Things to consider when choosing aluminium doors for your home

Things to Consider When Choosing Aluminium Doors for your HomeIf you’re looking to upgrade your current doors, or maybe add new sliding or patio doors to your property, it can be overwhelming when it comes to the choice and variety of different doors and frames available. 

Aluminium is now a choice which is coming to the forefront much more after advances in technology and precision fabrication processes has allowed the development of aluminium and the benefits the metal has to offer, really shine through.  Gone are the days where aluminium is only chosen for function instead of style. 

Aluminium has come a long way over the years, now standing as one of the strongest, most stylish and well-insulated metals to choose when it comes to windows and doors in your home. 

Aluminium doors are perfect for homeowners because: 

  • They’re powder coated to any colour you require as well as finished in any style, matching them precisely to your existing décor 
  • They’re unbelievably strong, allowing you to have slimline frames while still holding a maximum weight 
  • They’re deceptively lightweight.  Making them easy to transport and move to different places 
  • Compared to their wood and UPVC counterparts, they’re so much more durable and require a lot less maintenance 

Choosing the right style of door for your home is important; choosing the right aluminium doors and windows is vital. 

Speaking to the team at Crucial Engineering (specialist aluminium fabricators) we can help make sure we find you your perfect door and window solution. 

Things to note when thinking about aluminium 


It can sometimes be a harsh life lesson, but it is one that everyone is aware of, in that when it comes to quality, sometimes “you get what you pay for.”  This same statement can be applied to aluminium! When looking for aluminium entrance doors, for example, you need to look for a reliable and trustworthy company, a company who not only deals with aluminium but who offers the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.  You want a product that is going to last, not something that needs replacing every couple of years, so it’s important to make sure you do your research. 

Aluminium fabrication is very specialised when it comes to moulding, cutting, drilling, and shaping, etc, to meet exact requirements.  This is of course, where the quality of the final product lies. Working with a professional fabrication team will put your mind at ease that quality is built into their processes. 


As we’ve mentioned, aluminium has come a long way over the years and can now be customised so that it can be made to meet just about any specification.  Of course, one of the biggest advantages to come out of using aluminium for doors and windows is the fact that the frame itself can be a lot thinner than a standard wood option.  So, if taking full advantage of your beautiful views and letting as much light into your home as possible is high on your agenda, aluminium is the choice for you! 

When it comes to design aluminium can also be finished in several different ways too.  What we mean by this is that you have the option to choose from striking colours, high gloss finishes, or even something that actually looks like wood grain.  Whatever you decide what’s important is that you have the choice. 


We know that it is essential to protect your home and your belongings, and the strength and durability of aluminium doors and windows can offer this heightened level of security.  You can also look to add additional security features and locking systems onto doors too during the aluminium fabrication process. 


Aluminium is extremely energy efficient and can save you money on your household energy bills.  How? Because aluminium creates a very tight fit for the glass and even edged all around. Plus, aluminium can also hold both double and triple-glazing if required.  Newer models of aluminium frames are also much better insulated offering you a much more energy-efficient home (they also provide some soundproofing from the outside world too). 


Aluminium for doors and windows in your home is a cost-effective product, and because it is hard-wearing and long-lasting, savings are made throughout its life too.  Speaking to Crucial Engineering should be your first port of call when thinking about aluminium entrance doors or windows so that we can provide you with the answers to your questions as well as a detailed quote. 

We can also help with the design and installation parts too, making sure that everything is just how you want it. 

Great quality aluminium doors and windows are made to last, and with low maintenance and energy savings made, why opt for anything else? 

Look at your home as an investment.  Installing the perfect aluminium doors and windows will only add to your investment pot while also help to keep security high and the look of your home extremely modern. 

Call Crucial Engineering today to find out more about our aluminium fabrication process. 

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