Commercial Automatic Gates

At Crucial we supply and install commercial automatic gates throughout Yorkshire, Leeds, and Bradford, providing additional privacy and increased security.

About Automatic Gates

Whether it is a sliding or swing gate you are looking for we will make sure you have the correct access solution for you and your space. All of our automatic gates are designed with safety and compliance in mind.

If you’re in need of an electric gate we’ve got you covered! Our engineers can even automate your existing gate saving you money and time.

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Automatic gates

The Advantages & Benefits of Automatic Gates:


For any premises that is authorised personal only, an automated gate is one of the most safe and secure options out there. When our gates are in operation only authorised members can access your grounds. Paired with other security options you can choose your type of access approval to what suits your needs the best.

If an unexpected visitor arrives, any authorised personnel can operate the gates with the push of a button once they are satisfied with the validity of their visitation.


As you are able to get our gates in a range of colour and styles you can make sure they match your aesthetics without being an eye sore. Having great security should not compromise your looks so we make sure you get the best of both.


If you opt for a sliding system we can provide them without a ground track, making them the ideal choice for any uneven ground. We also offer swing gates if preferred. In high traffic areas our automated gates come in handy at keeping queues down whilst providing top notch security.

Custom options

When used in conjunction with any of our access solutions, automatic gates are unmatched, making sure you can safely confirm the identity of visitors before granting them access. We additionally supply and install keypads, intercoms, and fob readers. This also helps with keeping traffic down and improving efficiency at your site.

Why choose Crucial for your Automatic Gates?

From schools to industrial business parks electric gates work well for many kinds of premises. There are multiple styles of automatic gates, as a trusted supplier we will be able to advise and reassure about what is most suited the grounds in question. Our team of experts here at Crucial have your security as our priority, making sure your premises are safe and secure is what we do.

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