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It’s now commonplace for any commercial or public building to have automatic doors. At Crucial, we understand that our customers need to meet a variety of expectations and requirements for the people entering and leaving their buildings. Automatic doors are frequently one of those. We take pride in providing automatic door solutions for a lot of different businesses and organisations but with the common factor being that the entrance to their premises is a significant part of their visitors’ experience. As experts in our field, we maintain a seamless service with the promise of high standards. We always work closely with our customers to ensure the best possible solution for their buildings doorways.

About Automatic Door Systems

Automatic doors come in an array of styles. Finding the right style for your project means understanding what each type of door can offer and how they will enhance the appearance of the entrance to your building.

In general, automatic doors increase the accessibility to buildings and provide a convenient way for anyone to enter or exit, regardless of their age or physical ability. Not having automatic doors to your building is limiting, hazardous and potentially humiliating for many people so offering greater accessibility shows that as a business, you care about diversity and are a modern organisation.

Automatic doors usually open when a movement or touch is detected, depending on the system installed, then close automatically after a certain time. They are a convenient, inclusive and increasingly essential addition to any premises.

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The Advantages and Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are convenient

One of the most significant benefits of automatic doors is their convenience. Allowing people to enter and exit your building without having to physically open the door makes it easier for those who have their hands full, for children or the elderly or for those with disabilities.

Automatic doors create improved accessibility

Automatic doors provide essential access to your premises for people with disabilities who may have difficulty opening heavy or manual doors. They allow for straightforward entry and exit, making your building more accessible and inclusive.

Automatic doors improve safety

Automatic doors can increase the safety of your building by preventing accidents caused by your doors slamming shut or closing too quickly. They can also be programmed to detect obstructions and stop the door from closing, preventing injury to people or damage to property.

Automatic doors increase energy efficiency

By reducing the amount of air that enters or exits a building, automatic doors can help your building be more energy efficient. Helping to reduce heating and cooling costs and creating a more comfortable environment for occupants, automatic doors make financial sense over time.

Automatic doors improve security

With an ability to be fitted with security features such as access control systems or surveillance cameras, automatic doors can improve the security of your building. They can also be integrated with your alarm system so that if they are forced open, the alarm is triggered.

Automatic doors enhance the aesthetics of a building

Automatic doors can be designed to match the architectural style of your building. This can work to enhance its overall appearance and create a more modern and sophisticated look.

Which Sectors Benefit Most From Automatic Doors?

Although automatic doors are an asset to any business or commercial premises - providing increased accessibility and a modern entrance and exit - they are particularly appropriate for any business that has a high volume of footfall. For some business sectors, they are a standard requirement.


Having a high volume of traffic coming and going, retail outlets need to provide a convenient and accessible way of entering and leaving their premises. Customers may have young children, bags or trolleys of shopping, or have limited mobility. Automatic doors create an inviting entrance and allow plenty of natural light into the building. They are also energy efficient as they close automatically, helping to maintain temperature.


Creating an impressive entrance, leading to a welcoming reception area is essential for any hospitality establishment. Being accessible and inclusive for all types of guests is also vital. An automatic door system provides a convenient, friendly and hygienic solution for entering and leaving many areas within hotels or restaurants.


Providing an accessible and hygienic entrance and exit for all visitors and to a health centre, automatic doors are the perfect solution. Eliminating the requirement to touch any buttons or handles reduces the risk of passing on germs or virus’s which is particularly important for vulnerable patients and visitors.

Public Buildings

All public and government buildings are now required by law to have a barrier free, accessible entrance and exit. Automatic doors provide a safe and convenient solution for all  workers, customers or visitors.

Different Types of Automatic Doors:

At Crucial, we provide an assortment of automatic door systems. The important part is ensuring the style we install is absolutely right for the needs of your business.

There are various designs of automatic doors to consider from full glazed to aluminium or steel framed. All styles will be connected to an activation device which registers when to open and close the doors. These detectors can be manual, such as a touchpad or button. Or they can be movement sensitive and pick up signals digitally. They also all have control units which govern their operational elements, including timers and safety technology. Below are some of the automatic doors on the market today.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding automatic doors can come in a variety of styles. Linear sliding doors are the most common but it’s also possible to install curved sliding doors and corner sliding doors, depending on the style that most suits the building, its aesthetics and the business’s needs. You will see automatic sliding door systems most commonly at retailers.

Automatic Swing Doors

A swing door refers to the type of door that has hinges and can open inward or outward. You commonly see these types of doors at public restrooms, in hotels and frequently at banks. They offer a good level of privacy if opaque and are perfect for situations where there may be a smaller space for the doorway.

Automatic Telescopic Doors

Requiring less interior wall space, automatic telescopic doors are the ideal solution for when a wider door opening is required but without the room for sliding doors. With door leaves that fold against each other as they open, they are neat and minimal and are available in a variety of materials which make them suitable for many businesses, from offices to hospitals.

Why choose Crucial?

Our client’s needs are at the heart of every project we undertake. All our automatic door installations are subject to special safety standards, which we take pride in adhering to. We provide maintenance and inspection of all our automatic door installations, taking every precaution to ensure that safety standards are upheld for the wellbeing of your visitors and staff. We manufacture all our products in-house which means that there are no supply chain issues and we can update you throughout the process of the entire project. With award winning, high standards in both product and customer care, our team will ensure your automatic door installation goes smoothly. And with copious satisfied customers, you don’t just need to take our word for it!

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