Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors

Would your warehouse or manufacturing site benefit from our commercial sectional overhead doors? Here at Crucial we can supply, install, service/maintain, and even upgrade existing sectional overhead doors to current DHF safety standards.

About Sectional Overhead Doors

We will customise them to your needs with multiple options to choose between. If you are looking for a reliable product to improve working conditions, then we have the product for you.

These smooth and quiet doors are made from galvanised steel or aluminium with many colour choices and customisable vision panels.

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The Benefits of Sectional Overhead Doors


Sectional doors are composed of multiple horizontal panels that move upwards vertically on tracks. This allows for better use of the available space, which is essential for many business’s who require vehicles to reverse in for deliveries and collections.


All of our overhead sectional doors come insulated helping to control the temperature, making your building more energy efficient and cutting costs. You also have the option of adding extra thermal and acoustic value, to reduce noise making a more comfortable work environment.

These doors are also designed to withstand strong wind making them perfect for an external face of a building or locations with adverse weather conditions.


Our sectional overhead doors have many customisation options from an array of colour options to sizes that will perfectly fit your space whilst matching your aesthetics. The doors are finished with a powder coating to further enhance the protection and appearance.

The option is available to add vision panels to the door to allow light in and have vision of the other side.

Additional hardware such as handles, locks, and brackets are added, as necessary.


As an essential these doors come with spring brakes and cable brakes for safety purpose, the option of having an automatic or manual close is available. If you opt for an automatic close, we can provide you with a combination of additional safety features such as a safety edge, photocell, light curtain, or induction loop.

Where you can fit sectional overhead doors

Our overhead sectional doors are ideal for multiple locations, whether it is a warehouse, industrial unit or loading bay it offers many benefits in multiple environments ensuring your business is running smoothly. At Crucial we look after you from start to finish with top quality service, from supplying all the way through to preventative maintenance we have you covered 24/7 365 days a year.

Why choose Crucial?

When it comes to aluminium and steel, we are experts in our field. We place the needs of our clients at the forefront of every project and ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the requirements from the outset – no detail gets missed. Our team of engineers are award winning and have proven time and again that every client and installation is unique, by delivering on time, with the highest quality and customer care. With a collective of highly skilled engineers and project managers, you can be certain that the fabrication and installation of your automated door systems will be in good hands. And with a host of happy customers behind us, you don’t need to just take our word for it!

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