Custom Access Solutions for School and Colleges

Custom Access Solutions for School and Colleges

Any person who has had children that have attended an educational setting will tell you that the most important factor about that setting is whether their child is safe. It is probably an assumption that any setting that involves the coming and going of young people would have the appropriate physical safeguarding in one form or another.


Unfortunately, with the amount of bad news we are exposed to, it’s very easy to feel paranoid or fearful about the safety of children at school or college but with the right measures and building management, educational settings can be some of the safest places to occupy for both students and staff.

Here, we have a look at what solutions are available and why they are a great choice for school safety.

Security fencing has multiple benefits

School security fencing comes in many styles and sizes. It’s easy to picture the idea of high fencing around a school premises as being imposing or hostile but in actual fact, it can be a way to not only enforce extra security measures but also look attractive since they can be brightly or tastefully coloured.

Steel fencing is also an excellent way for an educational setting to feel spacious and still have a view of the outside. By comparison, high walling, for example, doesn’t provide the same benefit here since it is blocky and doesn’t let light through. The installation of school fencing ensures that the entire perimeter of the grounds is isolated, in the safest and most unobtrusive way possible, from any intruders or unwanted visitors. A building management team and all faculty can be assured that their jobs are made that bit easier by knowing that students are protected by their school security fencing.

In addition, fencing plays its part even when the school is closed and no one is there, by deterring vandals or thieves. It is a super strong material which prevents fencing from becoming damaged too easily.

Automatic gates and access control systems

When it comes to the entry and exit of school or college grounds for vehicles, in particular, there is no safer measure than the installation of automatic gates. These ensure that only authorised persons can enter when the gates are in operation. Security gates can be controlled via the use of either an intercom system or remote-control entry system. When used in conjunction with security cameras, automatic gates are particularly effective.

If an unexpected visitor arrives, any authorised personnel can operate the gates with the push of a button once they are satisfied with the validity of their visitation and by checking camera’s. Cameras also ensure that footage is recorded if necessary.

There are many styles of automatic gates and a trusted supplier will be able to advise and reassure about what is most suited the grounds in question. They should also provide a force test certificate to prove the strength and efficiency of the gates against any forced entry.

Security for all school entry points

To improve the management of all access points into a school, it’s common for the building management to introduce security access systems on doors. It might seem an extreme measure but it is now extremely routine and provides an extra level of safety for peace of mind.

Most security access systems involve the use of a key card which activates the unlocking of security doors. These key cards can be programmed to give each member of staff a unique level of authority on a variety of doors within a building. Only an authorised person is able to use the security doors, making each room or corridor as safe as possible from unwanted visitors.

Particularly popular within college settings are automatic doors. Whilst most colleges will provide a fairly free style entry and exit system whereby the automatic doors open and close via the use of a sensor, it is possible to adopt a more cautious approach with the installation of entry card access instead. This is similar to the security access control for doors, as discussed above. In this scenario, students and staff are issued with entry cards to gain access to the college at designated spots and anyone without, is required to ring a bell or intercom.

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