality Act 2010.

About Automatic Door Systems

Behind the simple act of their function of opening and closing, automatic doors offer a long list of benefits that contribute to a safer, more inclusive, and seamless environment.

We are nationwide automatic door suppliers offering a wide range of products. Everything from aluminium sliding doors to swing doors, making them customisable to suit your space and needs. With the installation of auto doors we can improve safety, security, and accessibility – because it’s Crucial.

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The Advantages and Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors


We have many customisable security options from advanced sensors, control systems, card entry, remote control access, key code entry and more. Providing a form of access management greatly reduces unauthorised entry making it a perfect option for high security premises.


In addition to our extensive security management options, we offer a wide variety of automatic doors. You can choose from different colours and sizes, making them an excellent choice for your commercial and industrial premises. Aluminium sliding doors which are aesthetically pleasing and are perfect for any indoor space, swing doors that are quick to install and economic as they can be fitted to existing doorways.

Health and safety

Automatic doors can increase the health and safety on your premises as it minimises the chances of accidental injury by slammed doors, trapped fingers and crowded exits in emergency situation. By eliminating the need for a door handle it cuts down on transferring germs and bacteria through the touchless operations created by hands free sensors.


By cutting out the physical barriers of manual doors you are massively contributing towards accessibility. Making it easier for your customers, residents, staff, or visitors to come and go is a huge advantage to automatic doors. Individuals with mobility limitations or wheelchair users can effortlessly navigate through entrances and exits independently. They also provide easy access for people who may be carrying heavy loads.


Our automatic doors use sensors to provide seamless access, reducing congestion and improving daily efficiency. We can customise these doors with programmable schedules to manage traffic patterns, ensuring smooth flow at specific times of the day. By minimising heat loss and gain, our doors make your building more energy-efficient. This regulation of indoor temperature reduces energy consumption and costs, thereby lowering your carbon footprint.

Where automatic doors can be installed

Although automatic doors are an asset to any business or commercial premises - providing increased accessibility and a modern entrance and exit - they are particularly appropriate for any business that has a high volume of footfall. For some business sectors, they are a standard requirement.

Educational facilities

Ensuring security is a top priority in educational settings like schools and colleges. Opting for automatic doors not only enhances your security measures but also promotes a healthier and safer environment with better accessibility for students and staff increasing inclusivity.

Health care facilities

In any healthcare environment health and safety is paramount, by minimising health and safety risks you are actively helping the public. Using auto doors means you can increase efficiency in such a busy and fast paced environment whilst remaining inclusive through your accessibility.

Nursing and care homes

Due to the nature of the premises accessibility is the priority for these properties. Ensuring all staff and residents are able to come and go when needed whilst still maintaining high security for health care purposes is essential.

Retail shops

By making our automatic doors customisable you can match your aesthetics with an accessible entrance suitable for the public. Paired with the choice of programmed schedules for heavy foot fall it reduces congestion around the entrance and exit of your store making our doors the perfect access solution.


Having an entrance that both matches the aesthetics of the company and building whilst providing high level security to your offices is essential. Customising access so only authorised staff members can enter the premises is important and crucial to any office building.

Why choose Crucial?

Our client’s needs are at the heart of every project we undertake. All our automatic door installations are subject to special safety standards, which we take pride in adhering to. We provide maintenance and inspection of all our automatic door installations, taking every precaution to ensure that safety standards are upheld for the wellbeing of your visitors and staff. We manufacture all our products in-house which means that there are no supply chain issues and we can update you throughout the process of the entire project. With award winning, high standards in both product and customer care, our team will ensure your automatic door installation goes smoothly. And with copious satisfied customers, you don’t just need to take our word for it!

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