Crucial collaborates on Coopers Yard

Crucial collaborates on Coopers Yard

In the heart of Holmfirth, an old tool hire station underwent a conversion into a food hall & bar with outdoor seating called Coopers Yard, bringing a sense of community and new social location to the town.

The construction work was carried out by NU Construction, and Crucial Engineering secured the contract for the façade element of the project. This was another great project collaboration between our glazing and aluminium departments, the double-glazed units were handmade in-house by our expert glass team, the aluminium was supplied by system supplier Exlabesa which was then fabricated in-house, into the frame sizes needed. By combining departments we can offer hugely improved lead times from start to finish.

The plan for Coopers Yard was to create an industrial aesthetic which ties into the street food vibe, multiple original features of the building were kept such as the tiles and brick work. Crucial were asked to strip out the old style Crittall steel windows and timber doors in order to replace them with much more thermally efficient Exlabesa KT51 tilt n turn windows, KSF doors/framing, and Xlafold bi-folding doors.

Crucial collaborates on Coopers Yard

By adding more glazing we allowed much more light to flow through which brightened the space and gave a fresher feeling. All the aluminium was finished off in RAL 9005 Matt powder coating to rejuvenate the exterior with a more modern, clean look.

coopers yard crucial 2
coopers yard crucial 3

Coopers Yard is now a wonderful food hall and bar that is open to enjoy, we are sure it will make a positive impact on the local community, and it’ll be a fantastic, shared space. This project was a joy to work on with NU Construction and we look forward to collaborating again in the future.


Crucial Engineering are proud to work with customers all over the UK within multiple different sectors. We are experts in Aluminium, Automation and Glazing, specialising in creating safe and secure access solutions. We secure your world.


Aluminium & Glazing team up for the Glen Nursing Home extension!

Based in Baildon, Glen Nursing Home underwent the construction of a new extension. This extension is to create a communal seating area for the residents to enjoy just in time for the summer months.

D.C. Liptrot won the tender to build the extension for Glen Nursing Home and entrusted Crucial on behalf of the curtain walling and aluminium windows. This involved both our aluminium and glazing teams who fell hand in hand on this project. As this was a new build it mean this job included fabricating and installing from scratch.

The intended look was fresh and welcoming from the inside whilst being sleek and modern from the exterior. The aesthetics of this project were important as it is needed to match the already prestige building.


The Crucial team partnered with Exlabesa for the use of the following products, KLW Curtain Walling System, KSF Commercial Door System and KC75 Window System, these products were then powder coated in RAL 7016 which is a stunning dark grey to give the clean look that was intended.

The curtain walling was used all the way around the extension to bring more light to the interior to brighten the space and showcase the exceptional view of the surrounding area. This also means stunning lighting during the summer and a cosy view whilst staying warm in the colder months.

We were able to manufacture all the glass used on this project inhouse at Crucial. The glazed unit’s are anti sun, toughened glass forming a 28mm double glazed unit. We used anti sun glass tinted grey to eliminate glare from the sun whilst still letting enough light in to feel bright.

Crucial Engineering are proud to work with customers all over the UK within multiple different sectors. We’re experts in Aluminium, Automation and Glazing, specialising in creating safe and secure access solutions. We secure your world!


Unite Students Crucial Engineering Perfect Partnership Case Study

The perfect partnership Unite Students x Crucial Engineering

Unite Students are experts in student accommodation. They have been providing safe and secure homes for students for 30 years. At one of their sites in London, the timber framework around the windows in part of the building had become tired and in need of replacement. Understanding not only the importance of safety for their residents but also how this could impact the warmth of the building, they began to research for a supplier to restore both the framework and windows in these areas.

The many benefits of curtain walling for buildings such as the Unite Students site, are why increasing numbers of developers and architects are opting to use it as part of their building designs. Unite Students did their research to find that not only does aluminium curtain walling have superior strength and durability, but that it also has excellent thermogenic properties, is highly economical and is an environmentally friendly choice since aluminium and glass can be recycled easily and repeatedly.

Having made a decision about the type of glazing required as part of the window restoration, Unite Students felt that Crucial Engineering were the perfect choice for the work required. As specialists in aluminium curtain walling and with a portfolio of well-respected clients, it was clear that Crucial could fulfil the brief to a high standard.

Upon visiting the Unite Students London site, The Crucial Engineering team quickly identified that the existing timber frame was rotten in various sections and that the glazed units weren’t performing as they should be. Curtain walling would be the perfect choice for the sizes and space of the restoration work required with the benefit of providing light and warmth in open and communal areas of the building. Manufacturing and Project planning of the aluminium curtain walling commenced.

The promise of good quality, safe and warm accommodation that Unite Students provides is one of the reasons why they are a trusted partner of over 60 Universities in the UK. They understand that for many students, feeling at home during their years at university can be the difference between achieving moderate results to excellent ones, knowing that much of a student’s study is conducted within their residence. For this reason, the timeframe for the restoration work to be completed by the Crucial Team was super important to ensure minimal disruption to the students’ home and studying.

Unite Students Crucial Engineering Perfect Partnership Case Study 01

The Crucial Team went onsite with a plan to install the aluminium curtain walling to span 4 floors of the building in three separate areas. To stay within the projected timeframe, excellent project management of the task was required. The team got to work and efficiently delivered installation of the aluminium framework and curtain glazing.

The resulting finish is one that is sympathetic to the building’s existing aesthetic and colour scheme. Bringing a wealth of light into the building, the aluminium curtain walling will help create well-being for the students who live in the building. In addition, the spaces with the curtain glazing will be energy efficient and well protected from any adverse weather conditions.

An added benefit of the aluminium curtain walling for Unite Students is that it does not require specialist cleaning or maintenance. Any window cleaner can be used, which reduces any extra hidden costs that comparable materials for this type of work might incur.

Unite Students were very satisfied with the work carried out by Crucial Engineering and with the finish of the aluminium curtain walling. The building has had a face lift and now has a chic, modern feel as well as being secure, warm and economic.

Unite Students Crucial Engineering Perfect Partnership Case Study 03
Unite Students Crucial Engineering Perfect Partnership Case Study 02

Crucial enginering aluminium shop fronts

A complete aluminium package for KFC

As specialists in aluminium engineering, Crucial were commissioned by the principle contractor for a KFC in 2022 to provide the supply and installation of a full aluminium package for their new restaurant.

Understanding the many benefits of using aluminium for a shop fit out, KFC appointed Crucial to undertake the project. With many years of expertise and a host of big named brands already under their belt, Crucial were a reliable and well-respected choice.

KFC electing aluminium for a variety of applications within the project was a calculated decision. With a stringent budget, there is much to be achieved with the use of aluminium. As a super strength, yet lightweight material, it is frequently chosen by property planners to form many parts of building projects. Compared with other materials, aluminium is hard wearing and durable, excellently withstanding weathering and high traffic usage.

Crucial enginering KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium windows KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium windows doors KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium KFC
Crucial enginering aluminium doors KFC

Carnaud Metal

A refurbished entrance for Carnaud Metal Box Engineering

Based in Shipley, Carnaud Metal Box Engineering are part of a global network of metal can manufacturers. They design, develop and manufacture high-performance metal forming and finishing machinery for the production of metal cans for beverages, food and aerosols.

Carnaud Metal Box Before
Carnaud Metal Box after