Why You Should Have Roller Shutters For Your Retail Business

Why You Should Have Roller Shutters For Your Retail BusinessSecurity is a top priority for all businesses. You want to make sure your stock and your staff are as safe as possible at all times. For this reason, we recommend having a roller shutter door to protect your retail business. Roller shutters provide numerous benefits alongside their function of keeping your businesses protected from theft and damage. For example, a roller shutter can help you control temperature, reduce noise, and even act as fire shutters. We’ve broken down the reasons you should have internal roller shutter doors  for your retail business.  

If you’re a UK shop owner, installing shop roller shutters is essential for the protection of your store. From 2019-2020 over 359 thousand shoplifting offences were reported to the police. In addition to this, crime figures more broadly have been steadily increasing over the past ten years. These figures mean your business and your employees are facing potential crime-related risks every day. You must be vigilant and protect your staff and your shop to the best of your ability. Industrial roller shutter doors are one of the easiest ways to do this. Roller shutter doors provide maximum protection to your premises whilst requiring minimal effort from you. In addition to shop safety, roller doors have other useful characteristics that will benefit your business.  

Provide Additional Security  

Shop roller shutters will provide the additional security you need for your retail store. Safety concerns are ever-increasing, and as a business owner, you want to know your store is as safe as it can be.  Industrial roller shutter doors will allow you to lock up shop without any pressing security concerns. Made from aluminium and galvanised steel means roller shutter doors can provide the heavy-duty protection you need for your shop. Every roller door is made to size, meaning it’ll be the perfect fit for your store.  

Work To Preserve Heat And Stop Draught  

A bonus of installing shop roller shutters is the heat preservation and draught reduction they can provide. When you install your doors, you can request for them to be insulated. This heat control is particularly beneficial to businesses who require their products to be kept at a certain temperature. The ability to preserve heat on your property will also benefit your business outgoings. By storing more heat inside the property, you won’t have to spend as much money on heating bills throughout the year.  

Fire Shutters  

Internal roller shutter doors can protect your property from fire. Many of the best manufacturers and fitters of roller shutter doors in the UK will offer doors with up to 4 hours of fire integrity. These roller shutter doors are usually made from steel and help stop the spread of smoke and fire within your property. With industrial roller shutter doors your property, stock, and staff will be safer for longer if tragedy strikes. 

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They Don’t Distract From Your Storefront  

If you’re worried about shop roller shutters distracting from your businesses branding, there’s no need to. When you buy your roller shutters, there are several aesthetic decisions to make.  

These choices include whether you will have perforated or punctuated doors.   


Perforated or punched shutters have small holes in the metal, rather than just one block sheet of steel or aluminium. This style of the shutter means your shop front will look less intimidating to onlookers and potential customers.  

In addition to this, most businesses specialising in roller shutter doors in the UK allow you to customise your doors. You can pick the colour of your doors that best suits your brand identity and complements your shopfront.  

Help Drown Out External Noise  

Your internal roller shutter doors are noise preserving. Requesting to have your doors insulated means more privacy and less unwanted noise distractions from your neighbours. Your doors will cancel out any unwanted external noise and ensure any sound you make stays within your own four walls.   

Installing roller shutter doors is the quickest and most efficient way to provide extra security to your retail business. If you care about the safety and security of your staff and property, you need to install roller shutter doors. The heavy-weight metal doors will stop thieves and any damage or defacement of your property. In addition to this, they’re easy to add to your existing door frame and can be made to suit your branding. Your doors can be made to match your brands existing colours or aesthetic, meaning they won’t look out of place on the property. Roller doors will do so much more for your shop than just secure it; the heavy-duty doors will preserve heat, stop draughts, and drown out external noise. They will even go as far as providing necessary fire safety if needed. Industrial roller doors will enrich your business in innumerable ways.   

If you think Roller shutter doors is the right equipment to secure your retail business, give us a call on 03451 930 420 or visit our page to know more about our product. 



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