Commercial aluminium doors are now one of the most popular choices for building installations, and for good reason. If you’re involved in any kind of industrial or commercial property development then you’re likely already familiar with aluminium doors.When it comes to building aesthetics it’s surprising how often the entrance doors are overlooked. Entrance doors to any retail business or office block are not just a pathway in and out, they can also have a positive (or negative!) impact on things like ventilation, available space and general building design. The doors can very much set the tone of any building and you’ll want to make a bold statement.Aluminium offers a series of advantages when compared to other materials. As a leading aluminium door manufacturer, we’ve put together the top benefits of investing.

1. Aluminium doors are strong whilst also being lightweight

Aluminium offers an excellent strength to weight ratio compared with virtually any other materials used for manufacturing doors. This makes it an excellent choice for any business premises as it can withstand a fair bit of punishment without showing signs of damage. It’s the go to choice for building designers or planners because it’s highly versatile and strong.

2. Aluminium is a highly durable material

Aluminium is not easily corroded. Changes in temperature as well as other outside elements such as wind and rain don’t have anywhere near the same effect as it has on other materials. Other options such as iron or wooden doors can easily change shape when exposed to the elements which quickly makes them hard to open and close.

Plus, continuous exposure to any moisture can result in the corrosion of iron or the warping of wood. These can lead to expensive repairs. With aluminium you don’t need to worry about these factors.

3. Aluminium doors are robust and provide high grade security

Aluminium doors introduce a robust and secure entrance to any commercial building. For enhanced protection, they can also be used in conjunction with aluminium windows or curtain walling. When compared to wood and or uPVC, aluminium doors really are the best option for security.

4. Aluminium doors are easier to maintain

Compared to most other materials, aluminium is easy to maintain. For example, wooden doors need to be regularly checked to prevent warping or rotting. Plus, any change in temperature can cause wood to expand or contract, which results in needing regular repairs. Iron doors can easily be corroded due to moisture, which again requires regular maintenance.

Aluminium does not require any polishing or painting and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. When you utilise aluminium doors there’s no need to worry about time consuming or costly maintenance.

5. Aluminium is the eco-friendly choice

In today’s eco-conscious society it’s important that any new commercial building or installation use sustainable materials where possible. The use of aluminium reduces the overall carbon footprint as it is 100% recyclable. It can also be reused many times over without losing any of the original quality.

The team at Crucial Engineering are aluminium fabrication specialists. We manufacture, install and maintain commercial aluminium products to create high-quality and secure access solutions.