Exciting and different things to do when visiting Leeds

Exciting and different things to do when visiting LeedsSituated in the northern part of the English County of Yorkshire, Leeds is renowned for its bars, live music venues, Royal Armouries Museum, Kirkgate market, Crucial Engineering, (we’d thought we’d add ourselves to this list), and so much more.

If you’re looking for something different and maybe a little bit more “out there” check out our list below, and also feel free to comment on this post if you’ve tried any of these things or you have any recommendations of your own, we’d love to hear them. 

Kickstarting off the list is the pay-as-you-like theatres.  Whether you’re wistfully watching the world go by while enjoying a nice latte and feel the need for some street entertainment, or maybe you’re enjoying a nice glass of wine or pint, let the unusual, yet extremely entertaining, theatre shows that happen around Leeds city centre, make you laugh and smile – all operating on a pay-as-you-like basis! 

If coffee is your thing, then it is most certainly worth visiting the micro-roasters in North Star.  Find out more about your favourite caffeine induced drink (the team at Crucial Engineering can’t function without our morning coffee) with workshops held at the specially designed Coffee Academy and learn how to develop your senses, picking up the flavours and tastes all through smell.  You can also learn the best brewing techniques as well as receive barista training. 

Ever thought about learning how to belly dance?  Why not look to enrol in a belly dancing course, taking you through the basic steps and routines as well as helping to boost fitness levels too!

You could also look to take part in a real-world treasure hunt, with geocaching in Leeds.  Designed to help guide visitors around the city as well as make it exciting and fun, you can find hidden boxes all around Leeds, all with specific clues providing the location to the next box.  Some people do take what they find in the box, but make sure you replace it with something of higher value for the next explorer. 

Growing in popularity is aerial yoga – something you can’t knock until you’ve tried it.  Using hammocks instead of mats, you’ll try out some of the best and traditional yoga poses while maintaining balance and body conditioning — excellent for the body and mind. 

Between March and November, it is most definitely worth a visit to Leeds if you would like to bond with a Penguin.  No, we’re not making this up.  Visitors to the city are invited between these months to feed the flock of penguins and bond with the cute little creatures before the head off home again. 

Learning to dance can be done anywhere but learning to flamenco in the Spanish cultural centre in Leeds, called “Instituto Cervantes” is where it’s at.  Whether a complete novice or an experienced mover, make sure to bring your dancing shoes and get ready to get involved. 

For chocolate lovers everywhere, learn all about the history of chocolate, before creating, shaping and demolishing your own in workshops held at the Chocolate Collective – please remember that Crucial Engineering will never say no to chocolate and we always have the kettle on. 

Find out more . We know that not everyone is in Leeds for a chocolate or theatre tasting event and sometimes it is about business.  If you’d like to know more about aluminium fabrication, the aluminium products we can manufacture and install, then please feel free to call in and visit us. 

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and Leeds has so much more to offer, but hopefully, it has provided a little further insight into some of the more unusual and exciting things the city has to offer.

Directions from Crucial Engineerng to Instituto Cervantes

Take Richardshaw Rd to Richardshaw Ln/B6155
Take A647 and A58(M) to Blenheim Terrace/Woodhouse Ln/A660 in Leeds

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