If your business operates around a warehouse, workshop, distribution centre or factory then commercial high speed doors can be a great addition. By the nature of their name, they open and close quickly which brings a host of benefits over utilising more traditional types of door. In this post we’re going to look at our top 7 advantages of high speed doors in more detail.

1. Speed equals higher productivity

Put simply, due to the fact high speed doors open and close so quickly, they make many  jobs within your business more efficient, which boosts productivity. Even just saving people a few moments every time they pass through your doors quickly adds up to a lot of time saved.

2. Less open time means enhanced security

The speed at which they open and close also provides enhanced security as there’s no need for them to stay open for prolonged periods of time. The risk that an unauthorised person passes through is drastically reduced compared to other types of door.

In addition, high speed doors include tough aluminium which makes them incredibly difficult for any intruders to break through. Removing any opportunity for a thief to access your business keeps both your premises but also your staff safe.

3. Speed doesn’t mean reduced safety

Even though high speed doors open and close quickly they’re very safe. The edges of the door can be made very soft so any potential injuries from vertical impacts are significantly reduced. Some industrial rapid doors can also be fitted with an automatic reverse mechanism that retracts the door upon any potential unexpected impact.

Any faults that may increase safety risks can be almost eradicated by ensuring your doors are kept in the very best condition through regular maintenance.

4. Insulating properties reduce heat loss

High speed doors are fantastic heat insulators as not only are they designed to stay closed when the entrance is not in use, they are sealed on all sides which minimises any heat loss. At the same as keeping the cold out, they’ll also keep the cold in which makes them a great choice as access points to industrial fridges or freezes.

5. Materials are easy to clean and maintain

In industries where hygiene is a priority, high speed doors provide an easy to clean surface which can withstand regular cleaning with strong cleaning agents.

Plus, in the rare event that your high speed doors encounter a fault, it’s nearly always something that can be quickly fixed. They have very few moving parts so maintenance is quick and any down time can be kept to an absolute minimum so your regular operations can get back up and running,

Crucial have a mobile team that are experts in all aspects of high speed doors and can ensure yours remain in the very best condition.

6. Remove the risk of contamination in controlled environments

High speed doors are commonplace in environments where it’s essential there’s no cross contamination or where each area of the premises needs to be kept clean. By keeping your doors closed you can be sure that outside elements and debris such as dirt or even wildlife don’t enter your business.

7. Control airflow and reduce airborne debris

A key reason why many industries use high speed doors is to control the airflow through any warehouse or large commercial space. They’re fantastic at reducing the amount of dust or debris that might otherwise spread through your business. Some businesses also utilise 2 sets of high speed doors together which creates a kind of air lock to prevent the spread of any dust from one space to another.